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Claim Number: 00304
Claimant: Kuakamauna, E.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Panaewa, Aki
Statistics: 5724 characters 1018 words
No. 304, Kuakamauna, E.

No. 303-307, Kuakamauna, E.
N.R. 71-72v2

Greetings to the Land Commissioners:

I hereby tell you of my houselots at Lahaina. Three are my very own and two are inherited. I will describe the five lots:

Lot 1 is makai of Panaewa on the north of the government Road, running to Kaloa. On the east is Kamakini's lot and on the south are the po`alima taro patches of Kekauonohi, on the northwest is the lot of Kanae; it has not been surveyed, it is for the surveyor to do.

Lot 2 is at Lapakea and Panaewa, on the northwest of the Government Road running to Lahainaluna. On the south are the pa`ahao taro patches and the lot of one who has gone to Kahiki, and on the north is the lot of Hikiau, on the east is the lot of Wahie. The dimensions are for the surveyor to determine.

Lot 3 is insignificant to talk of, however it will be stated. My own /right/ is ended, but it however should be put with my inherited lots, because it is mine to be awarded, when the time comes.

Lot 4 is at Lahaina. It adjoins the insignificant lot which I spoke of. You have received a petition from Mapu for this place. It is not his, it is mine by inheritance. I will work on it. You all work with Mapu. I am one of the heirs.

Lot 5 is at Puaa on the north of the road mauka o ....

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.... malalo: Then my work with you is done, the two of you will do it.

Keohokana: Here are the papers for you and Manono.

Kaaimalalo: The papers are not mine. They are probably for Kalua.

I read Kaaimalalo's documents and his wives said to him, "Those are your documents, are they not? Do not deny and they are from your eldest brother!" This ends this.

After this the servants lived on that property until the death of Kaaimalalo in the year 1845 at which time Kaeo took possession of that property. Then we had a court session with Kaenaena for that property, but the tax assessor did not work with us. This will be delayed till Manono returns and he will take care of it (the tax).
See page 195

N.T. 195-196v2
Nos 303-305, Kuakamauna, See page 73 (from 108)

Kulu, sworn by the Bible, I have heard about the property Kuakamauna is claiming. They have worked here but were not successful. A letter was sent to me on Molokai telling me to have a proper hearing for Kekuelike and Mapu so I went to hear directly from them and when I returned to Maui here, I reported the statements of Kekuelike and Map to Keoni Ana and he said to me this way, "I feel that my decision is that the property is for Kekuelike." That was his decision.

[Award 303-305; R.P. 1831; Panaewa Lahaina; See Award 303 for documents for 303-307]