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Claim Number: 05162
Claimant: Kamohai
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Hamakualoa
Ahupuaa: Holawa
Ili: Haniapuaa, Halelua, Kahakona, Waikakulu
Statistics: 4164 characters 608 words
No. 5162, Kamohai, Holawa, 17 January 1848
N.R. 243-244v6

I hereby state my claim. When we sailed here from Oahu, and Kapu drank the rum, then Komoiki sold Honokala to Hoapili, and Holawa was acquired by Kamokuiki. Then Kamokuiki said to me, 'You go back to Holawa,' and I agreed, and I was given an `Ili and I went back to Holawa. I returned to Waihee to inform Kaauwai, then I went back to Holawa, and the makuakane, Komoiki, gave /my `ili in/ Holawa. I dwelt in my `ili under the makuakane, Komoiki. Therefore, I am convinced I have a claim. There are some lo`is and a great deal of kula, and a stream. The witnesses are Kapahu, Aukukui, and Kealoha. This is finished.

At Hana is an ancient claim, from my makuas, who dwelt there from the time of Kamehameha I. Kekaalani was the name of the Lord of Makaalae. At the period in which Kamehameha I died, Kepaalani /sic/ died, and my makuakanes had this `Ili of Hekilinui. When Kamehameha II was the ruler, Kamoonohu was the Lord of the land and my makuakane ....

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.... - Taro at Halelua in Halawa, 2 poalimas.
These are the poalima lands.
No. 4 - Pasture at Kahakona in Halawa
No. 5 - Taro at Waikakulu in Halawa
No. 6 - Taro at Kahikiloa in Halawa.

Land given by Kamokuiki in 1834, no objections.

No. 1:
Mauka by Kapahu
Koolau by Keloha
Makai by Poupou
Wailuku by Poohina.

No. 2:
Mauka by Keoho
Koolau by Kaio
Makai by Naoopu
Wailuku by Halawa stream.

No. 3:
Mauka by Kealoha
Koolau by Honokala ahupuaa
Makai by Kuaana
Wailuku by Kaio.

No. 4:
Mauka by Kaio
Koolau by Kuaana
Makai by Kealoha
Wailuku by Manoa.

No. 5:
Mauka and Koolau by Kuaana
Makai by Pali/Sea
Wailuku by Hanaiapuaa ili.

No. 6:
Mauka by Kaawa
Koolau by Pali
Makai by Mua
Wailuku by Halawa pali.

[Award 5162; R.P. 2779; Haniapuaa Holawa Hamakualoa; 1 ap.; .32 Ac.; Halelua Holawa Hamakualoa; 1 ap.; .7 Ac.; Kahakona Holawa Hamakualoa; 1 ap.; .26 acs; Waikakulu Holawa Hamakualoa; 1 ap.; .75 Ac.]