Boundary Commission

Certification: 072
Ahupua`a Kaneohe
District: Koolaupoko
Island Oahu
Ownership: Crown
Year: 1884
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Kaluapuhi, Halekou, Waikalua, Keaahala, Kanoholuiwi Ili & Island of Moku Manu, Kaneohe Ahupuaa, Koolaupoko District, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Oahu
Volume 2, pps 63-80

No. 72

In the Matter of the Boundaries of the Crown Ilis in Kaneohe, Koolaupoko, Island of Oahu, viz., “Kaluapuhi,” Halekou,” “Waikalua,” “Keaahala,” Kanoholuiwi,” and Island of Moku Manu


To: R.F. Bickerton, Esquire, Boundary Commissioner for the Island of Oahu

Dear Sir: I would hereby make application to you for a hearing for the purpose of defining the boundaries of the following Crown Ilis in Kaneohe, Koolaupoko, Oahu. Viz.: “Kaluapuhi,” Halekou,” “Waikalua,” “Keahala,” Kanoholuiwi,” and Island of Mokumanu, leles of “Waikalua,” I herewith enclose the notes of surveys of the above Ilis and at the time of hearing a map will be laid before you by the Government Survey, showing the positions of the various apanas..

The parties interested as far a[s] I can ascertain are the Harris Estate, Emma Kalelenalani and Mr. C.R. Bishop.
Hoping that you will give this matter your earliest attention.
I remain, Yours truly, Charles H. Judd, Crown Commissioner and Land Agent

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Notice of time and place of hearing having been duly advertised as follows:
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The Matter came on for hearing at my office, Merchant Street, Honolulu on the 21st day of March 1884

Present: M.D. Monsarrat, C.J. Lyons, Colonel C.H. Judd, A.J. Cartwright, Charles R. Bishop, F.M. Hatch for Harris Estate.

Mr. Bishop states that he makes no objection to the survey as by the Government map produced. Mr. Cartwright makes same statement and also states that he will be satisfied with Mr. Lyons' evidence in regard to Boundaries in question.

C.J. Lyons, sworn, states, this is the Government map of Kaneohe of a survey made by me; the notes of survey field with this application are made from my notes of survey. I compared them with Mr. Monsarrat. The boundaries of these Crown Ilis were made from information I got from Keawekuhia kane. I employed him by the day to go with me during the whole survey. He was acknowledged by all parties at Kaneohe to be the authority on boundaries. He was a man of about 75 years of age. He appeared to me to be perfectly competent in the matter of boundaries. I knew he was employed in the interest of other parties, when other surveys were made, complete copies were made of all surveys of Ilis and Grants and all Kuleanas above five acres. I also made use of such maps as Webster made. The Survey was a public one, and it was known what was going on. I was two or three months in the field. I have been informed that Keawekuhia is since dead. I got all possible information I could in regard to these boundaries.

The Islands of Mokumanu I understood from Keawekuhia were part of “Kuaaohe” which is a lele of Waikalua. They are surrounded by the sea.

Cross-examined by Mr. Hatch. There was another Kamaaina that I employed on the line between Mahinui and Crown lands. I don't know that I have his name. I found very little question as to where these lands were. I don't know that Keawekuhia had ever been in charge of Crown lands. I believe he had charge of the pond. This survey was made in 1875 and through 1876.

M.D. Monsarrat, sworn, states, I had made a copy of the notes of survey of Kaneohe Ilis, then I compared with Mr. Lyons, and his original notes, and notes filed with Application is an exact copy of these corrected notes.

[page 66]
April 7th 1884, Continued from 21st [? March], Kaneohe

Present: Messers Hatch, Monsarrat and Lyons.

Mr. Hatch offers in evidence copy Kuleana to Paele, No. 2628, and calls attention to its being bounded by konohiki and the sea. That Kuleana is said to be in Waikalua. Mr. Hatch claims that Konohiki named in description of the Kuleana is intended to be Konohiki of Ahupuaa which was Queen Kalama.

Mr. Lyons calls attention to the Kuleanas of Kawakawa [3430B] and Kaheleua [3429B] in Keaahala which is a Crown land and are described as being bounded by the Konohiki, also a Kuleana inside of an Award bounded by Konohiki; Kuleana of Holailai in Pahoa at Waianae, which shows the same, Volume 3 page 660 [name not located in Mahele; N.R, F.T. and N.T. records checked].

