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Claim Number: 06900
Claimant: Keaweolu
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Pahoa
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No. 6900, Keawealu

No. 6851*M, Kahula ma, Lahaina, February 8, 1848
N.R. 427-429v6

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: We hereby petition for our claims for land, lots, house lots, paukus, single and multiple lo`i, mo`o, or mo`os, kula, potato kula, and planted trees. Our names are below:

No. 6851, Kahula, Puaa
No. 6852, Punahele, Olowalu
No. 6853, Nuhi, Puehuehu
No. 6854, Ohule, Puunau iki
No. 6855, Kepa, Polanui
No. 6856, Kawau, Punaunui
No. 6857, Nakaikuaana, Wainee
No. 6858, Napapa, Polaiki
No. 6859, Kaiama, Puunau
No. 6860, Nunea, Polanui
No. 6861, Puoanui, Paeohi
No. 6862, Kaumiumi, Puehuehu
No. 6863, Wahie, Punakea
No. 6864, Paki, Punakea
No. 6865, Kekua, Punakea
No. 6866, Kahapuna, Punakea
No. 6867, Poepoe, Kauaula
No. 6868, Hanakaipo, Puehuehu
No. 6869, KauaiOahu, Wainee
No. 6870, Pupule, Makila
No. 6871, Naheananui, Kauaula
No. 68 ....

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.... 934, Uhiki, Kauaula
No. 6935, A. Moku, Claim in Waiehu

By the 85 people

F.T. 84-85v7
Cl. 6900, Keawealu

Aloha, sworn, I know the lands of the claimant. They are in "Pahoa," Lahaina. They are [sic] consist of 2 pieces, one a kalo land, the other a kula.

The claimant received these lands from Kalehu in 1835, and he has held them without dispute ever since.

The kula land is bounded:
Mauka by Kalaiki's land
Olowalu by the lands belonging to the heir of Namauu
Makai by Kalehouka's land
Kaanapali by the creek of Pahoa.

The kalo land consists of 16 small lois and is bounded:
Mauka by the pali
Olowalu by the same
Makai by the creek of Pahoa
Kaanapali by "Kooka."

[Award 6900; R.P. 1198; Pahoa Lahaina; 1 ap.; 1 rood 3 rods; Makila Lahaina; 1 ap.; 2.42 Acs; See No. 6851 Kahula awarded; See No. 6851 Kahula ma for Native Register document]