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Claim Number: 07713*Mo
Claimant: Kamamalu, Victoria
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Molokai
District: Kona, East
Ahupuaa: Halawa
Statistics: 21656 characters 3388 words
No. 7713*Mo, Victoria Kamamalu, Land Division, See Page 569
N.R. 440-444v5

Opukaula, `Ili, Waimano, Ewa, Oahu
Kilauluna, `Ili, Waimano, Ewa, Oahu
Hananau, `Ili, Waimano, Ewa, Oahu
Kanenelu, `Ili, Waimano, Ewa, Oahu
Pohe, `Ili, Waimano, Ewa, Oahu
Kaulu, `Ili, Waimano, Ewa, Oahu
Kapuna, `Ili, Waimano, Ewa, Oahu
Poupouwela, `Ili, Manaiki, Ewa, Oahu
Kapaloa, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Panio, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Kuhialoko, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Kahoaiai, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Papaa, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Kaohai, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Kalona, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Kuhiawaho, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Kapuaihalulu, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu

Haleaka, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Piloaumoa, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Kionaole, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Hanakehau, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Kapopou, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Kalimukele, `Ili, Waiawa, Ewa, Oahu
Kumuulu, `Ili, Waiau, Ewa, Oahu
Hapuna, `Ili, Kalihi, Kona, Oahu
Waiaula, `Ili, Kalihi, Kona, Oahu
Kalaepohaku, `Ili, Kapalama, Oahu
Kauluwela, `Ili, Honolululu land, Oahu
Kanewai, `Ili, Waikiki, Oahu
Kapaakea, `Ili, Waikiki, Oahu
Komoawaa, `Ili, Waikiki, Oahu
Waialae, `Ili, Waikiki, Oahu

Halawa, Ahupua`a, Koolau, Molokai

Kaa, Ahupua`a, Lanai

Kelawea, Ahupua`a, Lahaina, Maui
Moalii, Ahupua`a, Lahaina, Maui
Aki, Ahupua`a, Lahaina, Maui
Paunau, Ahupua`a, Lahaina, Maui
Waihee, Ahupua`a, West Puali, Maui
Kalua, `Ili, Wailuku, Maui
Haiku, Ahupua`a, Hamakualoa, Maui
Makapuu, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kawela, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Onouli, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kaumanu, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
2 Kahalehili, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
3 Kaeleku, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Honokalani, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kawaipapa, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
5 Niumalu, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
2 Palemo, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
3 Pakakia, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
2 Kahuakamalii, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Ihuula, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Oloewa, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
4 Papalauhau, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
4 Mokae, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Puekahi, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Puuiki, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
3 Kapohoe, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Pukuilua, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
2 Kaou, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Halehana, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kaukuhalahala, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
2 Piapia, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Koakapuna, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kawaalua, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Pueokahi, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Pueokauiki, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Pohakanele, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Ahuakaio, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kihapuhala, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Papahawahawa, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Muolea, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Puuhaoa, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kahalawe, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Ohia, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kolokole, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kapuuomahuka, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Mahulua, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Poopoo, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Lapalapaiki, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Waieli, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Paihala, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kalihi, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kakiweka, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kailihiakoko, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Puukohola, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Kahalawe, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui
Puaaluu, Ahupua`a, Hana, Maui

Kahua, Ahupua`a, Kohala, Hawaii
Honokane, Ahupua`a, Kohala, Hawaii
Holualoa 1,2, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
Kahaluu, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
Keopunui, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
Keauhou, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
Honuaino, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
2 Honokua, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
Haukalua 1, 2, Ahupua`a, Kona, Hawaii
Pakini, Ahupua`a, Kau, Hawaii
Keauhou, `Ili, KapapalaKau, Hawaii
Kahuai, Ahupua`a, Puna, Hawaii
Kauhaleau, Ahupua`a, Puna, Hawaii
Kauaea, Ahupua`a, Puna, Hawaii
Piopio, Ili in Waiakea, Puna, Hawaii
Kalalau, Ahupua`a, Puna, Hawaii
Honohononui, `Ili in Waiakea, Puna, Hawaii
Pahoehoe, Ahupua`a, Puna, Hawaii
Onomea, Ahupua`a, Puna, Hawaii
Alae, Ahupua`a, Puna, Hawaii
Kekelani, `Ili in Waimanu, Hamakua, Hawaii
Kuilei, Ahupua`a, Puna, Hawaii

