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Claim Number: 08035
Claimant: Alaiki
Other claimant:Makua, his wife
Other name:
Island: Kauai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Hanapepe
Ili: Koula
Statistics: 5346 characters 926 words
No. 8035, Alaiki
N.R. 370v9

Greetings to you, O Kamehameha III: /At/ Waakau in the `ili kupono of Koula, Hanapepe, is the land claim of Alaiki /which has been held/ from the time of Kaumualii Konohia /was the Konohiki/ at that time. When Kaikioewa was the Governor of Kauai, Kalunu was the Konohiki. Kanoa is the last governor, and Paaniani is the Konohiki of Koula. There are 14 lo`i, their length is 44 fathoms, the width is 22 fathoms that is the size of the taro/ land. The kula is 8 chains in length and its width is 4 chains that is the size of the kula.
Hanapepe, Kauai
24 January 1848

F.T 229-230v11supp.
No. 10458, Alaika, Claimant, [margin notes says:] see 8035, 10458, Naopai

Kalepona, sworn, knows Claimant's lands. They are:

No. 1 - Okipu, a moo in ili of Koula in Hanapepe.
No. 2 - Akau, a moo ili of Koula.

No. 1 is bounded:
Mauka by Wainonoiia a kahawai
Wahiawa by Waiaka pali
Makai by Waiaka moo
Waimea by Hanapepe River.

No. 2 is bounded:
Mauka by Kalai a kahawai
Wahiawa by Hanapepe River
Makai Pualepa a moo
Waimea by pali of Nauaikala.

Claimant received No. 1 by marriage with Makua Opao's widow, who held it from time of Kaumualii till her death. Claimant's title to it is undisputed. No. 2 was got from Konohia in time of Kaumualii by Claimant. Title undisputed. There is also a spot in Kaopihi in Koula in which Claimant has 2 Orange trees.

Mauka by Hanapepe River
Wahiawa & Makai and Waimea by Pali of Kaopihi.

Claimant planted those trees in Kaumualii's time. This right was never disputed til 1847 when Paniani, Konohik ....

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.... rous witnesses on the spot that held that portion (added) had always belonged to Alaiki - cultivated by him & still is & that his claim was just as good & the same in all respects as the part awarded. To this, Kauai made no objection. I perceived no objection he made lay against the addition which I had made in the resurvey but only that Alaiki had too much land. 2nd that he had land in two different places in the valley, 3rd that some of the taro patches in Okipuu (No. 1) did not belong to him but to a man named Koa. I replied that a just right and not how many or different places was the question. Kauai admitted that he could not disprove Alaiki's right. The [sic - they] both did belong to him but he thought it was more than he ought to have. To the 3rd objection I replied that as the taro patches of Koa were as he said near the S. boundary of the land, they were not in the part I had added but in the original survey by Mr. Pease which had already been awarded that such an objection was never before made to any one, nor to Mr. Pease. & when I was on the ground, neither Kanae, nor any other there knew of any taro patches in all that land (Okipu) that did not belong to Alaiki, but that Kanae told me expressly that he had no dispute with Alaiki about his claim. He asked to bring his witnesses by the 10th Inst unless he found Koa has cultivated those patches with Alaiki's permission - in which case he should drop the objection & write me a note. This has not been done - & I conclude I shall hear no more from him.
Yours Most Truly,
Sec. L. Com.

[Award 8035; Koula Hanapepe Kona; 2 ap.; 3 Acs 15 rods; TMK 1-8-01 2 pieces both listed as 8035:1, 1 for .61 Ac., the other for 2.7 Ac.]