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Claim Number: 08344
Claimant: Kamaikahulipu
Other claimant:Kekuanaoa, opposes
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Aala, Kawaiki 3
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No. 8344, Kamaikahulipu
N.R. 540v5

To the Land Commissioners of the Hawaiian Islands, Greetings: I, the one whose name ls below, hereby state my claim in the `Ili at Aala in Honolulu. There are seven lo`i together, on the north is Pakamia, on the east ls the watercourse of Koluiu, on the south is the lo`i po`alima, on the west is Nahuina's land. There ls also a kula, and a watercourse. In a separate place are four lo`i and one lo`i in another place, however they are in the one `Ili. Four lo`i are in the `Ili at Kawaiki, and one hala tree is in another place .
Honolulu, February 12,1848

N.T. 87-89v10
No. 8344, Kamaikahulipu, 19 December 1851

Batamia, sworn, I have seen his land at Aala, Honolulu - 2 land sections.

Section 1 - 2 patches and ditch.
Mauka and Waikiki by Nahuina's land, Nuuanu's land, Kamaliiwahine's land
Makai by Kaapuiki's land/Batamia's land
Ewa by Liliha Street.

Section 2 - 8 patches.
Mauka by Nakileku's land
Waikiki by Liliha Street
Makai & Ewa by Kaapuiki's land.

Land from J.A. Kuakini at the time he was living at the fort in 1831 and he lived there peacefully to 1849. At this time Mahuka, the overseer under Mauka Kekuanaoa stirred and all of the land was taken from Kamaikahulipu because he had not paid enough in taxes ($20.00) which was the one tenth portion of the konohiki, Mauka Kekuanaoa, Kamaikahuluipu has always fulfilled the tenants requirements from the beginning to the time he was released fro ....

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.... erefore he was held responsible for this reason. This was a misdemeanor for dismissal. Kamaikahulipu had also failed to pay the konohiki's one tenth of the $20.00 in taxes, so I had to take away the land in the name of the konohiki, M. Kekuanaoa. There are 4 koeles in that land, two of which have been taken for the road, the other two koeles remain intact. (POSTPONED: until M. Kekuanaoa arrives here.)

M. Kekuanaoa sworn: According to my understanding, Kamaikahulipu has no claim there, Kekipi is the claimant".

(Postponed: Until a witness is available for his land in Kawaiki, Honolulu). The witness was found and a hearing was held on 10 December 1851 as follows:

Opelu, sworn, I have seen his land in Kawaiki 3, Honolulu in 3 pieces of land.

Section 1 - 2 taro patches.
Mauka, Kanehaka's land
Waikiki, Eleele's land
Makai, Keawe's land
Ewa, M. Kekuanaoa's land

Section 2 - 2 patches.
Mauka, and Waikiki, Paele's land
Makai, Friday, patch
Ewa, G. Holmes' land.

Section 3 - 1 patch.
Mauka, Eleele's land
Waikiki, Eleele's land
Makai, Paele's land
Ewa, Keawe's land.

Land from Kaluahine at the time of Kinau's death in 1839, and Kekuanaoa has
lived without disputes to the present time.

Keawe, sworn, I had given him his land in Kawaiki just as it has been related
above and the same applies to his clear title for the land, No objections for
these places.

[Award 8344; R.P. 7696; Aala Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .24 Ac.]