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Claim Number: 00236W
Claimant: Kaluau 3
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Molokai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Ohia
Ili: Kuapohaku
Statistics: 4290 characters 681 words
[No. 236W, Kaluau 3

No. 5187, Kaluau 3
N.R. 161v7

To the Land Commissioners, respectfully: I hereby state my claim for a lot in the Ahupua`a of Ohia on the Island of Molokai, Hawaiian Islands.

I also have a lo`i claim in the Ahupua`a of Manawai on Molokai, and also some pauku of kula in the Ahupua`a of Ohia.

The length of the lot is 46 fathoms by 33 fathoms in width. I have occupied this lot for 10 years.

The lo`i is 11 fathoms long by 11 fathoms wide and I have had this lo`i for 30 or more years, from the time when Haalou was on Molokai.

I have 6 pauku of kula, however, that I have not measured this kula land. These are my statements to you, the Land Commissioners.

F.T. 22v6
5187, Kaluau

Aarona, sworn says this claim is in ili Kuapohaku, Ohia - a pahale fenced.

Mauka, road
Manawa, Aarona
Makai, road
Keawanui, watercourse.

1 taro patch in Manawai
Mauka, Keaki
Ualapue, Nawaie< ....

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.... nohiki.

He received Apana 1 from Kanehaole in ancient times. Apana 2 was from Kamahaho when Kinau was alive, before 1839, and he had quiet possession until his death in 1851. Apana 1 was bequeathed to Kalaea, his daughter. Apana. 2 was for Kamakakoa, his sister.

Kalamaika, sworn, Our knowledge of this is the same.

N.T. 114v6 [also page 35]
No. 5187, Kaluau

Kumalaua, sworn, a lot is in Halulukuapohaku ili in Ohia, a patch in Kaulu ili in Ohia, a patch in Kaulu ili in Manawai. This land from Kaluau's parents at the time of Kamehameha I, no objections.

Section 1 - House lot.
Mauka by road
Manawai, Aarona
Makai by road
Keawanui by stream.

Section 2 - Patch land.
Mauka by Keaki
Ualapue by Nawahie
Makai by Hapuku
Ohia by konohiki.

Paipaiku, sworn, certifies Kumalaua's testimony.

[Award 236W; R.P. 6042; Ohia Kona, 1 ap.;1.33 Acs; no documents located; See 5187 for Kahananui and Manawai award]