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Claim Number: 05206
Claimant: Kaea
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Molokai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Keopuka uuka
Ili: Makahia
Statistics: 3850 characters 590 words
No. 5206, Kaea
N.R. 169v7

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I have an `ili in the Ahupua`a of Keopuka on the Island of Molokai. Its name is Makahia and it is 4 chains long on the straight side and 5 chains long on the crooked side. The kula of this land is something else to explain - its length is 660 fathoms by 55 fathoms in width.

I have consumed this produce of this land for a very long time, since I am a kama'aina /old timer/ on this land. The former konohikis have been Pualinui, Nakukulani, and at this time it is Kaahu.

The witnesses are Kuapa, Waihowale, Pelekane, Kawahinehue, Kaniau, and also some other people.

F.T. 51v6
5106, Kaea

Keopuka paiole, Kaukini, Kekoi[?] & Kaahu wahine[?], witnesses

Kaea claims ili Makahia

Mauka, konohiki Keanou[?]
Makai, konohiki
Malalo, pali.

Mauka, road
Manae, Kaukini
Makai, Kekahuna
Malalo, road.

This land was inherited & parent lives there, time past memory. 1 hakuone.

F.T. 52v6
The konohiki of all these lands in the 2 Keopukas, are acknowledged & admits the just right of the proceeding. Laanui swore befo ....

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.... />He received these in the time of Kamehameha I and has had quiet and undisputed possession.

Poonui, sworn, Confirms foregoing.

Decision: Apana 1 is good.Apana 2 should be 3 acres.

N.T. 174v6 [also page 95]
No. 5206, Kaea

Kaukini and Lii, sworn, in the ili land Makahia 1 in Keopuka 1.

Section 1 - Taro.
Mauka by Konohiki
Manae by stream
Makai by Niau
Malalo by pali.

Section 2 - Pasture.
Mauka by road
Manae by Kaukini
Makai by Kekahuna.

Inherited land from Kaea's parents, 1 poalima is there.

N.T. 19v16
No. 5206, Kaea (See page 45), 31 October 1853

The testimony is on page 51, volume 6 Foreign Testimony.

N.T. 45-46v16
No. 5206, Kaea (from page 19), 4 November 1853

Kauai, sworn, he has seen Kaea's land sections at Makalua [Makahia] of Keopuka 2.

Section 1 - Taro
Mauka by konohiki
Halawa and Makai by kula
Kaluaaha by stream.

Section 2 - Pasture: Bounded by the konohiki's lands.

DECISION: Section 1 is correct. Section 2 - 3 acres.

[Award 5206; R.P. 2961; Makahia Keopuka 2 ; 2 ap.; 3.45 Acs]