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Royal Patent Number(RP)8452 LCA Number:08559B*H
Patentee: Lunalilo, W.C. Island:Hawaii
District:Hamakua TMK3-4-8-03, 05, 06
Ahupua'aWaikoekoe Ili
Statistics: 7272 characters 1073 words
No. 8452, Lunalilo, William C. Waikoekoe Ahupuaa, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, Volume 37, unnumbered pp. [RP Reel 17, 465-469.tif]

Land Patent No. 8452 Issued In Confirmation of Land Commission Award

Whereas, the Board of Commissioners to quiet Land Titles, did, by their decision, award by Land Commission Award No. 8559-B:2 to W.C. Lunalilo, an estate of Freehold less than Allodial in the land hereafter described, and

Whereas, application has been made to the Commissioner of Public Lands by A.W. Carter, Trustee, the present owner of said land for a Patent covering same, and

Whereas, a Certificate No. 33 defining the boundaries of said land, recorded on Pages 10-12, Record 3, Boundary Commission, Hawaii, on file in the Office of the Commissioner of Public Lands, and

Whereas, the Government commutation was released by Resolution of the Privy Council dated August 27, 1850, in lieu of the surrender to him to the Government of various lands, as set forth on Pages 407-421, Volume 3, Privy Council Records, page 104, Volume 10, Native and Foreign Testimony and Page 491, Volume 10, Land Commission Awards, all of which books of record are on file in the Office of the Commissioner of Public Lands

Now, Therefore, the Governor of the Territory of Hawaii, in conformity with the Laws of the United States of America and of the Territory of Hawaii, by this Patent makes known to all men that he has this day granted and confirmed absolutely, in Fee Simple, unto W.C. Lunalilo, all of the land situate at of Waikoekoe, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, bounded and described as follows:

Boundaries of Waikoekoe copied from Boundary Commission Certificate No. 33, recorded on Pages 10-12 of Record ....

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.... d Keaa to place called puu Uala;
40.    North 2° 30' East 2080 feet along Keaa to old alaloa and mauka West corner of Royal Patent No. 1772 to Keau [Land Grant];
41.    North 6° 15' East 6300 feet along said Royal Patent No. 1772 in Keaa to a stone near Mahoe's house;
42.    North 3° 00' East 2545 feet along the same;
43.    North 1° 30' East 3220 feet along the same to Kaepali; thence down the pali, and along the sea shore to opposite directly below the initial point, and up the pali to initial point; the bearings and distances along sea shore being
South 87° 30' West 1120 feet; and South 61° 30' West 1950 feet.
Containing an Area, determined by planimeter, of 4,800 acres, more or less

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Attached hereto and made a part of Land Patent No. 8452.
C.T. Bailey, Commissioner of Public Lands
Laurence M. Judd, Governor of Hawaii

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Containing 4,800 Acres, more or less.
To have and to hold the above granted land in Fee Simple, absolute unto the said W.C. Lunalilo, and the heirs and assigns of the said W.C. Lunalilo forever.

In Witness whereof, the Governor of the Territory of Hawaii, has hereto set his hand and caused the Great Seal of the Territory to be hereunto affixed, this 8th day of February, A..D. 1934
By the Governor, Laurence M. Judd
C.T. Bailey, Commissioner of Public Lands

Approved as to form: George P. Kimball, Deputy Attorney General
Written by C.I.
Checked by B.A.

[Royal Land Patent No. 8452, Lunalilo, W.C., Waikoekoe Ahupuaa, District of Hamakua, Island of Hawaii, 4800 Acres, 1934]