J.F. Brown, sworn, states, Where the word Konohiki is used in boundaries of a kuleana; it does not always mean the Konohiki of the Ahupuaa, it might apply to the owner of a subdivision. I have known it used where it referred to an award. In Kalihi where there are a number of owners any Kuleana is described as bounded by the konohiki. There is no Ahupuaa of Kalihi. The descriptions of the boundaries of Kuleanas, I think are often only the idea of the surveyors. [page 67]

All parties rest and the matter is submitted.

After examining the Kuleana referred to, and considering the evidence, I do not agree with Mr. Hatch, that where the word Konohiki is used is describing the boundary ofa Kuleana, that it always is intended to mean the Konohiki of the Ahupuaa. I therefore adjudge the boundaries in question to be, as set forth in the survey filed with the application in the Matter.
Dated May 1st 1884

No. 4

Certificate of Boundaries of the Land of the Crown Ilis in Kaneohe, District of Koolaupoko, Island of Oahu
Land Commission Award No. [left blank]

Commission of Boundaries, 1st Judicial Circuit R.F. Bickerton, Esquire, Commissioner

In the Matter of the Boundaries of the Crown Ilis in Kaneohe, District of Koolaupoko, Island of Oahu.

An application to decide and certify the Boundaries of the Crown Ilis in Kaneohe, District of Koolaupoko, Island of Oahu, having been filed with me on the 25th day of February 1884 by Charles H. Judd, Crown Commissioner and land agent, in accordance with the provisions of an Act to facilitate the Settlement of Boundaries &c, approved on [page 68] the 22nd day of June A.D. 1868; now, therefore, havind [having] duly received and heard all the testimony offered in reference to the said boundaries, and having endeavored otherwise to obtain all information possible to enable me to arrive at a just decision, which will more fully appear by reference to the records of this matter by me kept in Book No. 2, page 63, and it appearing to my satisfaction that the true, lawful and equitable boundaries are as follows, viz.:

Lot A.
Halekou and Waikalua Waho see map of Kaneohe
Initial point. Trig. Station No. 7 of Government
Survey on hill Namakaokama

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.... apos;s land;
14. North 69° 00' East true 119 feet to sea [square with dot in it = corner] of Lilipuna of B.W. Parker's Grant 536
15. North 20° 30' West true 1584 feet along Parker's Grant 536;
16. South 44° 50' East true 2215 feet along Kikiwelawela, land Commission Award 7713;
17. North 50° 00' East true 76 feet across road to initial point.
Area 129 acres

Lots M. N. and O (copied from Webster's Survey)
Kanohuluiwi, Loi and fish pond

Lot M.
Commencing at the South [square with dot in it = corner] of this, on side of Auwai joining Kaleikau's land, the boundary runs.

1. North 54° 00' West magnetic Bearing 77 feet;
2. North 52° 45' East Magnetic Bearing 75 feet along Kalokohanahou; [page 77]
3. North 94° 20' East Magnetic 176 feet along Kalokohanahou;
4. North 44° 41' East Magnetic 265 feet along Kalokoahanahou;
5. North 41° 20' West Magnetic 74 feet along Kalokoahanahou to sea shore;
6. North 70° 00' East Magnetic 158 feet along Kalokoahanahou to sea shore;
7. South 27° 20' East Magnetic 31 feet along Kalokoahanahou to sea shore;
8. South 35° 55' West MagneticBearing 133 feet along Kalokoahanahou to sea shore;
9. South 37° 03' West Magnetic Bearing 396 feet along Kaleihau;
10. South 43° 22' west magnetic Bearing 112 feet along to initial point
Area 99/100 of an acre

Lot N.
Commencing at North [square with dot in it = corner] adjoining Kaleikau;
1. South 40° 00' East Magnetic Bearing 109 feet along Kapule;
2. South 51° 30' West Magnetic Bearing 61 feet along Kapule;
3. North 37° 35' West Magnetic Bearing 105 feet along Kaleikau;
4. North 46° 55' East Magnetic Bearing 58 feet along Kaleikau to initial point.
Area 14/100 of an Acre

Lot O [Fish pond]
Commencing at North [square with dot in it = corner] on Sea adjoining Kapule, and runs:
1. South 55° 20' West magnetic Bearing 212 feet along Kapule
2. South 51° 13' West magnetic Bearing 174 feet along Kapule;
3. 2 feet offset to right to side of auwai;
4. thence 300 feet along auwai;
5. South 66° 00' East 128 feet along edge of Pali bent line;
6. South 33° 00' East 90 feet along edge of Pali;
7. South 22° 45' West 33 feet to a stone;
8. South 89° 15' East 140 feet to wall of fish pond and Sea shore to initial point.
Area 5 Acres

