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05215 Inoaole
Claim Number: 05215
Claimant: Hilea
Other claimant:Inoaole
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Hamakualoa
Ahupuaa: Haiku, Kuiaha
Statistics: 3129 characters 523 words
No. 5215, [Hilea], Inoa ole /No name/, /Awarded to Hilea/, January 18, 1848
N.R. 20v5

Haiku 18 taro lo`i, 2 Palile /upland patches/, 2 Kalawa wauke /no information on Kalawa/, a total of 4. 6 taro lo`i, from thence, 8 lo`i, 4 lo`i, 5 mo`o of sweet potatoes - this was from Kuiahaha, afterwards, from Paele. Kaupakulua. Hikiau 12 - there is a spring there. At Kuiaha are 2 sweet potato mo`o. 4 mo`o of sweet potatoes. This land claim is by Hile/a?/. Kopa, Haiku. Hilea farms at Haiku. By Kuiaha and Paele at Kaupakulua. Hikiau is cut into four. Four sweet potato pali. Finished.
INO AOLE /No name/

/Translator's note: the grammar is too rudimentary for me to translate, except literally./

F.T. 93v8
Cl. 5215, Hilea

Paele, sworn, The claimant's land are of four pieces in Haiku and Kuiaha.

No. 1 is a kalo land in the ili of Namanu.
No. 2 is a kalo land in the ili of Kaoapauila
No. 3 is a kalo land in the ili of Maiwaa, Haiku

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.... a's land of 4 sections.

No. 1 in Namanu ili of Kuiaha
No. 2 in Kaoapauila ili
No. 3 in Maiwaa ili of Kaupakulua
No. 4 in Auhuhu ili of Haiku

Nos 1, 2, 3 from parents at the time of Kamehameha I. No. 4 from Kaulanaula in 1837. No one has objected, there are 2 poalimas.

No. 1 - Taro.
Mauka by Mahiai
Koolau by Pali
Makai by Mahiaai
Wailuku by Pali.

No. 2 - Taro.
Mauka and Koolau by Pali
Makai by Mahiai
Wailuku by Pali.

No. 3 - Pali.
Mauka by Luakini
Koolau by Pali
Makai by Luakini
Wailuku by Pali.

No. 4 - Taro.
Mauka by Kanoa
Koolau by Haiku pali
Makai by Kahoopiopio
Wailuku by Haiku pali.

[Award 5215; R.P. 2172; Ahuhu Kuiaha Hamakualoa; 1 ap.; .12 Ac.; Kuiaha Hamakualoa; 1 ap.;.31; No. 5215B not awarded according to numerical index; however listed as awarded in both awardee and location indices and 5115 not listed as awarded in awardee and location index]