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Claim Number: 00250
Claimant: Namauu
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Hotel St.
Statistics: 8657 characters 1548 words
No. 250, Namauu, claimant
F.R. 161v1

1 document in Native Register, Page 15, volume 2

N.R. 15-16v2
No. 250, Namauu

Greetings to you, W. Richards, and the Land Commissioners: I am telling you of my claim for a house lot, Kolopo, here in Honolulu, this is the verification: from the Moi, this house lot was given my kaikuahine, Kauhiakapo until her death, and I inherited it, as it was given her by the Moi, thus it became mine, to take care of, under the Moi. From the time of her bequest to me of this house lot, to this time, I have continued to take care of it, nor have I turned elsewhere, nor had any contention, I have had this house lot since the year 1836 until now. Here is the diagram

/see diagram/ [not in this text]

Pahua, Honolulu, November 10, 1848
Witness: J. Piiikoi

F.T. 30-32v2
Claim No. 250, Namauu, counter to 247, claim 8, Kanaina, October 5 [1847]

Kinimaka, testified on oath, he knows the place. It is on the sea side of Church Street, named Kaile. It belonged formerly to [illegible - Manuia?] to whom witness went in 1831 to ask for a small piece of land to build a house upon. It was when witness became the protector of Davida, son of Kinau; and the land was given for the purpose, to be returned to claimant when done with after building a house and fence &c. It was given purposely that witness might be near the child. Afterwards his office was given to another when witness left it to his successor to live there, without returning the land which was perhaps his error. His successor was C. Kanaina. This was in 1832. Witness considers the land to belong to Namauu.

John Ii, testified on oath, he has known the place since 1825. It then belonged to Manuia, Governor of the fort. It was then one large yard, after it was divided by adobie walls, and this place came to Namauu's sister, who was wife of Manuia. Witness knows after this that Namauu had possession of it, but does not know how he came by it. He was holding it in 1831 and kept it till it was asked for as stated b ....

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.... haawi mai i kuu kaikuahine, oia hoi o Kauhiakapo a hiki i kona wa, i make aku ai hooilina mai la oia i`au i keia pahale n`ou, e like me ka haawi ana mai a ka Moi ia ia a lilo, pela no e lilo ai i`au me ka malama pono no malalo aku o ka Moi.

Mai kona hooilina ana mai i`au o keia pahale a hiki i keia wa oia mai no k`ou malama ana aole i hele ae aole hoi i paio aku a paio mai.

Ua loaa i`au keia pahale mai ka makahiki hookahi tausani ewalu haneri kanakolu kumamaono a hiki i keia wa.

Eia no kona kii pahale
(Presented by Namauu)
Pa hea, Honolulu
10 November 1846


F.T. 516v2 Translation
No. 250, Namauu, Omitted in Native Book by N. Clerk

To Quiet Land Title: I hereby state my claim for a house lot in Kolopo, in Honolulu.

This house lot was given by the Mo'i to my kaikuahine, Kauhiakapo /and she had it/ until her death, when she bequeathed it to me. As the Mo`i had given it to her, so it was transferred to me to care for under the Mo`i.

From the time she bequeathed it to me I have taken care of it, nor left it, nor has it been disputed. I have had this house lot from 1836 until the present.

Here is the diagram of the house lot. (presented by Namauu)
Pahia, Honolulu
10 November 1846


N.T. 424v2
No. 250, Namauu, December 13 [1847]

Kaalunui, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I have seen this property in Honolulu here.

My place is on the Waikiki side
Thompson's property toward the mountain
Poe's place Ewa and
Hotel Street is on the oceanside.

I have known since 1836 to the present time that the property is for Namauu. It is enclosed, there is a house and a hunched-back foreigner who is a tailor living there as a tenant for Namauu. He is now repairing the house. Namauu had received this interest from Kaahumanu and she had received her interest from the chief. No other claimant is there."

[Award 250; R.P. 1611; Hotel St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .12 Ac.]