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Claim Number: 05909*M
Claimant: Antonio, Peke, wahine
Other claimant:
Other name: Akoni, Peke
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Kapewakua
Statistics: 9773 characters 1775 words
No. 5909*M, Peke Akoni
N.R. 178v5

To William L. Lee, the President of the Land Commissioners, Greetings: In accordance with your directions to state our claims, therefore, I hereby petition you, publicly, for my two house lots at Kapewakua in Lahaina on the Island of Maui.

These are true claims, not deceitful ones, because these were enclosed completely by fence and comfortable houses were built and they have been occupied until this time. On Molokai at Kupeke is an enclosed house lot which has been made comfortable.
PEKE ATONI X, his [noted: her] mark
Written at Honolulu on 20 January 1848.

F.T. 212v3
Cl. 5909, Peke Atoni, Claimant see 374, Antonio Sylva husband, November 21 [1849]

Kaauwai, sworn, I know this land. it is in Lahaina, a house lot = 4 houses. Kahaia lives in one, who is occupying under Peke, the house is his only. The other two I believe are claimant's. The lot is one now; it was divided. The house lot is fenced, which stands inside of the Kula and kalo lot.

Mauka by Kekuanaoa's
Olowalu also [by Kekuanaoa]
Makai by Keone & Kanaina
Kaanapali by E. Butler's.

Claimant had this from her father Isaac who had it from Kamehameha I. He was a friend and companion of John Young, and died when Kamehameha came here and Claimant has held it ever since undisputed.

Cl. 374 - Lot sold at Auction to Claimants. I know of Claimant having bought this at the Auction, and he has occupied it ever since.

[It is bounded]:
Mauka is Mamuki
Olowalu is Piianaia
Makai is Maui Road
Kaanapali is Wahinepio.

It is fenced & has 3 houses, all sold to Claimant. Mamaki got this from Hoapili before 1828. He was friend to Hoapili and did service for him. I know of no Counter Claimant to this but Mamaki. (Note: he says the King is only owner of this land)

Paki: Claimant is dead. Her husband claims in her stead.

F.T. 123-124v15
No. [illegible] 5909, Peke (Konohiki o Kupeke)

[Illegible] Aupuni, see page 124

Kokuole, hoohikiia, Ua ike au i keia wahi e hoopaapaaia nei he mau loikalo (illegible)[8] & kahuahale ma ka ili o Mokea aina Aupuni ma Wailau.

Penei na palena
Mauka, aina o Kaua
Halawa, he kahawai
Makai, ke kai
Kalaupapa, aina o Pek ....

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.... is day. That is my knowledge of it.

Postponed for the remaining testimony.

*An intimate friend.
/Translators note: Re sex of Kalohi, this person may have been a woman./

F.T. 124-125v15
No. 5909, Peke (Konohiki of Kupeke), Pelekunu, Sept. 30, 1853, Counter Government, from page 123

Naaea, sworn for Kupeke, I know this place which is being disputedbetween Kupeke and the government. There are 8 lo`i & house site.

When Kahekili was the Ali`I of these islands, and Kamehameha I was living, Kaeo was the konohiki and Kapeau was the tenant, until the time these islands became Kamehameha Is, after the battle of Kauaupali. Kuauamoa was the luna and Aikake was the konohiki, and Opeiwi cultivated these lo`I just after the return of kamehameha I to Hawaii and his death. When Opeiwi died, the work of cultivating passed to Kuapa /illeg./ and the house site, which is named Kapukalua was made by Kaaeae, who laid the rocks, and Haalou was the konohiki. The konohiki Kupeke did not oppose Kaaeae making this place and they continued living at the house site, but, concerning the lo`is, I did not see the least bit of cultivation in the lo`is of which Hakuole is speaking, of the people mentioned in his testimony.

In 1851 I left Wailau and came here, but, on the death of Kinau in 1839, Kukamaewa was the one who cultivated this place. When he died, the cultivation of it passed to Mahina, that was the year 1848.

The boundaries are as follows:
Mauka by land of Mahina
Halawa by a stream
Makai by Kahoana mo`o
Kalaupapa by the `Ili of Kuele.

N.T. 540v3
No. 5909, Peke Antonio

Z. Kaauwai, sworn, I have seen his [her] place in Lahaina, Maui, at Kapewakua.

Houselot, 2 houses for Peke, 1 house for Kahaia. Kahaia lives there under his wife. This house lot has been enclosed, but the entire Kapuwakua land is included in this house lot.

Mauka and Olowalu by Kekuanaoa
Makai by Kimo and Kanaina
Kaanapali by Mikapala.

Peke received this land from his [her] father Aikake, who had received it from Kamehameha I. He /Aikake/ died during the time of Kamehameha I and Peke has continuously lived there to this time; no one has objected.
See page 124, Vol. 15. [F.T.]

[Award 5909; R.P. 657; Kapewaakua Lahaina; 1 ap.; .95 Ac.]