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Claim Number: 03730
Claimant: Ilae
Other claimant:fish pond disputed
Other name:
Island: Molokai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Pukoo
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No. 3730, Ilae
N.R. 36-37v7

To the Land Commissioners: I hereby state my claim for my two lots in the Ahupua`a of Pukoo by next to Mapulehu. I myself worked on them and leased a portion. Also, I have built myself a permanent house.

I also have a pond received from Kekauluohi. These claims which I have stated are at Pukoo by Molokai.

F.T. 10-11v6
3730, Ilae

Keauwai, sworn, knows not, but has heard from Kekauluohi in an assembly at Lahaina consulting about the governorship of Maui in the room of Hoapili deceased. Witness heard Kekauluohi say she had given two Pikoos to Ilae from the King because of Ilae's living pilikia on Molokai, without any permanent place of residence. She gave this for the sustenance of his wife & family for their benefit. Present in this assembly, Kanaina, Kepane & others.

A counter claim was sent in to Land Commisson for the fish pond of Pukoo during the time land claims were collected. This counter claim was sent in by C.B. Andrews by direction of William Richards, Minister of Public Instruction. This fish pond was affirmed to have been built by all of the people of Molokai & is the fruit of their joint labor & toil in former days, when they were drafted & commanded by lunas & chiefs, from every point of Molokai & brought to that work & they further affirm that this pond, not having been built by the private labor of any one chief, with is poalima, but as before said, by all the people of Molokai - it ought not, by right & justice, to be monopolized by any one chief as his or her favorite - much less, that the fruit of their toil & sweat should belong to one who had oppressed the people in his living as luna auhau on Molokai, as Ilae has oppressed them & enriched himself from the office he held over them. There is a large remainder of property on Molokai, [illegible] consisting of taro patches & fish ponds dug & built with immense labor by all the people united, which now is decided to belong to the paahao (school property) for years. Ever since Ilae claimed & [?] said pond, the proceeds of such lands & ponds lease given to the paahao. It was the opinion of William Richards & also of the present Minister of Public Instruction that this fish pond of Piikoa & its proceeds rightfully & in justice, belongs to said paahao & school property. This statement entered & subscribed by C.B. Andrews.

Lokomaikai, sworn, that he helped to build the wall of fish pond of Pukoo under Naea, luna Aauhau [sic], about the year 1829.

All the people were called to this work from Kamaloo to Halawa.

Kawelo of Ualapue, sworn, He helped build said fish pond wall at the command of Naea. Women & children also went & worked in the sea gathering liine [sic] for this wall.

Koluna, sworn, lived at Kamaloo in days of Naea & with all people from Kamalo to to Halawa was commanded & went & built fish pond wall in sea of Pukoo.

This testimony confirmed by multitudes listening, who said they were fellow workers in pond.

F.T. 88v6 also page 19
No. 3730, Ilae

Z. Kaauwai, hoohikiia, Ua lohe au ua haawi mai o Kekauluohi i ka aina o Pukoo no Ilae no kona hemahema. I ka M.H.1840 kona noho ana malaila. Mai ka Moi mai, no kona hana ana i ka hana o ke Aupuni ma ka oihana Lunaauhau o I. Kapena kekahi mea i ike laua me Kanaina no keia haawi ana.

Enoka Kuakamauna, hoohikiia, Ua like pu ko maua lohe me ko Z. Kaauwai.

Apana 1. pa hale
Mauka, kula
ma Pukoo I, o Kaeo
Makai, alanui
ma Mapulehu, Kalaeone.

Apana 2.
Mauka, alanui
ma Pukoo I, loko
Makai, kai
ma Mapulehu, Kalaeone.

He pa hale no keia ma. Ua paa i ka paia keia mau pa elua, o kona waiponoi no kai hoolimalima i keia mau pa hale.

Mauku, hoohikiia, Ua oiaio keia mau pa [illegible] o kona waiwai no kai hoolimalima ia. Ua noho ia me ke keakea oleia.

Lokomaikai, hoohikiia, Ua ike au ua hanaia ka loko ma Pukoo e na kanaka mai o a o, mai Kamelo a Halawa. Ua olelo na kanaka a pau loa na ke Aupuni i hana i ka 1829.

