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Claim Number: 00281B
Claimant: Ali, H.L.
Other claimant:Kauonohi, wife
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina, Kula
Ahupuaa: Kuholilea, Puunoa, Omaopio 1
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No. 281B, Ali
N.R. 56-57v2

The land was given me by Kauonohi /wife/. The year 1835. /The land is/ Kuholilea. Here are the witnesses that the land was given me: Eyewitnesses: Pualinui, Kamakini, Maluo. The length of the land is 131, the width, 36.

The lot is at Lahaina and the land at Kula. /In the year/ 33 Aikanaka gave me Omaopio these four lands - at the time the sugar cane began at Kula. I asked for and was given them. Here are the witnesses: W. Keohokalole, H. Kapaakea. The dimensions are not clear.

A houselot at Puunoa, Namauu, was formerly given me by Kanemaikou to build a house for him. The length is 28 and the breadth is 8 /fathoms?/.

F.T. 587-589v3
No. 281B, Ali, 30 December 1854, See p. 39v15

Disputed by the Government. The award made to this claimant on the 4th of May last, having been objected to by the Government as a Counter claimant, Ali has returned it in order that the claim may be re-adjudicated by the Board.

Due notice was sent to the Home Office of the time for hearing but no one appeared on behalf of the Government.

Z. Kaauwai, sworn, says, on examining the plan of Ali's claim, made by E. Bailey, that the portion of the land lying mauka of the road is clear to him as belonging to Ali, but the portion lying makai of the road is not clear to his mind. Does not know that Ali has occupied the makai part either by cultivation or for grazing purposes. It is very stony land. The mauka part of the land is good and has been used by Ali in various ways, since he got it from Kamaunawa, a chief, over 20 years ago. When I was Luna Auhau of the District about 1830 to 40 the taxes for the land were paid by Ali. I was konohiki of these lands up to the Division of 1848, and I never knew of any dispute about Ali's' title up to that time. I do not know the boundaries between the several lands called "Omaopio." but I do know that Ali has held the land he claims mauka of the road. The makai part of that land has not been occupied by anyone in particular to my knowledge, but the mode of cultivation in that region is, to plant a fe ....

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.... cultivate all of the places I would want to do so until my death. I shall pay $4.5 yearly and he shall not evict me without just reason.
J. Kekaulahao

The signature below are for the both of us, therefore, see all people by this document that: I, H.L. Ali, the konohiki of the lands called Omaopio ahupuaa in Kula of East Maui, do hereby agree to let Kapono, the own son of Kumoa live on this land under me as a tenant without establishing a claim and to farm on any available area of said land as he so desires until his death. He shall make a payment yearly of $4.50 for the konohiki Friday days, for as long as he shall live on the land. I, Kapono, do hereby agree exactly in the same way as Ali has stated and hereby relinquish the establishing of my father's interest in that land. I shall live under the konohiki as is usual in Hawaii here. I shall do work for the konohiki on Fridays in addition to regular work, then I shall pay the amount of $4.50 for a year annually until my death. My claim shall cease at this time.
We pen our names for the truth on this 26th day of February, 1852, in Wailuku, Maui.
H.L. Ali, D. Kapono
Witnesses: J. Kekaulahao, Kalama
Continued See page 165

N.T. 165v10
No. 281B, Ali, (from page 146), 22 June 1852

Z. Kaauwai, sworn, I have seen his land in Omaopio I, an ahupuaa in Kula, Maui.

[It is bounded]:
Honuaula by Pulehunui
Makai, Makawao of Omaopio II, pasture
Mauka by mountain.

Land from Aikanaka in 1832, Ali had worked with sugar cane there and this land has been for him since that time to the present without disputes.

Postponed until Kapaakea is available.

Continued on Page 39, vol. 15.

N.T. 39v15
No. 281B, Ali, (from page 165 vol. 10)
[See Foreign Testimony, 39v15 above]

[Award 281B; no R.P.; Omaopio 1,2,3,4, Kula,4 ap.; 1052.72 Acs (ahupua`a); Royal Land Patent No. 408; Kuholilea Lahaina; 1 ap.; 2.82 Acs (Awardee index); 2.75 Acs (Location index); Royal Land Patent No. 8310; Puunoa, Lahaina; 1 ap.; 14 rods; Location index corroborates this number, but general index does not]