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Claim Number: 04884
Claimant: French, William
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Hawaii
District: Kohala, South
Ahupuaa: Kawaihae
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[No. 4884], William French, Honolulu, January 15, 1848
F.R. 5v3

[Listed as 4882-4886]

To the Board of Land Commissioners, I hand you 6 surveys of real estate for which I claim titles: Viz.

4882, No. 1 Warehouse premises, known by the name of French's Honolulu premises, with the Butcher's shop and one half of the wharf known as Charlton's & French's wharf, and Blacksmith's shop.

4883, No. 2 Premises in Honolulu, where I now reside.

4884, No. 3 Warehouse & premises at Kawaihae, Hawaii.

4885, No. 4 Dwelling house and Premises at Waimea, Hawaii.

4886, No. 5 Slaughter house premises, and small enclosure adjoining, with grass houses and cookhouse thereon.

All the above named places have been surveyed by Mr. Metcalf, whose surveys please to find on file with this petition, and notify me when to lay them before you, with the necessary vouchers.
Signed, &c, William French

F.T. 167-168v2
Claim 4882 to 4886, Wm. French, February 2

Samuel Rice, sworn, I know these houses situated at Pahonu in Hawaii, They [are enclosed] with a stone wall which I think is the boundary. I heard Governor Adams say he had given the place to claimant in 1838 on condition of his building a wharf for the boats, and that it should be his. He built the stone house and wharf and has occupied the premises ever since in peace.

John Munn, sworn, I know the place and that the account of Mr. Rice is correct. I have often heard K[uakini?] say the same [blank section of page - illegible] know claimant has [blank section of page - illegible ?has held quiet possession of it?] since he obtained it in 1838 [blank section of page - illegible].

Samuel Rice, I know [blank section of page - illegible] ..huli Waimea for his own [blank section of page - illegible] [I] always understood got the place from [blank section of page - illegible ?Kuakini?] for services as Bullock catcher in 1831 and [blank section of page - illegible] the place and the Governor [blank section of page - illegible] like only do ....

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.... er 1st 1838, Stephen Reynolds, Auctioneer

The enclosed bill of Sale being read to Messrs Henry Skinner & Alexander Simpson, was pronounced by them to be good.
William Hooper

Resumed page 305, volume III.

F.T. 305v3
Cl. 4882, W. French, Protest, Honolulu, 7 October 1850, from page 171 volume 2

To the Honorable Board of Land Commissioners: As the attorney [for?] William French, Esquire, who is the attorney of the late Mr. Greenway and a creditor of Mr. Greenway's to a large amount, I hereby protest against any action or judgement in regard to the property of the waterside premises known as Mr. Chralton's that may defeat Mr. French's intentions as made known to to His British Consul General on 3rd April 1848, as his right as Mr. Greenway's attorney, founded on Mr. Charlton's letter to Mr. Greenway on 11 March 1841 to claim said premises if Mr. Charlton should ever sell them on payment to Mr. Charlton or his assigns of four thousand dollars, five hundred dollars.
George J. Kenway, Attorney for William French

N.T. 493v2
No. 4884, William Franch [French], Honolulu, Feb. 2, 1848

This land is at Kawaihae in Hawaii. It is a storage and there are other houses, too.

Samuel Rice, sworn by the Word of God and stated, "I have seen this place which is at Kawaihae in Hawaii. It has been enclosed by a stone wall and that is its boundary [lines]. Kuakini told me as follows: "French had asked me for land in Kawaihae and I gave him land with the provision that he build a pier for the canoes to land."He received the land in the year 1838 and he did build the pier, also some houses and has lived there to the present time with no objections."

John G. Munu, sworn by the Bible and stated, "My testimony is the same as S. Rice's testimony. Kuakini did say that if French would build a pier, he would give a parcel of land for him, just as Rice has stated here. French has lived well and peacefully; no one has objected to him."

[Award 4884; R.P. 69; Kawaihae S. Kohala; 1 ap.; 1.34 Acs]