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Claim Number: 04878EE
Claimant: Makaiole, wahine
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Puaa, Waianae, Wainee
Statistics: 4071 characters 650 words
Cl. 4878EE, Makaiole, Part 27, See page 167
F.T. 40v7

No person appeared upon the calling of this claim.

F.T. 167-168v7
[Cl. 4878EE], Makaiole, part 28, See page 26, 115 volume 10

Manae Wahine, sworn, I know the lands of the claimant in Puaanui, Lahaina. They consist of 6 pieces: one Pahale, two pieces of kula, 5 moos of kula, separate[d in] two pieces, one piece of 1 moo, and the other 4 moos, and the other two in Waineenui, one piece of 5 lois, and the other piece of one loi and kula.

The claimant received the first six pieces from Kakelihi in 1851 and the two pieces in Waineenui in 1831 and her title has never been disputed up to the present time, except for the 5th piece, which was disputed, and taken away by Kahue in 1848, at the first she had 5 moos in this piece, but in 1838 she gave it to the King, and in 1848 Kalua, the konohiki, took away the 4 remaining.

The first piece in Puaanui of Pahale is bounded:
Mauka by Kooka
Olowalu by Kaakamauna
Makai by Pahine
Kaanapali by Kaeo's land.

The 2nd piece of kula is bounded:
Mauka by Kalaoa's land
Olowalu and Makai by the same
Kaanapali by Kaha's land.

The 3d piece of one moo of kula is bounded:
Mauka by Niiki's lot
O ....

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.... ection 1 - House lot.
Mauka by Kooka land
Olowalu by Kuakamauna
Makai by Friday land
Kaanapali by Kaeo eleele's land.

Section 2 - Dry land.
Mauka, Olowalu, Makai by Kalaoa
Kaanapali by Kaha.

Section 3 - Pasture.
Mauka by Nihiiki
Olowalu by Kalaoa
Makai by Nihiiki
Kaanapali by Kaha.

Section 4 - Pasture.
Mauka and Olowalu by Kaha
Makai by Malihini
Kaanapali by Kaeo and Kaaimalalo's land.

Section 5 - 4 Moo pasture.
Mauka by Kaha
Olowalu by E. Kuahamauna's land
Makai by Government land
Kaanapali by Kaeo's land.

Section 6 - Moo land and pasture.
Mauka by (? can't make out)
Olowalu by Kalaoa
Makai by Puehuehunui pali
Kaanapali by Puehuehunui pali.

Section 7 - Patches at Wainee.
Mauka by Kahili
Olowalu by Kooka land
Makai by Namaka
Kaanapali by Kalaipaaihala.

Section 8 - pasture and 1 patch.
Mauka by Kalaipaihala and Naai
Olowalu by Polanui
Makai and Kaanapali by Naai.

[Award 4878EE; R.P. 2737; Puaa Lahaina; 3 ap.; 5 Acs 1 rood 9 rods; Pukalale Puaa Lahaina; 1 ap.; 1 Ac. 2 roods; Waianae Lahaina; 1 ap.; 25 rods; Wainee Lahaina; 1 ap.; 2 Acs 2 roods 9 rods; See 4878 for Native Register document]