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Claim Number: 00415
Claimant: Nailiili
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Wailuku
Ahupuaa: Wailuku
Ili: Halaula 2, Pohakuokauhi
Statistics: 6883 characters 1243 words
No. 415, Nailiili
N.R. 141-142v2

Explanation of Rights:Be it known by the land Commissioners: I will explain my claim to the land. I, Nailiili, am the haku`aina /landlord/ of the 'ili of Halaula 2 and Pohakuokauhi, from Auwae and Kailihiwa and Namakeha, to Keaki just now. I am the landlord over the people of these 'ilis. I have the authority and the care of the taro patches of [Note: the previous sentence does not go with the following page - perhaps a line is missing] my wrong. I am a man of many children and grandchildren and also there are some weak old women - we are very numerous in these ilis. That is my right.

I wish to explain to you that Keaki has caused me trouble. The first trouble is that Keaki has disturbed the kula which I gave to Kaumu; some of my hala trees were taken. It was not a po'alima; and again, some taro patches for my daughter and her three children and her kane /have been taken/. This is my request to you - return these afore-mentioned things to me, since they are my right, and of my children and my in-law relatives.
Farewell to you all.

N.T. 150-153v2
No. 415, Nailiili

Z. Kaauwai, sworn, I have seen this place which Nailiili is demanding because he had lived on these lands at the time of Auwae. I had first seen Kenao as the Konohiki and Nailiili the overseer under Kenao. That was it and I had not heard that anyone had objected to his living there and with his term as konohiki, or during the time of Kawailepolepo and of Kailihiwa. At that time Nailiili qualified as konohiki under Kailihiwa and when that term had expired he served under Namakeha. Nailiili had also worked as superintendent for those lands. Nailiili had a pandanus grove which Kaoo had wanted for them. Nailiili had suggested they buy it and they did and lived there while the filed was for Kapi, which he (Kapi) gave to Kaumu. Nailiili had a small parcel to plant as he desired, so an acre was planted with sugar cane, save the area that was given to Kaumu which has been enclosed with a fence. That is the place I have heard is for him (Nailiili).

While Keahi was there as Konohiki he had claimed orally that the place was for him and so were the lands which had weeds and brushes of Wail ....

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.... orted to Nailiili that Kauhapa had returned the patches and he told me that the patches were for Ane ma to which I had said, "Yes." I told Keahi, "Kauhapa's patches have been returned," then he told me to take those patches.

At that time Kauhapa returned (patches) to Ane because he had received his land from her, so Ane's husband began to cultivate the land with the presumption that the patches were for them. So I told Keahi what was happening to the patches and he requested that I work on those patches. I hired some men from the prison to work in those patches and the land was acquired by the Konohiki Keahi, so I said to Keahi that he would have to do the work on the land that I could not do because of my close relatives who might probably tell me to do as I please and I would do likewise. Later my wife would chide me and because she would not part with things belonging to her parents, I had ceased engaging in Friday work.

When I was a Friday overseer, Puniho was a Friday man and on the Fridays he did not come, I would check off for his day's work. later when I met him I would ask him, "Have you paid for your Friday obligation?" "Yes," he would say with a request that I give him some patches in order to increase his number of patches. I refused (him) by saying there was no extra patch and that he had only working days; therefore, he came on some days, and would compensate for other working days. He did tell me that his patches were very small and I was very sorry about it. He also said that his working day would be profitable if I would give him more patches. "I have only three patches and three small pools," he continued to say. I asked him whether he had some patches at some other locality and that they may be large ones. He answered that they were not large, and were of the same size as the ones we have here.

Where are those patches? They are Kalua which is a "ku," then I asked him, "What do you think, Would it be right with you to return the patches? He answered, "I have been thinking about a sale with Malaihi because we have talked with each other and he wants some of my patches."

[Award 415; R.P. 5257; Wailuku Wailuku; 1 ap.; 1.30 Acs]