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05260 Lapahili Kona & 8 others
Claim Number: 05260
Claimant: Kaikilani
Other claimant:Lapahili Kona & 8 others
Other name:
Island: Kauai
District: Puna
Ahupuaa: Kipu
Ili: Upa, Pihoihoi, Alaiki
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No. 5260, Kaikilani the first, Kipu, Kauai, January 12, 1848
N.R. 138v9

Greetings to the Land Commissioners in Honolulu: We hereby state our claims for land, kula and house site. We are combined, here are our names:

Kaikilani - 4 loi
Lapahilikona - 3 loi
Kaupa - 3 loi
Okee - 3 loi
Paliuli - 2 loi
Anana - 2 loi
Naale - 2 loi
Anaea - 2 loi
Upai - 3 loi.
We are all combined.

F.T. 128v13
No. 5260, Lapahili, Kona

Naale, sworn, says he knows the land of Claimant. it is in Kipu & lies in three pieces as follows.

No. 1 - Consists of about ten lois in the ili of Upa.

No. 2 - House lot in Kipukai in ili of Pihoihoi.

No. 3 - Kula in Kipukai & in the ili of Alaiki & is planted with potato.


No. 1:
Mauka by Kaikilani"s lois
Koolau by Konohiki"s lois
Makai by Kaupa"s lois
Kona by pali of Pukinulaula.

No. 2:
Mauka by kula of Kipu
Koolau by stream called Kawainui
Makai by kula of Kipu
Kona by kula of Kipu.

No. 3:
Mauka by kula of Kipu
Koolau by Pali
Makai by Napopola"s land
Kona by Keopu"s land.

Claimant had his land from Puahiki when Kekauonohi was Kiaaina & has held it ever since ....

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.... father at the time of Kauonohi, no objections.

Naale, sworn, he has seen his land and has heard Lapahilikona"s testimony, it is true.
Anana has deserted his land.

Lapahilikona, sworn, he has seen his land at Kipu, 3 lois in the ili of Peenoni and the house is in Kipukai in the ili of Pokeokeo.

Section 1
Mauka by Paliuli"s land
Koolau by Hulaia river
Makai by Government kula
Kona by Pukuiulaula pali.

Section 2 - Naale"s house lot in Pokeokeo ili.
Mauka by Kipu pasture
Koolau by Kipu pasture
Makai by beach
Kona by Kipu pasture.

Section 3 - Naale"s kula.
Mauka by Popolo"s land
Koolau by Keopa"s land
Makai by Pohihi"s land
Kona by Konohiki"s land.

Land from Puahiki at the time of Kauonohi, no problems to the present time.

Okee, sworn, he was present and had heard Lapahilikona"s testimony, it is true.

2 lois from the Konohiki, 1 loi was from his father, the father died in 1850.

Upai died in 1849, his land has been returned to the Konohiki.

[Award 5260 to Lapahilikona; R.P. 3785; Alaiki Kipu; 1 ap.; 1 Ac 3 roods; Puhoihoi Kipu; 1 ap.; 1 rood 23 rods; Upa Kipu; 1 ap.; 1 Ac 7 rods; see also Awards 3383B, 3384B, and 3385B]