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Claim Number: 00249
Claimant: Keolewa
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Printers Lane
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No. 249, Keolewa, claimant
F.R. 161v1

1 document in Native Register, Page 14, volume 2

N.R. 14-15v2
No. 249, Keolewa

To the Land Commissioners: I am telling you, the commissioners, of my rights at this place for which I petition, thus:

My birth place is Hawaii, and upon marrying Kamakahelei I lived comfortably here on Oahu. And from her occupation, I got my right at this place about which I petition.

I lived here at this place with my wahine until her death. No one objected to us or denied us. Not at all.

I lived there peacefully after my wahine's death. No one objected to me, but, at this time, Hana Hupa* denies that I have any right at this place. /*Hannah Hooper/

Here is something else: the two houses standing in this lot are mine. These houses cost me $6.

I myself built the sides of the lot /hahau is used, probably the wall was laid up of bricks/. This lot was crowded by Kekuanaoa when my wahine was alive, but she would never consent to let a portion of this lot go to someone else. John Ii knows very well of this crowding, if you wish to question him, do so, because he is the one who investigated the trouble at this place and returned this place to my wahine. And this whole place was awarded to my wahine. This is what I claim before you, the commissioners, in consideration of my wahine's former rights, I petition you for myself. Since I am the heir to this place which my wahine presented.
With affection and thanks to you, the Commissioners, I am,
KEOLOEWA, her heir
Witnesses: Kanoa, Laanui, Waiakea

*Ti plant the stump or trunk.

F.T. 6v2
Claim No. 249, Keolew3a, September 20 [1847]

Hana Waiakea, testified on oath, her knowledge of the place. It is in a tract called Waiahau.

The fence of Hana Haalilio is East
The yard of Laanui is North and that of Maipupa
The main street is West
Honokaupu & H. Haalilio are South.

Witness knows the claimant to have resided on the place since 1830.

It is nearly enclosed with a fence, being partly broken down. Two adobie houses are on it, which with the fence were made by Keolewa, who derives his claim from his former wife's right (Hamakaholae).

No one but H. Haalileo ever resisted this claim.

Witness knows nothing of claimant's wife's right. The present claimant lived there before Haalileo put up the house.

John Ii, testified on oath, he knows the place.

On East is the wall of Polunu
On North Laanui
On West the street leading inland
On South Honokaupu & Haalileo.

Witness thinks Keolewa's wife resided there in 1826; at that time it was an open place; and they enclosed it with a wall. After 1 or 2 years Naua lived there after the first husband died in 1832, Keolewa married Kamakahalae in 1835. In one year after Naua and his wife died after living 2 or 3 years on the premises. The land belonged to Kamakahalae, they leaving no children. She lived with her former husband in a grass house and after marrying Keolewa, built an adobie one. Naua built an adobie one, but Keolewa bought it from him for 12$ before he died. Witness thinks Kekuanaoa took the place where Naua lived and gave it to Kuhia in 1844.

Then Kamakahalae appealed against the transfer, and witness was appointed to settle it. The Governor acceded to the decision of witness in favor of the original claimant when it was given up, and has continued to the present time in claimant's hands. In 1846 H. Haalileo wished to dispossess Keolewa of this land, but witness does not know on what ground. Keolewa then applied to him in the difficulty and witness told him to make his fence good and appeal to this Board, where it would be righted.

Z. Kaauwai, testified on oath, He is acquainted with the place. It is in a tract called Kawaiahao. The bounds are as stated by Mr. Ii. In about 1827 witness went to seek Kaehuhoho, husband of Kamakahalae, who was his old friend, and then living on that place. They then had 2 grass houses, a well, and fence of stick entirely round. They planted 2 hau trees which are growing still. There was then no house or fence on H. Haalileo's land. There were 3 houses on Polunu's place at that time.

Witness heard from Kaehuhoho that he was living there for the sake of privileges connected with the chapel.

Witness went to Maui & returned in 1832 o4 3 in the time of ....

