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Claim Number: 00231
Claimant: Robinson, Robert
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Hawaii
District: Hamakua
Ahupuaa: Keahua
Ili: Kahua
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No. 231, Robert Robinson, Claimant, Hawaii, Honolulu, Oahu, September 26, 1846
F.R. 151-156v1

To the Honorable Gentlemen composing the commission for quieting land titles.
Honorable Sirs,

Conformably to a notice issued in the Polynesian respecting lands, I respectfully hasten to comply with such notice and of informing you of such particulars as may be deemed necessary relative to a land now owned by me; situated in the district of Hamakua, Hawaii, and named Kaahua, which said land was formerly owned by his Excellency, Governor John Adams, deceased, and exchanged between us about the middle of July 1839, his Excellency receiving from me in exchange a large sugar plantation enclosed with a good stone wall.

Documents relating to same were handed into the Honorable Board of Commissioners in 1843, and now remain among documents handed into said Honorable Commission. There are people now living on the Islands who are cognizant of the exchange. Permit me further to enclose a measurement of said land, requesting your kind assistance towards, for, and granting me a valid deed of said land.
Signed, Robert Robinson.

Measure of land named Kaahua.
East south running nearly southwest 14,440
East southeast running nearly west north 1,270
West south running nearly southeast 14,490
Northwest running nearly southeast east 1,180

The above is as correct a measurement as can well be obtained. There is however independent of the above about 1 3/4 miles of timber land running in a southwesterly direction.

Foreign Office 13th October 1846
I have the honor to enclose Mr. R. Robinson's letter of the 9th March 1843 to Alexander Simpson, Esquire, with the five documents to which it refers. They all belong to the archives of the late British Commission.

I send them by Mr. Robinson himself, and have the honor to be, &c, &c.
To his Majesty's Commission for quieting land titles.
R.C. Wylie

Letter of R. Robinson complaining of the conduct of the Sandwich Island Government, March 9, 1843, 5 enclosures.

Honolulu, March 9, 1843
Alexander Simpson, Esquire, Sir,
I take the liberty of addressing you as my Consul requesting your kind interference in my behalf with H.R.L.G.S. Paulet, Commander of H.B.M. ship, Carysfort, requesting that you will lay before his Lordship that a certain house leased by me from Joseph Booth for the term of 5 years & after holding the premises for a space of nearly 2 years, wer ....

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.... do not know how far it extends towards the sea. There are some natives living on the land, but I do not know on what terms. Some of them who were on the land went away on claimant taking possession.

Resume page 74 volume 5, Foreign Testimony

F.T. 74v5
No. 231, R. Robinson (from 271 v2 Testimony)

James Fay , sworn deposed, he knows that the late Governor John Adams, Kuakini, gave Robinson the land in Hamakua called Kealua, in exchange for a field of sugar cane in Waimea that is all he knows about it.

Robinson stated that all the witnesses, are dead or have left the Islands, and has no other than what has been heard before the Board at Honolulu.

Note: from enquiries made of natives, I learn that the boundary of this land extends from the sea to the woods and is bounded on the south by Kaloupo ravine and on the north by Keahua 1.

So I opine Mr. Metcalf's survey is the true boundary.

N.T. 233-234v4
[No. 231], Robert Robinson, Hamakua, October 21, 1848
[Number not listed]

J.M. Diamond, sworn and stated, I have seen this persons land, an ahupuaa named Keahua in Hamakua. We have surveyed according to his map and you the commissioners have it. I have distinctively heard when this land was conveyed to this person here. I had gone as far as to Wm. Baekelys lot and there found Kuakini. I asked him, What are you people doing here? to which he replied, We are cultivating, this place has been acquired by me by a sale /exchange/ with Robert Robinson of my ahupuaa land in Hamakua, called Kahua. Therefore this place is forever mine; however, I do not know the month although I believe it was during the last half of the year. At any rate, it has been recorded in our marriage certificate. When I had gone to marry Kuakini, the land had already been acquired by this person here. I believe it was between the year 1838 and 1839 probably. That is what I have known and have heard directly from Kuakini. After that time and later, I had seen the letter saying the land had been conveyed to this person here; still later there was a letter asking Palai not to take the land because it was conveyed permanently to Robert Robinson. I have seen this deed and have kept the bill for it for a long time. I have also seen the name of D. Palihia (?) below. He had written this letter to Pali requesting for himself for land, but Kuakini had denied him saying that this land is for Robert Robinson.

[Award 231; R.P. 154; Keahua 1 Hamakua; 1 ap.; 243 Acs]