N.R. 569v5
No. 7713, Victoria Kamamalu from page 440

Huleia, a district of Kauai, however, the Government cattle shall graze there.
Makaweli, Ahupua`a, Kona, Kauai
Places unsuitable for the soldiers and the fort
Maunalua, `Ili, Waimanalo, Koolaupoko, Oahu
Pahoa, `Ili, Waianae, Waianae, Oahu
Kaluanui, Ahupua`a, Koolauloa, Oahu
Kawailoa, Ahupua`a, Waialua, Oahu
Paalaa, Ahupua`a, Waialua, Oahu
Kaelepulu, `Ili, Kailua, Koolaupoko, Oahu
Kikiwelawela, `Ili, Kaneohe, Koolaupoko, Oahu

Victoria Kamamalu's lands in the Mahele by the Mo`i, in the month of January 1848, continued:

Huleia, a district of Kauai, however, the Government cattle shall graze there.

Makaweli Ahupua`a, Kona, Kauai.

F.T. 408-411v3
No. 7713, V. Kamamalu
F.T. 408-411v3
No. 7713, V. Kamamalu
No. 10474, N. Namauu
No. 7716, R. Keelikolani
No. 7714B, M. Kekuaiwa
No. 7712, M. Kekuanaoa [7714B]

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.... t I have heard the same thing from my older brother whose name is Hanakinau, as the reports given by those people above. I had heard these things after the death of Kaahumanu I.

Hehea, sworn, I am a land child of Waialae and have seen the boundaries of Waialae exactly as those witnesses have related above.

The boundaries of the land, Kekio by name, of Keekapu, are exactly as the statements given

N.T. 373-375v10
No. 7713, Victoria Kamamalu, Waianae, 17 August 1854

Testimony on the boundary between the ahupuaa of Waianae and the ili of "Pahoa."

Nahinu, sworn, says the ili of Pahoa is but small. The loko, makai, belongs to this ili. The boundary of the piece is dispute runs along to the eastward of an enclosure belonging to Kaapuiki, and up through the coconut grove and along a stone wall to some hau trees, and then up mauka and across to the east corner of the land, and from thence running makai to the loko.

This ili consists of three pieces, first, the fish pond; second, the piece which I have tried to describe; third, the mauka piece undisputed.

I learned these boundaries from my ancestors who lived here from ancient times.

Cross examined. I accompanied Kekuanaoa and M. Hopkins when they suspected [inspected?] the boundary line in question. I saw the marks made at that time on the coconut trees by order of Kekuanaoa, in presence of M. Hopkins. The line marked out by them on the northwest side, runs farther mauka than that described by me in my testimony.

Ohule, sworn, says he knows the middle Mana of Pohao about which the present dispute exists. It is only of late that I have heard that the boundary was disputed. This middle piece is bounded: Mauka by a stone wall. The western boundary runs up through the coconut grove and then runs to the southward, and then at the corner of what used to be a wauke patch, turns seaward and runs down to the hau trees and the stone wall. I was born on this land. The land on which stand the church and parsonage belongs to the ahupuaa of Waianae.

Kaapuiki, sworn, says when I came here to live, the boundaries of the middle piece of Pahoa were nearly the same as have been described by the preceding witnesses. Afterwards, when the law was made to restore the ancient boundaries of all the lands, Kulepe, the then tax officer, gave to "Pahoa" the land now claimed by Victoria, on the southeast side of the coconut grove, and disputed by the King. I was luna of Waianae when that arrangement was made by Kulepe. I was under Kekuanaoa. The people who live on the disputed land formerly went to the labor days on Waianae," but of late they labor on "Pahoa."

