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Claim Number: 00005FL
Claimant: Kapilimanu
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Waikiki
Ili: Kalia, Pahupahuapuaa
Statistics: 2760 characters 376 words
No. 5 F.L., Kapilimanu, Honolulu, December 15, 1851
N.R. 719v3

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I hereby enter my claims for Iand in the `ili of Kalia, Waikiki, Kona, O. /Oahu/. There are two house lots, one pond and two sections of kahawai /stream/ - -In the `ili of Pahupahuapuaa, Waikiki, Kona, Oahu, are four lo`i and one watercourse for irrigating taro.
With thanks,

N.T. 252-253v10
No. 5 FL, Kapilimanu, 16 December 1851

Kekuaiwahi, sworn, I have seen his land in the ili of Pahupahuapuaa, Waikiki and the ili of Kalia, Waikiki, Oahu. There are five sections at Kalia, 2 house lots 2 stream paukus, 1 pond.

Section 1 - 1 house lot.
Section 2 - 1 house lot.
Section 3 - 1 pond.
Section 4 - 1 stream pauku.
Section 5 - 1 stream pauku.

The boundaries are as follows.

Section 1 - House lot - 1.
Mauka, Konohiki ....

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.... objecting. Kekuainulama, (konohiki) did not register this claim.
There are no poalimas or koeles.

Loe, sworn, I saw his land at Pahupahuapuaa ili of Waikiki, Oahu. There were five taro patches and a taro planting irrigation ditch. There is but a single section. The boundaries are:

Mauka, Kalia stream
Waialae, Konohiki's land (Kanukuaula and Ohulenui's)
Makai, Napahi's land
Honolulu, Kamakahonu's land.

He received this land from Kaulahiliea while Kinau was still alive, before 1839. He has lived in peace in that land from then until the present time. No one has objected him. He did not file a claim because Mahuka had objected to it.

There are no poalimas or koele taro patches nor are there any poalimas.

[Award 5 F.L.; R.P. 2919 [sic; probably 2419]; Kalia Waikiki Kona; 2 ap.; .88 Ac.; R.P. 2419; Pahupahuapuaa Waikiki Kona; 2 ap.; 1.36 Acs; ]