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Claim Number: 08155
Claimant: Hii
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Waialua
Ahupuaa: Paalaa
Ili: Kapaaloa, Punanue, Kaalaea
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No. 8155, Hii, Kukuiloloa, Waialua, Oahu, January 25, 1848
N.R. 491-492v5

To the Land Commissioners, Respectful greetings to you all. I, Hii, hereby state my claim for land and house lot, at Paaloa, a separate mo`o. On the north is Kellihuluhulu's land and Pueo's, on the east is Haupu's land, on the south and west is Awaawa's land.

My house lot claim is at Puunanue and is bounded on the north by the road, on the east by a kula, on the south by Lolo's land and the kula, on the west by Lole's house lot. In another place is a small sweet potato kula, at Keamania, bounded on the north by Lole's land, on the east by a pali, on the south by Kapule's land, on the west by the road. In another place is a pali wauke, at Kuaua. My right of occupancy has been from the time of Kamehameha I until this time.
HII X, his mark

No. 8155, Hii (see page 564)

Maio hoohikiia, Ua ike au i keia aina ma ka ili o Kapaaloa, Kapuu moo. 3 apana.

Apana 1. Kapuu, ili o Kapaaloa
Apana 2. pahale ma Punanue
Apana 3. ili uala 3 ma Kaalaea

Apana 1.
Mauka, aina o Haupu
Waianae, aina o Kaula
Makai, aina o Awaawa
Koolaupoko, aina o Pueo o Kalualepo

Apana 2.
Mauka, papohaku
Waianae, ko Kapule kahuahale
Makai, pa
Koolaupoko, halekula

Apana 3.
Mauka, pali
Waianae, aina o Kalei
Makai, pa aina
Koolaupoko, aina o Lole

Apana 1. Mai a Kapuna mai ka aina kalo i ka wa o Kinau. Apana 2,3. mai na makua mai, aole mea keakea

Kahiko, ua hoohikiia. Ua ike au, ua like ko`u me ko Maio ike

F.T. 522v11
No. 8155, Hii, See page 564

Maio, hoohikiia, Ua ike au i keia aina ma ka Ili o Kapualoa, Kapu ....

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.... ld these patches before my husband and there has not been any poalima labor done on any of those patches during my residence here. The poalima patches of Paalaa are in another place entirely. The patches in dispute may have been poalimas a very long time ago, but certainly not within 20 years past. Hii got the land more than ten years ago, and has occupied it most of the time. He went to Honolulu in 1849 and came back recently. (Claimant says Halali had charge of this land during his absence to Honolulu).

Claimant paid for his poalima labor days during the time my husband was konohiki. No one went to the labor days for this land after 1849, so far as I know.

Koiniho, sworn says that during the time Kapuni was konohiki of Paalaa, the poalima labor was never expanded on any of these patches, nor at any time during my recollection, and I was born here. He confirms the testimony given by last witness.

Former decision confirmed.

See Volume 10, N.T. 164

N.T. 164v10
No. 8155, Hii vs. M. Kekuanaoa, 7 July 1852

There are six poalima patches in Hii's claim which M. Kekuanaoa is requesting to be removed.

Hii: There is no Friday poalima in this land. It has been put out of the koele.

Keliihuluhulu: There are six koeles just as the request has claimed and Kahiko and L. Kuokoa have said this also.

Land officer: Are there poalima patches in your claim:

Hii: I suppose so. These people here are saying so; however, I have never seen it as a poalima since I have lived off the land to this day.

Decision: The konohiki has won the six poalima patches and the rest of the remaining places are for Hii.

See Volume 11, page 552

[No. 8155 not awarded]