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Claim Number: 06233
Claimant: Kahukaipo
Other claimant:Kaniho, Maria
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu, Waikiki
Ili: Kaukahoku
Statistics: 10935 characters 1881 words
No. 6233, Kahukaipo, Honolulu, January 27, 1848
N.R. 261-262v5

To the Honorable Land Commissioners of the Hawaiian Islands. I, Kahukaipo, have a mo`o in the `Ili of Kaukahoku in the Ahupua`a of Honolulu. In this mo`o are ten lo`i, and the eleventh is a kula. It is bounded on the north by Kamaki's /land/, on the east by the Government Road, on the south by Ukuuhu's /land/ on the west by Keauiaole's /land/. This /boundary/ goes from the kula to the lo'is to the house lot.

2. Lo`i claim: At Waikiki are four lo`i, bounded on the north by the Government kula, on the east by the Government kula, on the south by Keliiahonui's /land/, on the west by Mahuka's /land/. It was acquired from Lunalilo.
His Mark, Farewell to you, J.A.K.

House lot in the city of Honolulu, bounded on the north by the Government Road, on the east by Pale's house lot, on the south by H. Kalama's /land/, on the south by Kuke Polapola's /land/ /and?/ Aneru haole /Andrews, foreigner/. This was from Lunalilo.
Farewell to you,
MARIA KANIHO X, her mark

N.T. 703-704v3
No. 6233, Kahuikaipo, December 11, 1850

Paele, sworn, and stated, "I have seen the land of Kahukaipo at Kaukahoku - 11 patches of taro and a pasture all in one area.

The boundaries are:
Mauka, land of Kekuanaoa
Waikiki and makai, land of A. Paki
Ewa, land of Kekuanaoa.

Kekaulike had given Kahukaipo this land at the time of the battle at Kauai. Recently Kekuanaoa had protested this claim. There is no Friday (area) in this place."

Kaniho, sworn, I have seen his land at Kaukahoku. There are 11 patches and a pasture with a house site. The boundaries are the same as Paele has just related here.

Mahana, sworn, and stated, "I have seen the land of Kahukaipo in Waikiki, he has one section of land.

The first section is makai with 2 taro patches and the boundaries are:
Mauka, Kanaina
Waikiki, Leahi and Kanaina
Makai, Wm. Jarrett
Honolulu, Mahuka.

It had been from Kekaulike to his wife, Kaniho, eight years ago. I
have not known anyone object to his claim for that place. /Kanaina, Konohiki/
See page 172, Vol. X

N.T. 299v9
[6233], Kahukaipo, Honolulu, December 1850
[no number listed]

Paele, sworn, he has seen Kahukaipo's land at Kukahoku.

N.T. 172-173v10
No. 6233, Kahukaipo (from page 703, volume 3), 26 October 1852

C. Kanaina, sworn, I have seen this place at Kaukahoku in Honolulu here. The following is my acc ....

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.... ing's field, perhaps? [Answer] Probably so.

M .Kekuanaoa: Haven't you seen Keanaiani and me farming? [Answer]: I have forgotten.

M. Kekuanaoa: Do you think it was right for the tenant to make a claim? [Answer]: Probably.

Kapu, sworn, my place at Kikihale, I have seen this place at the time Kaumaumakea was the overseer; we were the tenants under the kings and we cultivated the land. Later the land was conveyed to Kaumaumakea who tilled the land and fed the chiefs, then the land went to Pahu, but no land was made for Kekaulike. He had his land from Liholiho and I have seen the tenants with M. Kekuanaoa working; but I did not know of Kekaulike's eviction. He had lived there until his death. I have not known the time he had died.

M. Kekuanaoa: Did you see J.A Kuakini evict the tenants of Kaukahoku? [Answer]: I did not see, I was living elsewhere.

M. Kekuanaoa: Didn't Keaniani and I do farming on this place? [Answer] Yes, you have, many people had seen this.

M. Kekuanaoa: Was Kaukahoku's land conveyed to Kekaulike? [Answer] No, it was possessed by Keaniaole from J.A. Kuakini. Kaniho, Kekaulike's wife, continued to live there after Kekaulike's death. Later I heard she has married this person here, it is not a sure thing.

M. Kekuanaoa in 1850, Kahukaipo was made destitute and he has been in that condition to the present time. He has admitted that he had agreed to this place.

M. Kekuanaoa, we had cultivated these places at the time of Kamehameha I. During Lihiliho's reign the land was passed on to me and both Keaniani and I had worked while Lihilihi was without land. Later Kekaulike attended to the place and chiefs until his death, then the land was again in my hands. Kaniho lived here and we made our terms and agreed on them without witnessess.

M. Kekuanaoa, sworn, all of the land was given over to be cultivated at the time of Kamehameha I and we went to Hawaii with the king leaving Hikiau under the chief. When Hikiau was released, the land was conveyed to Kuihelani, then he bequested it to Kaumaumakea. I worked in this area with Keaniani and the taro was for the chiefs, when Lihiliho went to Kauai. Kanewai was conveyed to Keaniani and those, places were conveyed to me outright. We went to Briton and Kekaulike lived here under me until his death. Kaniho continued to live here upon her own reqest under the King. I believe these two people here have no claim. The claim is for the Kingdom and the King and when it is time to register claims, I shall file a claim for myself.

[Award 6233; R.P. 4500; Kaukahoku Honolulu Kona; 3 ap.; .95 Ac.]