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Claim Number: 00290
Claimant: Kaanaana
Other claimant:Koku, wife,Keohokalole opposes
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Kooka
Statistics: 11166 characters 1959 words
No. 290, Kaanaana
N.R. 53-54v2

Greetings to the two of you, the highnesses who rule over Hawaii to Kauai. I am telling of the right of the makuas, which is from the reign of Kamehameha I to Kamehameha III.

One of my kupunakanes had a right under /the ali`i/ to a place which had been unused. This was where I was born.

Hoapili made the taro patch. My kupunawahine became sick and we returned to Puaa. My kupuna directed me: "Return and guard the houses."

Kakauole also was one who guarded the houses and he has dwelt there until now. Therefore Nanuea wrongly gave it to the ali`i, Keohokalole. In my mind this giving of my place was a mistake. That place at Puamana is my very own. Makai of the road is also our place, from mauka, in the middle, as far as the place of Kaaunaki. This is what I am telling you two, to the high commissioners of those seeking for rights. I am complaining to you two. Thank you,

N.T. 72v2
[No. 290], Kaanaana

Kaanaana's (case) was postponed to be heard in Honolulu.

N.T. 81v2
[No. 290] Kaanaana

M. Kaanaana's case was postponed until a consultation could be held with Kapu and Paikaualani.

N.T. 250-254v13
No. 290, Kaanaana, 4 July 1851, Vs Keohokalole

Upai, sworn, I know this house lot being disputed between Kaanaana and Keohokalole. It is in the ahupuaa of Kooka in Lahaina, Maui. There are houses (4) currently standing and it is surrounded by an adobe wall.

[It is bounded]:
Mauka by Kaauneke's land
Olowalu by H. Kalama's land
Makai by Government road
Kaanapali by Kaauneke's land.

Kaanaana received this place from Koku, his wife, before Kinau died in 1837, and his wife got it from her parents in 1831 and her parents got it during the time of Kamehameha I and Kaanaana ma lived peacefully until 1846. Kapaakea went to fence in this area. Kaanaana said you had better not fence in this place because it is my own personal property from my wife and my wife received it from her parents and that was the end of his fencing it in that I saw.

The reason that Kapaakea had decided to fence in that place was because this place was so close to their lot and when the government road was made during the time that Kainaina was serving as tax collector, in 1841, some of their (Kapaakea's land was lost to the road.) So he felt bad about losing their place and not getting a replacement for their area that had been lost. He just went and thought he would take it as his own. And that is where the people of Kaanaana have lived until now, Hamea, Hakuole and Honoaliaina.


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.... wall it in. When Kanaulu came and began to build the wall mauka of the wall that Pueo had made, thinking that this are would go to his sister, Hanuea went and told Kanaulu, "you should not build a wall here. This is my place." Kanaulu said, "This is not your place, it is mine." And there was a lot of arguing. Neither won. So Nahuea got scared and gave the lot away to Keohokalole. When Kanaulu heard that Keohokalole got this lot, he left and would not wall it in. And then Hanuea lived there for Lumaawe, Hoapili's canoe builder. And when Lumaawe was in Kaanapali, Hanuea gave it away without Lumaawe, the owner knowing about it.

Shortly after that, Lumaawe came back from Kaanapali to make canoes and this is where he stayed. And while he was working on the canoe(s) we ate in the morning then he worked on the canoe(s). (We) felt sorry for Keohokalole because she was hungry and called her to eat, when she came and had eaten, he asked Keohokalole "Did Hanuea give you our place? Keohokalole confirmed this. "It is good that the man gave it to you, your majesty. You shall have that place. He shall be your subject. He is living with you. That was the second time it was given as far as I have heard for that same place.

And later, Kaili, the daughter of Kapae, gave her father's place to Keohokalole. I did not hear that Lumaawe gave it previously to Hanuea until Lumaawe went to Kauai and he is still living on Kauai. It was agreed that this entire place had gone to Keohokalole. I did not know that Kaanaana had opposed Kapaakea's building a wall around this place and when Kaanaana surveyed this place was when I first heard that Kaanaana was opposed to Kapaakea.

Lumaawe and Kapae got this place from Hoapili. I don't know when it was obtained. That is what I know.

Keawe, sworn, in 1837 we came back here to Lahaina with the aliis. The house that was standing belonged to Lumaawe because Hanuea was a friend of his. I did not see Kaanaana ma living there before they lived there. The reason that Keohokalole got this place was because Hanuea gave it to her because Kanaulu was giving him problems. So he gave her it and later I heard that Lumaawe gave it to Keohokalole.

I believe that Lumaawe has no claim. Hanuea has the claim and it was correct for Hanuea to give it away but Lumaawe built the houses and Hanuea lived there under him. Therefore I feel he has no claim. I still do not know what Kapaakea and Kaanaana did.

Postponed until Lumaawe comes from Kauai at which time it will be taken up again.

N.T. 72v2
[No. 290, Kaanaana]

Kaanaana's (case) was postponed to be heard in Honolulu.

[No. 290 not awarded]