Kawelo a me Kahena, hoohikiia, Ua like pu ko makou ike me ko Lokomaikai.

F.T. 46-52v16
No. 3730, Ilae, November 4, 1853

kue Aupuni

Naimihale, hoohikiia (no Ilae). Ua ike au i kona pa ma Piihoo III, ua hana au i ka papohaku ona, mauka o ke alanui Aupuni oia paha ka M.H.1849, o ke kumu o ko`u hana ana i keia pa. he moekolohe a hoopaiia e Makapo ka Luna kanawai, aole au i ike i ka hoolimalima ana o Makapo ia'u i lilo ia Ilae, aka; o kuu hana ana wale ua like paha ia ka 15 anana ka loa [illegible] ke kiekie 4½ Kapuai, 2 Kapuai ka laula olalo, 1 Kapuai ka laula iluna, 1 a`u aoao i pa ai.

Uu, hoohikiia no Ilae. I ka M.H.1847 paha, ua hoolimalima ia makou o Ilae i ka lio e kana makou i ka papohaku, ua hana au i keia pa he 10, anana ma ka aoao i pili ana i ke alanui Aupuni, ua hana au i kau mau anana pa mamua aku i ka Naimihale hana ana.

Kukamana, hoohikiia, Ua hoolimalimaia wau e Ilae e hana i kona papohaku, a ua hana no au, a ua uku mai o Ilae ia'u i ka lio e ai. aole maopopo ka nui o ka anana a'u i hana`i, aole maopopo ka nui o ka la a'u i hana'i.

Kenui, hoohikiia (Wahine) Ua hana au i keia pa no ko Ilae hoolimalima ana ia`u me ka io lio, a he umi anana a'u i hana'i i ka wa e noho Lunaauhau ana o Kaluna, ua hana mua o Naimihale i kana wahi, a mahope au.

Ohule, hoohikiia, Ua hana au i keia pa, no ko Ilae hoolimalima ana ia`u me ka io lio, a he umi anana a'u i hana`i i ka wa e noho lunaauhau ana o Kaluna, ua hana au mamua a mahope o Naimihale, aole e hiki mai o Dwight ia wa i Molokai nei.

A ua nui na hoike i koe no ka hoolimalima a hana i ka pa.

Kawaiku, hoohikiia, Ua hoolimalima ia au e Ilae e hana i ka papohaku i ka wa e noho lunaauhau ana o Kaluna, a ua ukuia nui mai au m aka ai ana i ka puaa, aole maopopo ka nui o kau mau anana i paa, no ko makou pualu ana, a he umi makou ka poe o hoolimalima ia pola mamua ka makou hana ana, mahope o ka poe ai lio, a mahope loa o Naimihale manae o ka paka a hiki i ke hiki malalo nei ka ma kou hana ana.

Ua ike au i ko Ilae make ana maloko o keia pa mai keia Pukeo a hiki i kona Pukoo ponoi, he uala, he ipu a me ka ipu pu, he akaakai a i ko makou hana ana i ua pa'la, he mau mea kanu ou ke waiho ana, a e ulu ana, oia ka wa e noho limaauhau ana o Ilae a mahope iho.

Kuanui, hoohikiia, Ua hana au i keia pa malalo o Ilae aole hoolimalimaia, ma ke ano kanaka nona ka`u hana, ua huipu makou he 15 ka poe aialo, a ua hana no makou i ka wa e noho lunaauhau ana o Ilae, aole maopopo ka wa, a ua anaki makou i keia pa, mai keia aina a kela aina malalo o Ilae. a he pa kahiko no mamua na Kekio, i ka wa ona e noho lunaauhau ana, a o kahi mai i koe nana no i hoolimalima me na kanaka, a ua mau no ke kanu ana a hiki i ka wa i lilo ai ka aina i ke Aupuni pau ke kanu ana.

Mauku, hoohikiia, He aialo au ua hana au i keia pa malalo o Ilae, ua kanu [illegible] a`u, maloko o keia pa i na mea kanu, a he pa kahiko kekahi na Kekio, a hooholoholoia a kupaiia o Ilae i $20.00 Dala a lilo loa la, a o kahi i koe, ua hoolimalima o Ilae ia'u e hana 8 anana paha e uku no ke kino o Kehonuwale & Piipii oia $1.00 a na Ilae i uku ia dola, a ua mau no ke kanu ana maloko o keia pa a hiki i ka lilo ana o ka aina i ke Aupuni.

