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Claim Number: 00278
Claimant: Laanui, Gideon
Other claimant:Puoho, widow
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Printer
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No. 278, G. Laanui, Claimant
F.R. 173v1

2 documents in Native Register page 44, volume 2 [1 document]

N.R. 44v2
No. 278, Laanui, November 25, 1846

Greetings to you, John Ii. I hereby designate you, John Ii, as my representative, to act for me before the land commission, for my lots at Honolulu, and also a lot at Kekapaula. This [is] all. Love to you and Hiwauli, and give my love from season to season.
Lahaina, Maui

F.T. 164v2
[No. 278, Laanui, January 31] [most of this text is illegible

John Ii, sworn, [illegible] house lot in Honolulu, in which claimant [illegible] to act for claimant containing two [illegible]

First is bounded:
Waititi side by Alanuipuaaina
Makai and Ewa by Kanai [illegible], Honokaupu's and Mrs. Co
[illegible] by Kaleihonui's and Captain [illegible] houses.

Claimant lived there with his wife in 1828 and has held it ever since. Through myself and Paulo Kanoa. Laanui has two houses on it and [illegible] who live there are [illegible] him [ illegible] ownership has never been disputed.

Paulo Kanoa, sworn, I know the boundaries of this place have been stated correctly by Mr. Ii. The place was mostly vacant land when claimant took it in 1826. The account given of it in the other particulars is true and I know of no counter claimant.

Second part. John Ii, This is bounded:
Ewa side by Alanuipuaaina
Mauka by the little lane to Mr. Rodger's from that street
Waititi by H. Haalilio's
Makai by Keolewa's.

Claimant told me it was waste lands, and held it like the [illegible] without dispute.

In 1844 Kekauluohi took part of it, [illegible] give it to others. When claimant heard of it, he wrote to me and I went to her about it. The [illegible] it, and it has never been settled. [illegible] she took away that part without any right [illegible] might in quantity [illegible] 2/3 [illegible] whose [illegible] have occupied it ever since.

Paulo Kanoa, confirmed the [illegible] of the previous account.

resumed ....

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.... road and runs southeast to Hana's property 177 ft. turn and running northeast to the small path 74 ft., turn and go northwest of the ascending road to Puawaina 201 ft., turn and go southwest to the beginning point 106 ft. Those are the boundaries of this place.

Laanui had authorized Kamanele's guardians to live there and they enclosed the property with a fence. During her lifetime, Lydia Namahana was Laanui's wife. Since that time to just 1844 last, Kekauonohi took all of this place for Kekauonohi (himself) without Laanui's approval. There are eye-witnesses, Kaluahinenui and Waiakea.

These properties are for Kuhia and Kekuanaoa.
With love, John Ii
Honolulu, December 9, 1846

See page 492

N.T. 492v2
No. 278, Laanui, January 31 [1848?], from page 59

John Ii, sworn by the Bible and stated, "I have seen this place; it is in Honolulu here;

Puowaina street, Waikiki
Kanaina's property, toward the sea
Kanaina's lot and Honokaupu's lot, Ewa
Keliiahonui's lot and Mr. French's lot are on the mountain side.

I had seen this property in the year 1826 and Laanui has lived there to the present time. Kanoa and I are living there also under Laanui. Kanoa has four houses.

2) I have seen another property,

Puowaina street is on the Ewa side
A small street from Lokeke's place, toward the mountain
Hana Haalilio's lot, Waikiki
Another lot for Hana and Keolewa's lot is on the oceanside.

This was received the same time as property No. 1. It was idle land and Laanui lived there. Kekauonohi has been objecting and this was in the year 1844 and we (two) have contested him for this property.

Kanoa, sworn by the Word of God and stated, My testimony on these two lots and everything about them is the same as the one just given here by John Ii, including the boundaries, the number of years and how they were obtained.

[Award 278; R.P. 4514; R.P. 5698; Printers Lane Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .12 Ac.; R.P. 2656; Punchbowl St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .95 Ac.]