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Claim Number: 00285
Claimant: Kamakini, J.
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Panaewa, Waianae, Paeohi, Ukumehame
Ili: Uwai
Statistics: 7681 characters 1253 words
No. 285, J. Kamakini, Lahaina, Panaewa, December 21, 1846
N.R. 47v2

Greetings to the Land Commissioners:

Lot 1.I tell you correctly of my three house lots here in Lahaina. It is at Waianae, adjoining mauka of the bank of the taro patch of Kukeleloa where Iosua Kaeo lives.

Lot 2.This lot on which I live is at Panaewa and Paeohi. This is a large lot.

Lot 3.This lot is at Panaewa alongside the road, east of the road going up to Lahainaluna. These are my three house lots for your Honors to know of.
I am respectfully,
Makaulia, Kuakamauna, Hikiau, Malua, Nauku

F.T. 70v15
No. 285, J. Kamakini, Ukumehame 19th August 1853

Aui, hoohikiia, eia ike au i keia wahi e hoopaapaa ia nei, ma ka Ili of Uwai Ukumehame he aina Kula.

Penei ia palena:
Mauka aina o konohiki
Honuaula aina o konohiki
Makai he alanui Aupuni
Lahaina aina o konohiki.

O kou ike mua ana i keia aina, he wahi i poalima kahiko ia mai e ke Konohiki a hiki i ka wa i lilo ai ia J. Kapena ka Luna o ka aina, oia paha ka M.H. 1842, a ua mau no ka waiho wale ana a hiki i ka M.H. 1847 lawe o Kamakini i kuleana nona a mai ka wa o ka loaa ana ia ia a hiki i kona make ana, aole oia i mahi iki, he waho mala ipu hookahi kanu ana.

Maui, hoohikiia, Ua oiaio no na olelo a pau maluna, pela ia no keia ike.

Ua nei no kanaka i hai mai aole i mahi iki o Kamakini i keia wahi a hiki i keia manawa. (See p. 79).

F.T. 70v15, translation
No. 285, J. Kamakini, Ukumehame, 19 August 1853

Aui, sworn, I know this place which is being disputed, in the `Ili of Uwai, Ukumehame, a kula land.

It is bounded as follows:
Mauka, land of konohiki
Honaula, land of konohiki
Makai, a government road
Lahaina, land of konohiki.

When I first knew of this land it was worked as a po`alima from l ....

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.... away after which he complained to the chief and he received all of that land as a result. Kaenaena also had evicted (him) but was unsuccessful; therefore, I gave him that property which he now lives on.

Lot 5 - One section is for this person (Kamakini) and one section is mine.

Lots 4 and 5 - Malua has known.

Lot 4, Kaenaena, sworn, When (he Kamakini) went to live there, this person here wanted to drive him out in the year 1842. The chiefs directed me to execute the eviction, so I did as I had been told until this person's strength had been exhausted and it was approved.

Lot 1, Kaukamauna, sworn, I have seen these people's place and this was the last time they lived at the Fort.

The border of the patch was makai
on the north a road
and on the east side a patch section.
It is hearsay that (this) was acquired by this person here; however, I do not know the time.

Lot 2 - It was known that Kamakini was a konohiki. His daughter Kaloluou was his reason for having lived there. She had received it (land) from Kekauonohi, who had received it from Kalaimoku and Kalaimoku had received his rights from Liholiho. I have not heard of the person who had objected (to him).

Hoolelee, sworn, Property at Kumehame [Ukumehame?].
I have known the time the house was being built and when it was completed. Kamakini decided to fence their property again because the fence was close to the house, so as to allow more space on the inside of the enclosure. Kamakini received this land from Kapena who had received it from Lunalilo, and Lunalilo had received the same from the King. (See the opposition of Kaohelo, pp. 95-96).

[Award 285; R.P. 2741, Panaewa Lahaina; 1 ap.; 5.5 Acs; R.P. 1727; Panaewa Lahaina; 1 rood 18 rods (Location index) 18 rods (Awardee index); R.P. 5712; Waianae Lahaina; 1 ap.; 24 rods; Ukumehame Lahaina not awarded]