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Claim Number: 00005
Claimant: Pelly, George
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Luakaha
Statistics: 17330 characters 2525 words
No. 5, George Pelly, claimant
F.R. 13-22v1

[Margin note: presented (no. 1) for file 3 o'clock p.m. 28 February [1846]; Received on 8 December 1847 to Mr. Pelly, 9th December & an irrelevant pack. J.H.L. Secretary]

Know all men by these presents that I, William S. Hinckley, for and in consideration for the sum of two hundred dollars paid to me on or before the signing of this instrument, have granted, bargained and sold and doth thereby relinquish all my claim to a certain premises known as mine situated in Nuuanu Valley on this Island unto William French, his heirs, executors, or administrators, and doth hereby warrant to defend the said premises from any claim or claims of any nature whatsoever.

In witness hereunto I affix my name at Honolulu, Oahu, this sixth day of April Eighteen hundred and thirty-seven.
William S. Hinckley
Witness: F. Greenway

[No. 2]. His Majesty's Sloop Sparrowhawk, Oahu, September 4/39, 2 p.m.

Sir: I have the honor to acquaint you that I, have this moment received a communication from the King on the subject of your complaint against the government of which I annex a copy & have to request you may be pleased to inform me whether the government have performed what they promised & if not, to specify in what they have failed.
I have the honor to be, Sir, Your most obedient & humble servant,
John Shepherd, Commander
G. Pelly, Esquire, Oahu

[Margin note: Copy John Shepherd]
To Captain Shepherd, Commander of the Sloop of War, Sparrow Hawk

I hereby express my approbation of what Kinau said to Captain Elliott respecting the land of Pelly, situated in the Valley of Nuuanu.

Kinau has already given said land to G. Pelly and has performed what was promised respecting the land & conformed accordingly to her act.
Great respect for you,
Signed, Kamehameha 3rd
Oahu, September 4/39

[No. 3]. E.G. Pelly, Honolulu, Okop. 22, 1838
Eia ko`u manao ia oe, ke haawi aku nei au ia oe, i ka apana aina o Cap. Hikule, ma ke awawa o Nuuanu o Kahi o Cap. Hikale i hoopuni ai i ka pa. Aia ka`u wahi e haawi aku nou i keia la.

A uana pono ia noho i ka loa, a me la laula i ua apana aina la penei.

Ma Kahikina, 40 anana kaloa
Ma ka aoao hema 60 1/4 anana kaloa
Ma ke Komohana 58anana kaloa
Ma ka aoao akau 40 1/4 anana kaloa.

Ao keia apana aiana kau e hoomaopapo aku nou, aka o ka nui o kou manao e ohi mai i kela wahi, a i keia wahi nou, me ke akaka ole ahi i`au aole ia he pono e ko`u manao.

Ahuea oe e G. Pelly ina i maopopo ia oe keia manao o`u e haakaka mai oe i`au ano, i maopopo i`au, alaila e hana koke aku a`u i kahi i naha o ka pa i`au.
Oia Ko`u manao ia oe
Aloha oe
Kaahumanu 2

[No. 4] To G. Pelly, Honolulu, October 22, 1838
This is my thought to you. I give to you the land of Captain Hinckley in the valley of Nuuanu, the place which Cap. Hinckley surrounded with a wall. This is the place which I give to you today. It is correctly measured also, the length and breadth of this piece of land, thus

On the East, 42 fathoms, the length
On the south side 60 1/4 fathoms, the length
On the west 58 1/5 fathoms, the length
On the north side 40 1/4 fathoms, the length.

And of this piece of land I explain (it is) yours. But of your idea to take to yourself (land) in this place and in that place without my being informed, this is not right according to my thought.

Attend you, G. Pelly, if this, my thought, is plain to you let me know it presently that I may understand then I will immediately build the part of the wall broken by me.
This is my thought to you.
Love to you
(Signed) Kaahumanu 2

[No. 5], Honolulu, Oahu, September 24, 1839
George Pelly, Esquire, Sir:

In reply to your verbal inquiry respecting the boundaries of the land now occupied by you at Nuuanu, I would say that while the said land was in the occupation of Captain Wm. S. Hinckley, it was understood by me to be bounded by the continuous wall claimed by you. This was built by some natives under the orders of Keikioewa, I believe, as a punishment for scandalizing the character of Captain Hinckley and he afterwards made them some compensation for the work.

In March, I had some idea of putting a house on the lower part of the land and had some conversation to that effect with Captain Hinckley, it was however given up by me as well as another plan of forming a sort of garden for foreign and native plants on the same spot. My opinion is that the boundaries were and ought to be as you claim them.
Signed, Charles R. Smith.

P.S. Captain Hinckley was in occupation of the low land near the waterfall, on the point of which he had built a bathing house with a small bridge over a stream which crossed the road to the falls. The annexed sketch of rough draught will give some idea of this land as understood by me.
Charles R. Smith

[No. 6], Honolulu, May 6, 1843
To the British Commission for the government of the Sandwich Islands

Gentlemen: In conformity with your public notice dated 3rd March 1843 requiring all British subjects having any claim for lands in the Sandwich Islands whether by Lease occupation, purchase or otherwise, to send them in. I have the honor to enclose the accompanying documents, and request an acknowledgment of their receipt.
Signed, George Pelly

[No. 7], Office of the British Commission for the Government, Sandwich Islands, Honolulu, May 17, 1843
Sir: I beg to acknowledge the receipt of eight documents sent by you this day to the Office of the British Commission relative to your claims for land in these islands, which will be registe ....

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No. 7 - a letter from Mr. Sea, Secretary to British Commission, acknowledging the receipt of the above, and promising to by SmartSaver+ 8" in_rurl="" id="_GPLITA_1" href="#">register Mr. Pelly's claim.

No. 8 - A Bill of Sale to Mr. Pelly of one undivided half of the Nuuanu property, lately owned by George Pelly and William French, dated October 16, 1845 and signed by William French, William Paty, George Pelly.

No. 9 - A Bill of by SmartSaver+ 8" in_rurl="" id="_GPLITA_2" href="#">Sale signed William French and William Paty affirming themselves to be the legally constituted receivers in the estate of William French and F.J. Greenway, and to be authorised by the same appointment to sell or dispose &c of all property belonging to said parties, announce that they have sold to George Pelly the half share of a certain house & land held conjointly by George Pelly & William French in the valley of Nuuanu, for the sum of $800, the receipt being acknowledged of the payment of the same; describing the situation of said property and boundaries, with particulars, Signed by William French, William Paty, and witnessed by John Ricord, curator of said estate and George H. Bush.

[Margin note: All the original documents belong to the two claims 4 & 5 Ret[urned] to Mr. Pelly with the surveys on 8th December 1847, JHL. Secretary]

F.T. 10-11v1
No. 5, George Pelly, March 25 [1846]

Kekuanaoa deposed that in 1839 he went up to Nuuanu at the orders of Kekauluohi to execute the agreement of Kinau with Captain Elliot, which was to deliver up to Mr. Pelly's place which he now possesses & then surrounded with a hau fence. Witness was forbidden to deliver up the land lying between his present fence & the river. The part witness was ordered to deliver up, was the part of fully surrounded with the fence. Witness deposed that there was a house on the land owned by Pehu who had some rights there as the head of the valley, which he renounced, and has none now remaining.

[Award 5; R.P. 3; Luakaha Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 13.68 Acs; tmk 1-2-2-55, pt.2; RP lists 16.95 acres]