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Claim Number: 00407
Claimant: Kaauwai, Z
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Wailuku
Ahupuaa: Wailuku
Ili: Halaua, Imiau, Waikani, Kalua, Owa, Pohakuuhi
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No. 407, Kaauwai
N.R. 136v2

Lot 4. I forgot the fourth of our lots, from Kahauolopua. I am his heir and executor. it is makai of the Government Road going to the sugar mill. Owa is the name of that land. This place will be surveyed as one of my places to farm. It adjoins my place, and it is the government's and I have thought to occupy for a long time, if it is agreed to.
Wailuku, Island of Maui

N.T. 140-141v2
No. 407, Kaauwai

Napela, sworn by the Word of God, This place is at Owa. I have not known who had given this land to Kahauo-lohua, but we know the characteristics of ko-nohiki. We can never refuse his idea for he is the konohiki of Owa. He had lived there in the year 1839 and from that time to the day W. Richards asked me to survey that land because all of those places is an acre and is for sugar cane cultivation. Kehanolohua built his enclosure when the sugar cane planting was over. From the time the lot was completed to this day is the length of time he has lived at Umieu and at Halaula together with the things made by Kaauwai's hands.

Malaihi, sworn, by the Bible, It [Kaauwai's land] is on the west of the footpath to Kahawai, on the north is K. Ana's property, on the east is Namakeha's place and on the south is the road for cattle wagons. This was idle land formerly and a portion of it has extended into a portion which is said to be an acre. From the y ....

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.... ing in Friday work.

When I was a Friday overseer, Puniho was a Friday man and on the Fridays he did not come, I would check off for his day's work. Later when I met him I would ask him, "Have you paid for your Friday obligation?" "Yes," he would say with a request that I give him some patches in order to increase his number of patches. I refused [him] by saying there was no extra patch and that he had only working days; therefore, he came on some days, and would compensate for other working days. He did tell me that his patches were very small and I was very sorry about it. He also said that his working day would be profitable if I would give him more patches. "I have only three patches and three small pools", he continued to say. I asked him whether he had some patches at some other locality and that they may be large ones. He answered that they were not large, and were of the same size as the ones we have here.

Where are those patches? They are at Kalua which is a "ku", then I asked him, "What do you think, Would it be right with you to return the patches? He answered, "I have been thinking about a sale with Malaihi because we have talked with each other and he wants some of my patches.

[Award 407; R.P. 5530; Halaula Wailuku; 7 ap.; 2.41 Acs; Imiau Wailuku; 1 ap.; .32 Ac.; Kalua Wailuku; 3 ap.; 1.25 Ac. 29 rods; Owa Wailuku; 3 ap.; 8.25 Acs 21 rods; Pohakuuhi Wailuku; 1 ap.; 1 rood 19 rods]