Land Grants

Grant Number(LG)03475Source Book:16
Grantee: Oahu Railway & Land Co. Acreage:11.19 Acs
Ahupua`aHonolulu, Kuwili Year1890
District:Kona CancelledFalse
IslandOahu TMK
Statistics: 5829 characters 919 words
No. 3475, Oahu Railway and Land Co. Kuwili Ili, Honolulu Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, Vol. 16, pps. 313-316 [LG Reel 5, 01625-01628.tif]

NO. 3475

KALAKAUA, By the Grace of God, King of the Hawaiian Islands: By this His Royal Patent, makes known unto all men, that he has for himself, his heirs and successors, this day granted and given unto Oahu Railway and Land Company,  a Corporation duly Incorporated under the Laws of the Hawaiian Islands, for the consideration of [left blank], paid into the Royal Exchequer, all thatthose pieces of Land situate at Honolulu in the Island of Oahu and described as follows:

No. 1. Portion of Grant 1303 to W.L. Lee
Beginning at a point on line with North end of King Street Bridge and 150 feet makai of Northwest angle of same, thence running by true bearings:
North 10° 18' East 327 feet along makai side of King Street
North 39° 30' West 13 feet along side of Prison Road
South 25° 21' West 388 feet along Mrs. Youmans property
North 85° 15' East 167.5 feet to Initial point.
Area 67/100 Acres

No. 2. Portion of Government Ili of Kuwili
Beginning at the East corner of Keakahiwa (Land Commission award 826, Apana 1) at Station 27 + 30 on Centre line of Oahu Railway as now constructed, thence along Land Commission Award 826, Apana 1,
South 59 ....

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.... above set forth or either of them or if the granted premises or any part thereof shall be used by the said Company their successors or assigns for any other purposes than those above set forth, or if the franchise under which the said Oahu Railway and Land Company is now operating or under which it may hereafter operate, or the railroad constructed or to be constructed thereunder shall be sold or conveyed to, owned, operated or controlled in whole or in part by any corporation not organized under the Laws of this Kingdom, the happening of any or either of such events or conditions shall operate as a revocation and forfeiture of this Grant.

Containing         -  11 19/100 -       Acres, more or less; excepting and reserving to the Hawaiian Government, all mineral or metallic mines of every description.

To Have and to Hold the above granted Land in Fee Simple, unto the said Oahu Railway and Land Company, successors Heirs and Assigns for ever.

Witness Ourself, at Honolulu, this 27th day of March 1890, in the Seventeenth year of Our Reign.

By the King
(signed) Kalakaua Rex
The Minister of the Interior
(signed) L.A. Thurston

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[Land Patent Grant No. 3475, Oahu Railway and Land Co. Kuwili Ili, Honolulu Ahupuaa, District of Kona, Island of Oahu, 3 apana, 11.19 Acres, 1890]