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Claim Number: 06667
Claimant: Kailihakuma, Mika
Other claimant:
Other name: Mika
Island: Kauai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Koloa, Hikina; Mahaulepu
Ili: Keaka, Wailua, Makapala, Papakea, Waiolua, Kaukii
Statistics: 4833 characters 736 words
No. 6667, Mika, Koloa, Kauai, January 13, 1848
N.R. 237v9

The Land Commissioners, greetings: I, Mika, a Hawaiian subject living in Mahaulepu, hereby state my claim for 4 lo`i, 5 sweet potato enclosures, 4 mala of noni, and 3 orange trees. However, these claims are not situated together, but are in various cultivated places of Mahaulepu, also 1 mala of uhi /yam/, a kula planting of wauke and one other lo`i. 1 loko /either fish pond or taro pond/, and 13 lo`i are bounded 80 fathoms on the east, 80 fathoms on the south, 20 fathoms on the west and 10 fathoms on the north /sic/. That is my claim which was received from Ahukai. There is also a kula named Hoopouliloa.

F.T. 4-5v13
No. 6667, Mika, Claimant

No. 4997

Kaona, sworn, says, I know the lands in "Mahaulepu," belonging to Claimant. They are as follows.

No. 1 is one loi in the ili of Papakea.
No. 2 is three loi in the ili of Waiolua.
No. 3 is one loi in the ili of Kaukii.
No. 4 is one salt pond in the ili of Koholaiki.

No. 1 is bounded:
Mauka by the ili of Holulu
Puna by the ili of Papakea
Makai by the ili of Kalua
Hanapepe by the ili of Kalua.

No. 2 is bounded:
Mauka by the ili of Kaukii
Puna by the ili of Kalaiki
Makai by the ili of Kanaleho
Hanapepe by the ili of Kanaleho.

No. 3 is bounded:
Mauka by the ili of Isaiah
Puna by the ili of the ili of Kioea
Makai by Puoho's loi
Hanapepe by Kailikea's loi.

No. 4 is bounded:
Mauka by Nahoaoleloa's salt pond< ....

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.... ois in the ili of Wailua.
Section 3 - One loi in the ili of Kaukii.
Section 4 - A salt pan in Koholoiki ili.

Section 1:
Mauka by Holulu ili
Puna by Papakea ili
Makai by Koloa ili
Hanapepe by Koloa ili.

Section 2:
Mauka by Kaukii ili
Puna by Kalaiki ili
Makai by Kaualehu ili
Hanapepe by Kaualehu ili.

Section 3:
Mauka by loi of Isaia
Puna by ili of Kioea
Makai by loi of Puoho
Hanapepe by loi of Kailikea.

Section 4:
Mauka by salt loi of Hanoaolelo
Puna by Naeluele"s land
Makai by ditch
Hanapepe by kula area of Kaholoiki.

This land came from D.(?) [E.] Keaweamahi from the time of Kinau. No one is opposed.

Keahikuni, sworn, I have known Mika's land. It is true.

Kihepono, sworn, I also have known Mika's land in east Koloa.

Section 1:
Mauka by Government road
Puna by Government road
Makai by Stone wall
Hanapepe by Stone wall.

Section 2 - Sugar cane field.
Mauka by Chinese sugar refinery
Puna by kula area
Makai by Government kula
Hanapepe by Government kula.

The first and second sections came from Hukiku during the time of Kaikioewa. No one has objected to the present time.

Nahoa, sworn, I have known Mika's land the same as Ieremia Kihepono has related here.

[Award 6667; Land Patent 8290; Keaku Koloa Kona; 1 ap.; 7 Acs 3 roods 30 rods; Makapala Koloa Kona; 1 ap.; 7 Acs 2 roods 7.5 rods; R.P. 7759; Wailua Mahaulepu Kona; 1 ap.; 1 Ac.; & Keaku Koloa Kona; 1 ap; 7 Acs 3 Roods 30 Rods; No. 4997 not awarded]