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Claim Number: 00002!
Claimant: Papa, see 2626?
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Pualoalo
Statistics: 5716 characters 916 words
No. 2!, [Papa], Land of Papa, [No. 2626?, Papa], [No number given], Place where people quiet title (to property) Hale Kauila March 18, 1846 N.T. 1-4v1

Governor Kekuanaoa's sworn testimony:

John Ricord: Tell me how Papa got the title to that land and how he came to live there.
M. Kekuanaoa: Papa became the tailor for the king long before Liholiho's death. And at that time the king gave him that land as appropriate quarters for his work just as we were given land. The king has the right to reclaim and end the tenancy. This is what I know about Papa's residence with the king.

John Ricord: How many years has it been since Kauikeaouli awarded him the land?
Matthew Kekuanaoa: He gave the land when he was small; perhaps when he was twelve years old.

John Ricord: How was it in your day, could a twelve year old child give away land?
Matthew Kekuanaoa: No.

John Ricord: Who could rightfully join forces with the boy in giving land away outright?
Matthew Kekuanaoa: His parents were the proper (people) to join forces (with him); Kalaimoku and Ka'ahumanu. They were the guardians of Kauikeaouli. They had the authority to truthfully say whether land could be granted, then it could be given away.

John Ricord: Is it not right that the governor be one of those to hear about the giving away of the land?
Matthew Kekuanaoa: The governor has so ....

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.... was a land overseer, that's what I think.

John Ricord: If we give Papa full possession of this land will someone else be in serious difficulty because of him?
Matthew Kekuanaoa: Yes, Kauikeaouli along with the present co-owners will be in trouble. According to what I have heard about Papa's property, it has two taro patches. Most of it is for the people, however, and it is the people who cultivate those two taro patches.

John Ricord: I wonder what the size of the king's share would be if the land were divided into shares for the king, his headman and his tenants.
Matthew Kekuanaoa: I think it would be about a third. I'm not very sure. Let's look at page 31.

N.T. 31-32v1
[No. 2, Papa]

Officers of the Board of Commissioners to Quiet Land Titles, Kauwila House, April 21, 1846

The people who will settle Papa's and Namauu's interest has been approved. Ha is the person who will settle Papa's interest in the property of Pualoalo; Hooliliamanu is the person who settled Namauu's interest with R. Boyd, where he is renting now. Papa is claiming this interest which is in Pualoalo's property.

S. Kulawailehua became the person to fulfill the assignment of settlement for Hoolihamanu. The officers who quiet titles will legalize whatever is approved by Ha.

[No. 2 wrong number for Papa; No. 2626?]