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Claim Number: 00169B
Claimant: Koahouka
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Molokai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honoulimaloo
Ili: Kapehu, Makapalapala
Statistics: 4534 characters 674 words
[No. 169B], No. 2358, Koahoouka
N.R. 465-466v3

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I, Koahoouka, on the Island of Molokai, have a small `ili in the Ahupua`a of Honoulimaloo, which is named Kapehu. The lower boundary is Pukaiki, on the south is Kumuohia, on the north is Alamihikawai. This `ili ua poepoe i waena konu /is low in the middle?/. It is a square, 4 chains on each side. There is also a kula, in another `ili, exactly in the middle of the kula of some `ilis just makai. My occupation of this `ili was from /the time of/ Kamehameha nui* until this time. I am a man who has been very long on this land. The first Ali`i was Kaiko, and /then/ Haaheo. At this time it is Keohokalole. The konohikis have been kahalekulu, Kahilinalo, Kekuanui, Kaha, Mauna, and Lima. The witnesses are kauakahi and Puu, and also myself, therefore I have a claim on this land for you, the Commissioners, to consider and confirm. It is finished. Farewell to you all.
Honoulimaloo, Molokai

/* Kamehameha nui died approxiately 1765/

F.T. 47v6
No. 169B, Koahouka
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.... t and undisputed possession.

Kowilikopaa, sworn, His claim is valid; it is the same as my knowledge of it. I am the Deputy Konohiki.

N.T. 187v6
No. 169B, Koahouka

Mahoe lima, sworn, ili land of Kalanala in Honoulimalo.

Mauka by Niiauhoe
Manae by Makai by pali
Malalo by stream.

Kanakahi lived there at the time of Kamehameha I, no one objected, 1 poalima is there.

N.T. 188v6 [also page 109]
[No. 170B], Kaohoouka

Makapalapala ili land in Honoulimaloo.

Section 1 - Taro
Mauka by Kaaikaula
Manae by Stream
Makai by Kouilikopaa
Malalo by Pali

Section 2 - Pasture
Mauka by Kahopukahi
Manae by Pali
Makai by Kouilikopaa
Malalo by Stream

Section 3 - Taro
Mauka by Lima
Manae by Stream
Makai by Malalo by Pali

This was since Kamehameha I, to the present time. 1 poalima is there.

[Award 169B; R.P. 4252; Kapehu Honoulimaloo; 1 ap.; 1.5 Acs; Makapalapala Honoulimaloo; 1 ap.; .403 Ac.]