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Claim Number: 00212
Claimant: Vowles, G.B.
Other claimant:Vowles, James, father
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Koula
Statistics: 8527 characters 1424 words
No. 212, James Vowles, claimant, Honolulu, Oahu, September 12, 1846
F.R. 140-142v1

Sir, I beg to hand you enclosed the particulars of a portion of land which I claim, to which I solicit the attention of the Honorable board of Commissioners, in its order of presentation.
To J.H. Smith, Secretary, &c.
Signed, James Vowles

I claim a portion of land situated on the plains, about a mile from the Bethel, on the Waikiki road commencing at point A in the diagram which is the nearest angle to the main road being distant thereupon 67 feet, and running thence as per annexed diagram.

The said land was purchased by my Father in my name & for me in 1835 from John Sweetman, for the sum of 100 dollars. It has been occupied by Foreigners without remonstrance since the year 1825.
George B. Vowles
Honolulu, Oahu, August 21, 1846


No. 2. I claim a portion of lands situated on the plains about 1 mile from the Bethel on the Waikiki road, commencing at point A in the diagram, being the nearest angle to the road, distant therefrom 36 feet and running thence as per annexed diagram.

The said land was purchased by me from Isaac Montgomery in April 1846 for the sum of 500 dollars. It had been occupied by foreigners without remonstrance since 1825.
Signed, James Vowles
Honolulu, Oahu, August 21, 1846

[margin note:] See further documents connected with these claims in 2d Volume Register, page 97, received 11 August 1847. J.H.S. Secretary [no such document located]

[see diagram in 213]

F.T. 97-99v2
Documents connected with claims No. 212 & 213, J. Vowles, Register, Volume 1, page 140

Claim No. 212, Know all persons by these presents that I, John Sweetman, mason, resident at Oahu, have bargained, granted, and sold my dwelling house & premises, with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging and by these presents, for and in consideration of one hundred dollars to me paid by James Vowels, the receipt whereof. I do hereby acknowledge, I do hereby bargain, grant & sell to George Vowles (the son of James Vowels) the aforesaid house, premises &c. To have & to hold the same forever. And I do hereby quit claim all my right & title to the same, and warrant & defend the same against all persons, claiming by or under me, to the said George Vowels, his heirs or assigns.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal at Oahu this 4th day of May 1835.
John Sweetman
Signed sealed & delivered in presence of: Richard Charlton, C. Owen, George Church

Received for Registry November 20, 1846 at 5 o'clock P.M. & recorded in Liber 2, Miscellaneous conveyances, pages 204 & 205 ....

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.... n expressed is indorsed by John R. Jasper
Commission to take Acknowledgements
Honolulu, November 21, 1846

Indorsed by John Ricord, Registrar of Conveyances, dated November 21, 1846 as recorded in Liber 2, Miscellaneous Conveyances pages 208. 209 & 210 & compared.

F.T. 166-167v1
Claims No. 212 & 213, James Vowles, September 1, 1847

[margin note]: Register page 97, copy of deed [volume 2 F.R.]
No. 212. 1st. situated on Waiktititi [sic] Road 1 mile from the Bethel and 67 feet from the road.

John Sweetman testified on oath: he knows the land. He sold it to Mr. Vowles for 100 dollars and gave him a deed. Witness gave claimant all his right & title in that sale. He bought it about 3 years before from Alexander Smith. He knows of no other claim to this land since Mr. Vowles occupied it and of which he has held undisturbed possession. The land is fenced and built upon. Mr. Vowles claims for his son, G.B. Vowles.

No. 213, No. 2. Situated on Waititi Road about 1 mile from the Bethel and 36 feet from the road.

Isaac Montgomery testified on oath, that he knows the place and it lies about 30 yards the town side of the other land. He knows Moody French occupied the premises in 1839 and there was a large adobie house and other buildings with a fence. Witness purchased the premises in 1843 from him for 500$ and has always heard from him that he has had quiet possession from the first. Witness sold the place to Mr. Vowles for 400$ in 1846 and gave him a deed for the premises, which are improved and enclosed in a fence.

John Sweetman, knows of foreigners occupying the place from 1829. James Smith, a mulatto owned them then, who sold them to French. Witness never heard of the right in this land being disputed.

A freehold title less than allodial voted by the Board

N.T. 269v2
No. 212, James Veroles (Vowles) for his son George B. Vowles, Honolulu, September 1, 1847

Pillipi Hoomo Puna, sworn and stated, This property is by the road which leads to Waikiki, one mile probably from the Foreigners' Church and 67 ft. from the makai road. I had bought this in the year 1835 for my son G. B. Vowles for one hundred dollars. The foreigners have lived there since 1625. (There is) one dwelling and a store.

Kuikimana, sworn by the Word of God and stated, I did sell him that property for one hundred dollars. I had received that place in the year 1833. I have not seen anyone else there since I had sold it to him. I have known that he has lived peacefully from the year 1835. It has a mud enclosure. I do not know the boundaries (but) it is there by the foot of Waikiki.

[Award 212; no R.P.; Koula Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .69 Ac.]