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Claim Number: 00236M
Claimant: Kaolulu
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Lahaina
Statistics: 5535 characters 985 words
Cl. 236M, Kaolulu, No 320 Index
F.T. 332-333v3

Kahula, sworn, knows the place now held by Kuaka-Makini's people & Kauai's wife. The entire place now extends from the mud house & occupied by Miller to the Corner of the Road to Lahainaluna belonged to Kaolulu & was always considered his. I know he held as far back as Kamehameha I. Kaolulu was Claimant's father. I know no right Kuakamauna had to it or Makini. Claimant was head of it; never heard it said that it was not his; he always lived there. Some years ago Kuakamauna, Makini & Keiae built some houses on it, they were high in office & influence. Few natives dared dispute with them.

Kinaoi, sworn, confirms the above particular Kaolulu was a head fisherman. Claimant lived on it & had other houses for his canoes & nets & was always thought head & owner of the land. I lived with him thence Kuakamauna reproved by him for coming to build on it he told him it was his (Kailulu) place & he had no right to build there. Claimant has lived there ever since I can remember. Claimant is the only child of Kaolulu. The lot extended in front from the land lead up to Kipp's, the Carpenter's Shop, to Lahaina luna road. (I am 60 years old Kauola Sworn) I remember Claimant's father lived on the place when I was quite young, it belonged to Claimant's Grandfather bef ....

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.... where is now Makini's. He lived there.

Kanui, sworn, This place in dispute is Kuakamauna's. I built a house for him on the place where the house adjoining Makini's now stands. Kuakamauna has held the place to this time. I know of [sic] Kaolulu living on the land now occupied by Makini's houses. He once lived on the water side of it but after went more back.

Nawakoa, sworn, I know of Kuakamaunas living on the place he now claims from 1839 to now. And of Kaolulu living where Makini now occupies.

Kuahu, sworn, The place I know now claimed by Kuakamauna reaches from Makini's house (now shoemakers) to Palmoa's beer shop. It is Kuakamauna's. I know he first built on before the Kauai War & has held it to this time. I know Kaolulu living where Makini houses stand & that he had a dwelling & canoe house on it.

(No claim appears to have been before made till now & no dates are here given for references - & the whole history seems to have occurred too far back for the interference of the Commission, J.H.P. Lee See Page 82v15)

[No. 236M not awarded; See Award 320 to Kaolulu; R.P. 596 & R.P. 1755; See other awards for Wailuku & Hana; Poluina is the counter claimant, No. 387; No. 5932 (Located in Haanui Waikapu next to 8806:2; N.R. document doesn't mention Maui but N.T. does.)]