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05473 Poopu, 2nd husband, Lehuanui 1st
Claim Number: 05473
Claimant: Lihue
Other claimant:Poopu, 2nd husband, Lehuanui 1st
Other name:
Island: Kauai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Hanapepe
Ili: Kaauwaekahi
Statistics: 5777 characters 1007 words
No. 5473, Lihue, Hanapepe, Kauai, January 19, 1848
N.R. 155v9

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I hereby write to you my claim for lands in the `ili of Kaluapuaa, at Kaauwaekahi I have three lo`i two large ones and one small one. Four of us occupy this pauku of land. I acquired this land from my former husband; on his death I inherited everything of his. I occupied it from the time of Kaumualii until 1842, when I sailed to Oahu, and we returned here to Kauai in 1844. On sailing to Oahu, my new kane left the land /in the care of someone/ However, my land has been transferred to someone else, I do not occupy it now.

It was transferred as follows: We lived together with that man, I treated him as a friend /ho`okane/, until we had a fight there was quarrelling. At that time we two took our things from the two of them, with the lands which had come to me the cordage was returned, the shrimp net and the land which is withheld. In the trial the land was lost because it was believed the land had been given away when I sailed to Oahu. Therefore I have been deprived of the land.

The judge dispossessed me and the land was lost because of the time when I gave it, therefore I appealed to Keliiahonui since he is the Konohiki of Hanapepe. He returned the land to me, and the judge refused again and returned the land to them, fining me for consuming the food of the land Haoleki is the name of the one who has my land.

F.T. 200-202v11supp.
No. 9975 )
No. 5473 ) Poopu Claimant (Lihue in Index)

Kapoanu, sworn, says I know the lands of Claimant. They are as follows:

No. 1 is the same land as is described by the testimony last taken on claim 8254 Claimed by Haoleki.
No. 2 is a pahale in the district of Waioipo in the ili of Kaawaekahi.

The Boundaries of No. 1 are given under Claim Numb ....

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.... do the work, and go to the labor days of the Konohiki, and make the tribute of the land, and on my return here to Kauai in 1845. I cultivated that place and I went to the days of labor.

Postponed to be straightened out with Governor P. Kanoa, as to the reason of his awarding this land to Haoleki in accordance with the testimony of the witnesses to the land Commissioners at Waimea.

He will tell of the reason for his action and the history of the action so it will be understood: if it is like the opinion of the Land Commissioners, then it is proper, if not, then this land should be given again to Poopuu. When the meeting with P.K. is finished, quickly send the decision.

/See Claim No. 8254 in Native Register Vol. 9, p. 386/[Haoleki]

N.T. 74-75v11
No. 9975 and 5473, Poopuu, husband of Lihue

Kapoanu, sworn, he has seen his land.

Section 1 - This is claim no. 8254 Haoleki, boundaries have been given previously.

Section 2 - House lot in Waioipo of Kaauaekahi ili in Hanapepe.
Mauka by Waioipo valley
Makai by Kaaoaoloa house lot
Waimea by Wahineaea's goat corral
Wahiawa by Hanapepe River.

Land from Kupia to Lehuanui, husband of Lihue.

Upon Lehuanui's death Lihue married Poopuu at the time of Kaikioewa and he (Poopuu) received the land at the time of Kaumualii 1.

In 1846 there was a dispute between Poopuu and Haoleki, before this however, the Poopuus had gone to Oahu. He asked Haoleki to take care of his property until his return at which time the house, land and the entire possession named be returned to them. When he returned from Oahu, they lived peacefully until there was discord among them and it has continued to the present time.

[Award 5473; R.P. 7509; Kaauwaikahi Hanapepe Kona; 1 ap.; 1 rood; 9975 not awarded; TMK 1-9-10]