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.... ere living there, on the necessities being provided by Keakua so that they would be near to the place of the teachers. Then I had returned to Maui and came back again at the time of Kaomi. I had seen Kaihuhoho and I had seen him living there, then after I had returned to Maui for about a year perhaps, Kaihuhoho died. I have not heard that they had received this land from the chiefs. That property was just idle and I have heard presently that H. Haalilio is objecting to Keolewa.

See page 328

N.T. 328-330v2
No. 249, Keolewa, Honolulu, October 13, 1847, From page 292

Naloloa sworn by the Word of God and stated I have seen the place Keolewa is claiming. It is at Kawaiahao. After returning from the battle of Kauai, I had seen Kaihuhoho living there. He had built a fence and houses. Polonu had a separate place. Kaihuhoho had a vacant property so he built a wooden fence and a house there. This is the lot Keo-lewa is claiming. Kaihuhoho has fenced three sides of the lot, but the side which touched Pulonu. It was I who had leased that property for money and the source of income was Uana the patch. I had lived there until the wooden fence had rotted and we (Kaihuhoho and I) built a mud wall. Kaihuhoho had the money and I did the work. After Kaihuhoho's death Kamakahelei married Keolewa and lived there. When Kamakahelei died, she had not bequested to Hana nor to me. I believe that place is for Kaihuhoho. I am an uncle for Hana ma. It was Kaihuhoho's request of me to hire a man to build the lot. This interest is definitely not related to H. Haalilio because we had lived there long before Hana had become the wife of Haalilio. I have seen Naaoa's place but have not seen Haalilio's place. At that time I did not have any rich nieces, it is only recently that they had become wealthy. Hana did not have any statement for me at that time. Kaihuhoho was the only person who did have a statement for me. Hana has interest in Polunu's property and she had lived on this property for a very short time because we are her uncles. I have worked on the lot where he had
built a wooden fence. I have spent money, yet a section bordering Puawaina Street has been moved and touching the street. My brother-in-law, uncle and I had done this work.

See page 354

N.T. 354v2
No. 249, Keolewa, October 26 [1847], From page 330

Moehau, sworn by the Word of God and stated, It was a wooden fence which was for Kaihuhoho that I had seen. When that had fallen apart he gave us $8.00 to build a mud fence on the side that is close to Ponunu's lot and joining Laa-nui's property. We were the people who had built the wall running to the street for $5.00. It is my feeling that lot is for Kaihuhoho. Polunu has a separate lot, he had a wooden fence previously. That is what I have known.

Postponed until Kahinu, Kinopu and Kapehe are summoned again.

See pg. 435

N.T. 435-436v2
No. 249, Keolewa, From page 354, Dec. 20

Kapule,sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I have heard the bequest of Kamakahelei in the adobe. A horse was the reason I had heard it. Keolewa had approved and I paid him $2.50. 1 have heard Kamakahelei say thus: "The houses, 4 horses and the lot are for you, Keolewa; the wooden trunk and 5 horses for Naloloa; the leather trunk and 1 horse for Kinoole; the comb for Kalei and the rocking chair is for Neki. I was in there (house) at the time with Piena, an old woman also and a young man named Kaheana. Hana and no other person was in there. The speech was good at that time and two days later (he) was taken to the plains. He was left there for one and a half weeks where he finally died."

Postponed to Friday when both parties will appear with their witnesses. See page 442

N.T. 442v2
No. 249, Keolewa, From page 436, December 27 [1847]

Piena, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I have heard the bequest of the wife of Keolewa. The reason I had heard it was I had gone to Keolewa to have him vaccinate my horse when Kamakahelei was saying thus; "All of our personal properties - the lot, the two horses and the two houses are for you, Keolewa; five horses and the wooden trunk for Naloloa; one horse and a leather case for the grandchild, a comb for the niece and a rocking chair for Neki. There were five people there and I had arrived there an hour later perhaps."

[Award 249; R.P. 3567; Printers Lane Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .7 Ac.]