Boundary Commission

Certification: 020
Ahupua`a Waialeale 2 & Waikaloa 1
District: Hamakua
Island Hawaii
Ownership: Parker, J.P.
Misc: no amount
Year: 1873
Statistics: 11660 characters 2007 words
Waialeale 2d & Waikaloa 1st Ahupuaa, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, Volume A, No. 1, pps. 90-93

No. 20

The Ahupuaa of Waialeale 2d and Waikaloa 1st, District of Hamakua, Hawaii, 3d Judicial Circuit

On this, the eighteenth day of April A.D. 1873, by adjournment from the 16th instant, the Commission of Boundaries met at Mana, Hamakua. Due notice of the hearing of the application of J.P. Parker for the settlement of the boundaries of a portion of Waialeale 2d and Waikaloa 1st, situated in the District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, 3d Judicial Circuit, having been given by notice in the Hawaiian Gazette of March 5th 1873; and the Auokoa of March 6th 1873, and notice personally served on the agent for the Hawaiian Government, and the owners of adjoining lands, as far as known, for the 16th day of April 1873, at the Court House in Waimea, South Kohala, and adjourned from there to Mana to the 185h instant by public notice.

Present: J.P. Parker for self, and R. Keelikolani, and S.C. Wiltse for the Hawaiian Government

Royal Patent No. 868 filed for makai boundaries of Waialeale 2d and Waikaloa 1st adjoining the portion of these lands that have been patented by survey. Copy of Notes of survey of R. Keelikolani's land Waialeale 1 and Waikaloa 2d filed, for her lands awarded by survey, and also Patent No. 871 [note:] 791.

The petition of applicant read in the following words
To the Honorable Rufus A. Lyman, Commissioner of boundaries for the third Judicial Circuit, to wit the Island of Hawaii
The petitioner respectfully represents unto your Court, the Commissioner as follows, that the petitioner is possessed of a tract of land situated in the District of Hamakua in the island of Hawaii, called the Ahupuaas "Waialeale 2d & Waikaloa 1st that the mauka or forest part of the aforesaid lands were conveyed to him by Royal Patent No. 868 by name only, and not by survey and that the Boundaries of the same are as yet undefined. That the following is the list of the lands adjoining the said lands: Waialeale 2d and Waikaloa 1st and the owners of the same as far as known to your petitioner. Makai part of "Waialeale 2d & Waikaloa 1st Patented to J.P. Parker Junior & Ebenezer Parker; West side by Waikaloa 2nd owned by Keelikolani, and awarded by survey, also the Government land Puanui, south side, Government land Kamoku; East side by the Government, Kapulena and Keelikolani's land Waialeale 1st which was awarded by survey.
Respectfully submited [sic] by the Petitioner
(Signed, J.P. Parker
Mana, Hamakua, Hawaii, February 11th, 1873
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No. 20

Poliahu, kane, sworn says, I was born at Waialeale, Hamakua, Hawaii. My parents told me that it was at the time of the building the first chur ....

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.... Waikaloa 1st and Waialeale 2d Patented by name only.

Beginning at a post near the Waikaloa trail to Mana this corner is the mauka Southwest corner of the portion of Waikaloa 1st (that was patented by survey Royal Patent 871); thence along Waikaloa 2d as awarded by survey Land Commission Award No. 9971, book 10, page 596.
South 5° 45' West 10.42 chains;
South 7° East 6.71 chains to a point on the West side of the trail at place called Lule; Thence mauka along the land Puanui
South 20° West 26.50 chains to an ohia tree marked X; Thence
South 30° West 30.00 chains to a large ohia tree marked X near a hole of water called Waiakaali, the mauka corner of Puanui; thence along Government land
South 23° West 20.00 chains to place called Pulupakea to a pile of stones on the east bank of a small gulch; Thence
South 23° West 7.00 chains to angle; Thence
South 29° West 14.00 chains to an ohia tree marked X on the point of a small hill; Thence
South 2° West 18.00 chains;
South 3° East 52.50 chains to an ohia tree marked X; Thence
South 4° West 8.50 chains;
South 8° East 20.50 chains;
South 15° East 12.00 chains to a large pile of stones at the mauka Southwest corner of Waikaloa 1st, at point called Ukulii; Thence along the land Kamoko
East 31.00 chains to rock marked X in the center of the Waikaloa gulch, the mauka point of Waialeale 2d; Thence makai along the land Kapulena
North 29° East 27 chains to a double ohia tree marked X;
North 15° East 7.50 chains to an ohia tree marked X on four sides;
North 11° East 29.00 chains to an ohia tree marked X on a low ridge;
North 10° East 55.00 chains;
North 38° West 7.00 chains to place called Kaeapani;
North 8 ° East 11.00 chains to an ohia tree and a Kolea tree standing together near the junction of two gulches and marked X, the mauka Southwest corner of Waialeale 1st as awarded by survey Land commission Award No. 9971, Book 10, page 599. Thence along Waialeale 1st
North 58° West 710 feet;
North 2° East 1980 feet;
North 24° East 650 feet;
North 5° East 627 feet;
North 4° 15' West 2350 feet to a mulberry tree planted where the post formerly stood at the Southeast corner of [land?] of Waialeale 2d, patented by survey Royal Patent 868; Thence across Waialeale 2d
South 70° West 1000 feet to a waterhole called Hawea in the Waikaloa gulch; Thence across Waikaloa 1st
North 67½° West 378 feet to the place of commencement
R.A. Lyman, Commissioner of Boundaries, 3d Judicial Circuit

Note: surveyed by S.C. Wiltse
Costs in full paid by applicant
Book of costs list on wreck of Schooner Caroline Mills at Honokaa, Hamakua, Hawaii, May 1878

[No. 20, Waialeale 2d & Waikaloa 1st Ahupuaa, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, Boundary Commission, no amount, 1873]