Lot P.
Halekou, Kaluapuhiloko and Kuaaohe. The latter a Lele of Waikalua-waho. All situated in the peninsula generally known [page 78] as Mokapu

Initial point a well known as Waiakekua; Local Needle 9° 20' East Azimuths from true South
Mokapu Signal (Trig. Station 214° 40' Distant 7600 feet; south hole in rim of crater 217° 0' Highest point of Mokolea 281° 57';
1. North 52° West true 680 feet along Kaluapuhiwaho;
2. North 24° 35' west true 2135 feet along Kauapuhiwaho to a pile of stones 70 feet Southwest from a fixed rock and 41 feet Northwest from another one;
3. North 66 ° 30' East true 2340 feet along Kaluapuhi and along Ulupau of the Ahupuaa to a point near the East corner of an old stone enclosure (Kamailipo) 12 feet east of a marked rock;
4. North 55° 10' East true 4380 feet along Ulupau to Pohakupaka a hole in the rim of the Crater (the South one of two) 460 feet south of the Mokapu Signal;
5. Thence around the Northwest rim of the Crater to a place known as “Kahekili leap” on the pali of Kaholo direct bearing and distance being North 40° 00' East true 2800 feet;
6. North 68° 00' West true 1220 feet along shore at high water mark and point near Kapukaulua;
7. South 60° 20' West true 3880 feet along shore to a point of rock North of harbor;
8. South 27° 15' West true 575 feet to a station which is 40 feet Northwest of a cluster of graves and South 60° West 44 feet from marked stone; Mokapu Signal reads 263° 23'; Pyramid Rock reads 113° 10'
9. South 51° 00' West true 5100 feet along [page 79] Heleloa of Ahupuaa to a marked stone at South end of ledge;
10. South 45° 10' West true 23450 feet along same land to shore;
11. South 26° 00' East true 1125 feet along on shore of bay to opposite end of fish pond wall;
12. South 46° 20' West true 880 feet along fish pond wall to Northwest angle of Nuupia;
13. South 55° 20' West true 1375 feet along Nuupia the fish pond bending wall being boundary;
14. North 50° 00' East true 1300 feet along Nuupia to end of wall;
15. North 80° 20' East true 1290 feet along shore of Nuupia;
16. South 62° 40' East true 1320 feet along shore to rock at point of ledge;
17. South 57° 10' East true 875 feet along Nuupia to end of fish pond wall;
18. South 12° 20' East true 1105 feet along Nuupia to a stone with a hole in it thus O 4 called “Luakiko;”
19. North 56° 10' East true 1600 feet along Kaluapuhiwaho to a flat stone sunk and an old poi pounder buried under it;
20. North 9° 05' West true 1765 feet along Kaluapuhiwaho to a mark on a coral rock;
21. North 89° 20' West true 2090 feet along Kaluapuhiwaho to initial point.
Area 675 acres

Commissioner of Boundaries for Island of Oahu

The Islands of “Mokumano” have a natural boundary, viz. The Sea and any survey would be unnecessary.
Richard F. Bickerton, commissioner of Boundaries for Island of Oahu
May 1, 1884

[page 80]
Two hearing @ $10, $20; Recording Proceedings & Exhibit 25.50
Certificate and description 23.50
Advertising time and place of hearing 10.00;
[Total] $79.00

The above bill of Cost paid June 6th 1884

[No. 72, Kaluapuhi, Halekou, Waikalua, Keaahala, Kanoholuiwi Ili & Island of Moku Manu, Kaneohe Ahupuaa, Koolaupoko District, Island of Oahu, Boundary Commission, Lot A, Halekou and Waikalua Waho, 284 Acres; Lot B, Lot B, Waikalua Waho and Kaluapuhi, 90 acres; Lot C, Waikaluha [Waikalua] waho and Kaluapuhi, 90 acres; Lot D. Kaluapuhi, 6 acres; Lot D2, Kaluapuhi, 1.15 Acres; Lot E, Puupo 5- Lele of Keaahala, 29.03 Acres; Lot F, Waikalua waho, 26 acres; Lot G, Waikaluawaho, The lele “Lanaila,” .59 Acre; Lot H, Waikalua, Loi in Swamp, .61 Acre; Lot J, Keaalau, A Lele of Waikalua, 66.55 Acres; Lot L, Kanohuluiwi, 129 Acres; Lot M, Kanohuluiwi, Loi and fish pond, .99 Acre; Lot N, Loi, .14 Acre; Lot O, [Fish pond], 5 Acres; Lot P, Halekou, Kaluapuhiloko and Kuaaohe. The latter a Lele of Waikalua-waho, 675 Acres; Mokumanu not necessary to survey; 1884]