Kulepe, sworn, says, "Pahoa" consists of two pieces; the fish pond forming the part of the mauka piece. I have lived here about 15 years. I was appointed tax officer of Waianae in 1841. In 1850, the boundaries of the makai piece of "Pahoa" were pointed out to me by three kamaainas, who are all now dead. In the same year, Hopkins and Kekuanaoa came down here but I did not accompany them when they went round this land. I do not know anything myself of the true boundary, except what I heard from these kamaainas in 1850. About 1841, I restored a lihi of "Pahoa," which lies between the fish pond and the stone wall, and was claimed for "Pahoa," on account of some coconut trees. This was the only li
hi of "Pohoa" restored by me. The people who formerly lived on the land now in dispute used to do konohiki labor for the ahupuaa of "Waianae."

Molea, sworn, confirms in full, the testimony of Nahinu and Ohule.

[Award 7713; (Molokai) R.P. 4475 Halawa, Molokai 1 ap. Ahupuaa; (Hawaii) R.P. 4475;Keauhou Kau; 1 ap. (Ap. 11); R.P. 6887; Pakini nui Kau; 1 ap.; 9377 Acs; R.P. 4475; Kuilei Hamakua; 1 ap.; Kekelani Ili of Waimanu Hamakua; 1 ap.; R.P. 4475 Kalalau Hilo; ahupuaa, 1 ap. (Ap. 17); Onomea Hilo; 1 ap. (Ap. 20); 2579 Acs; R.P. 4475; Waiakea Iliaina Hilo, 2 ap.; R.P. 4475 & 6860; Pahoehoe Hilo; 1 ap.; (Ap. 18); R.P. 4475 & 6864; Alae Hilo, 1 ap. (Ap. 19); R.P. 4475; Keopu Kona, ahupuaa, 1 ap. (Ap. 5); R.P. 6856; Kahaluu Kona; 1 ap.; (AP. 6); 5443 Acs; R.P. 4475; Holualoa 2 Kona, 1 ap. (Ap. 43); R.P. 4475; Honuaino Kona, ahupuaa, 1 ap. (Ap. 8); R.P. 6865; Haukalua Kona; 1 ap. (Ap. 44); 184 Acs; R.P. 6857; Honokua Kona; 1 ap. (Ap. 9); 6578 Acs; R.P. 4475; Keauhou Kona; 1 ap. (Ap. 7); R.P. 4475; Honokane & Kahua N. Kohala; 2 ap.; (Mau ahupuaa); R.P. 6884; Kahuwai Puna; 1 ap. (Ap. 12); 2869 Acs; R.P. 8199; Kauwalehua Puna; 1 ap. (Ap. 13); 1822 Acs; R.P. 8200; Kauaea Puna; 1 ap.; (Ap. 14); 1568 Acs; (Oahu) R.P. 227 Kamoaaa, Waikiki; no R.P. for Kanewai Manoa; R.P. 4475, Waialaenu, Maunalua, Waiawa, Poupouwela, Mananaiki, Hapuna & Waialua Kalihi; Waimano, Waiau; R.P. 4475 & 7834, Kalaepohaku Kapalama; R.P. 4475 & 7805 Kaluanui; R.P. 4775 & 7793, Kauluwela; R.P. 4475 & 7789, Kapaakea; R.P. 4475, Kikiwelawela Heeia, Kawailoa Waialua, Paalaa Waialua, Kaelepulu Koolaupoko; (Maui) R.P. 4475 Kalua Wailuku, Puali Waihee, Paunau, Aki & Kelawea Lahaina; (Lanai) R.P. 4475, Kaa; (Kauai) Kikiaola Waimea, R.P. 4476 Makaweli; R.P. 4477, Haiku, Nawiliwili, Niumalu; R.P. 4480, Kalapaki, R.P. 4481, Hanamaulu; R.P. 4482 Kipu & Mahaulepu]