Ua ike au i keia wahi malalo o ke alanui Aupuni, he mau dala eono na Ilae iloko o ko'u lima, a haawi ia Punahele ka wahine a Ilae, a nana no e hoolimalima me Makapo i na la paahao, a e ili i ka auwai i pa no ia wahi, a ua ike au i ko Ilae hana ana i mau hale mu ....

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.... use a trench was dug like a wall and the boundaries are similar to those of the witnesses report found in the book by Z. Kaauwai, S.M. Lamakau and C.B. Andrews.

Kuanoni, sworn, I have worked and planted on this place under Ilae until the government took the land in 1850 or 1851 probably. The houses had fallen apart after the small pox epidemic.

Kanikahae, sworn, I worked on this place for Ilae on prison labor days digging a ditch for an enclosure when Kaluna was the tax assessor. Taro was also planted on this taro land for Ilae. Work began here before the small pox epidemic.

Mainahu, sworn, after he (Kaluna) was released as tax assessor, we were hired on a 1/8 basis with the tax assessor. We dug the well from the corner of the prison loi to this place here. Digging was done previously, houses were built after the small pox and cultivation was done on all the land and later his (tax assessor's) cattle arrived. The house was still intact before the small pox disease.

Paioa, sworn, I have known in the same way as the other witnesses. There are still many other witnessess - This is a pond (Loko)?

Kauhiwahine, sworn, I was born during the battle called "Kepuwahaulaula", at the time of Kamehameha I, and Kaonaawa was the konohiki of Pukoo 2. This loko here was for him and upon his death, the land and loko were passed on the Laa my grandfather. Kauhane, my father received it after Laa was released, Keawealoli received it after Kauhane, from him to Alapai and he gave it to his foreigner. The foreigner gave it to another foreigner, Koki and Kanehoa, a kanaka was placed there during the time of Kamehameha II? At the time of Kamehameha I, Pukoo 3 was passed on the Keino, this was also true of the pond and after him Haalou 2 had the land and pond. Kanaau was the overseer from the upland to the sea, together with the pond. In 1829, I went to Kahikinui.

Hainoa Maliu, sworn, I was born during the battle of Laupahoehomua at the time of Kamehameha I, in Mapulehu by Molokai and I had seen this loko at the time Kanaau had it. Kamehameha I was the chief and this pond was in Pukoo 2. Later Naea had possession of Pukoo 2 and the pond. It was broken and during Naea's time all the kanaka's of Molokai repaired it. The time and the length of time it took to do this work is not known but I understand this loko belongs to Ilae's Pukoo.

Kenui, sworn, when Liholiho went to England in 1823, Naea had possession of the two Pukoo's and this loko. The loko's needed to be rebuilt at this time because only the foundation and rocks were intact, so immediately the kanakas of Molokai were forced by Naea to rebuild this loko. Kanaau was the kanaka of Pukoo 2 because it had been his loko. It became the possession of Kipa upon the death of Naea and after Kipa married Kalohi, she gave it to me. She then gave it to Kupa after I was released. Later these two lands were possessed by Ilae and now the government has it.

Nawahineaipumaia, sworn, I have known just as it is related in the above statements.

Opuia, sworn, the kanaka's of Molokai were forced to work on this loko and everything is in the konohiki's possession. I have known in the same way as related above.

Kaeo, sworn, I had seen this place during the time of Kipa, the loko is for Pukoo 2 and I do know this land is for Naea. I had gone to Maui and upon my return the lokowas built. I have known in the same way as above.

Kalahohine, sworn, I have known in the same way as Kauhiwahine. This loko is for Pukoo 2.

D. Lokomaikai, sworn (for government), I have seen this loko which the kanakas from Kamalo to Halawa, with orders from Naea, built it in 1825 or 1826, also the loko of Kapeke and Kaluaaha. When Naea died, this land and loko were passed on to Kalohi. I understand that this loko is for Pukoo 2 according to the land distribution, it is not for Pukoo 3 and 1.

S. Makapo, sworn, I had imposed a penalty of $30.00 on Naimihale for adultery and Ilae arranged with me to have him (Naimihale) as hired help to build his enclosure and six fathoms were realized. Ilae's house which was makai, fell apart in 1849. Planting was done here in 1843 and Ilae left for Halawa to teach school and returned in 1849.

Waha, sworn, I am a native of Pukoo and I was born at the time of Kamehameha I. This had been the fishing ground for the konohiki of Pukoo 3, whose name was Kalina and my parents were the fishermen. Upon the death it went to Kaleo, the konohiki of Kamehameha I, from Kaleo to Keliiaa, the pond of Pukoo 3 Keliiaa to Haalou of Pukoo 3 and Kikio was the kanaka. Kanaau was the konohiki and under Naea all of the kanakas from Kamalo to Halawa were forced to work on the loko. Kipa had the loko and upon his release Ilae acquired it. I had seen him (Ilae) cultivated makai of the road, but when it had started and ended is not known.

POSTPONED until government witnesses are available.

Kakii, 7 November 1853
I have seen this pond over which there is a dispute between the government and Ilae. I was born at the time Kahekili was the chief of Maui, (he was the cloud image) at Pelekuniu of Koolau. Kino had Pukoo 3, he was the konohiki and he was the kanaka of the loko and I had seen Kamehameha I, at the time (i kapili ai na wa i kapaia ka Peleleu")? When I returned to Molokai here, Puali was the konohiki and Kaha was the kanaka, they had the loko Keawekuaaka and Pukoo 3. Keaweololi had Pukoo 2. Puali dies and Kaha his kanaka is released. Keawekuaaka dies and his kanaka is released, them Kimo gets Pukoo 3 and the loko and Keaweololi was the konohiki of Pukoo 2. Kapukui gets Pukoo 3 also the pond after Kimo, he goes away and Kahanua gets the land and Loko. Kahanua leaves and Ahu received all, after him, Keliaa received the land and pond. Keliaa was released at the time of Kamehameha I and I went to Oahu, therefore did not know the konohikis after that time. I did see Naea work on the enclosure with the kannkns here of Molokai from Kamalo to Halwa and during this time the corpse of Lunalilo ma were brought back from Britain. Naea was konohiki of 2 and 3 and the pond and Kaimalolo was konohiki for Pukoo 1.

Ohule, sworn, after the completion of the fort in Lahaina in 1833, Pukoo 2 and 3 were in the care of Kipa and Kahakauila had custody of Pukoo 3 and the pond under Kalohi. Kupa (cooper?) (black foreigner) had Wahilani of Pukoo 2. Kahakauila died in 1835 probably and Pukoo 3 and the loko (court)? I did not hear about Pukoo 3's pond, but I did hear Kahakauila had lived on the loko. I know Kanaau had Pukoo 2 and the loko also when Kahakauila was living there.

Kuhikee, sworn, I was born at Puukoae at the time Kamehameha I's ship had been broken apart and it was repaired in the ocean by Waipa. Kapakui, konohiki of Pukoo 3 the loko. Kapakui, released and Ahu gets the loko also, during the time of Kamehameha 2 and 1, Kehaa gets the loko at the time of Kamehameha 2. After Keliaa, Mailou gets his turn under C. Kanaina. Naea gets Pukoo 2 and 3 after Mailou, Kekio gets this after Naea died and after Kekio is released, Ilae gets this land and the loko. I have seen Nanaau in Pukoo 2 and I did see him as the watchman of the loko.

J. Manuwai, sworn, I did know Kimo, a foreigner at the time of Kamehameha I. He has come and met Koki, together we had come, it was vacant and without a stone wall. The sea is for Pukoo 3.

Kaiheauau, sworn, I have known Ahu, Kamehameha I was dead and this sea was for Pukoo 3. There was no stone wall at that time and when Ahu was released, Keliaa had this land from Poki. Haalou received it after him. The Kipa's had two Pukoo's and Kanaau had Pukoo 2.

[No. 3730; no R.P.; Pukoo 2 Kona; 4 ap.; 7.40 Acs]