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Claim Number: 03702*M
Claimant: Malo, Davida
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Waikapu, Lahaina, Ukumehame, Makapipi 1 & 2, Honoluluiki, Honolulu iki, Honokua, Honokowai, Puako
Ili: Ohiaiki, Moomuku, Alamihi, Palailaiha
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No. 3702*M, Davida Malo, Lahaina, January 30, 1848
N.R. 116-117v6

To the Land Commissioners: I hereby present my lands from the `li`is, for your consideration as to their validity. My lands are: Kaamola on Molokai which I received from Keopuolani in 1820. Three lands at Keauhou which I received from Hoapilikane in 1824. An `Ili in Waikapu, Maui, which I received from Kekauluohi in 1826. An `Ili in Ukumehame which I received from Hoapili kane in 1837. An `Ili in Honokowai and a half of Honokowai which I received from Kuakini in 1844. Three ahupua`a in Koolau, Maui, which I received in 1843 from Kekauluohi. The ahupua`as of Keauhou and Honokua in Kona, Hawaii, which I received from Kekauluohi in 1845.

Here are the names of the ahupua`as:
1 Kaamola on Molokai, under the Mo`i.
2 Makapipi, at Koolau, Maui
1 Honoluluiki, under Kanaina
1 Keauhou, in Kona on Hawaii
1 Honokua, under Kekuanaoa
1/2 Honokowai

Here are the `Ilis:
Pohonuiohai in Keeau in Puna
Ohia iki at Ukumehame on Maui, under Kanaina
Moomuku in Honokowai on Maui
Paleloha in Waikapu
Alamihi at Lahaina, from Hoapili in 1835

This is under Kekuanaoa: Kumuniu, Puloa, Kamuku - three `Ili at Keauhou under Kekuanaoa.

These are the lands which were dispossessed by Kekuanaoa without asking me and without any trial for dispossession: Keauhou, Honokua Kahikapa, Honokowai. These are the lands which were dispossessed without my hearing of the reason. I also petition for my house lot at Ukumehame.
I am, respectfully,

F.T. 225-226v7
Cl. 3702, David Malo

Keawai, sworn, I know the land of Malo, in Ukumehame. It is the ili of Ohiaiki and the paahao of Keahenui. There is but one fixed native on these lands. His name is Kuaili. There are two others there, but they have no rights ....

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Section 4
He has seen the ili of Pohonuiohei in Keeau of Puna on Hawaii. It is for David Malo. It was from Hoapilikane in 1825. There have been 13 men (laborers) there previously, probably they all have died. No objections.

Section 5
He has seen this ili Palailaiha in Waikapu, Maui which belongs to David Malo. Kekauluohi had given him in 1826. 2 Men are there and there is a Poalima. No objections.

Section 6
He has seen the ili of Moomuku in Honokowai, Maui which Malo received from J.A. Kuakini in 1840, and there are 8 poalimas there. 5 men have been released because of their large families, only 2 men remain on their interests. 1/2 of Honokowai has been returned to the king. No one has objected to David Malo since 1840, to 1846, then Kekuanaoa objected to him at that time.

Section 7
He has seen both Makapipi (lands) and Honoluluiki I, in east Maui. There are for David Malo. This interest was from Kekauluohi in 1843, where there are 30 men and 7 Poalimas, no objections.

Section 8
He has seen the Alamihi Ahupuaa in Lahaina and it is for David Malo. Mrs. Hoapili had given it to him in 1835. The house lot and garden are Malo's interest while the Poalima is for the King. There is one qualified man and 2 hired help there, they do not do Poalima work.

[Award 3702; R.P. 1839; (Maui) Section 6, Honokowai; Section 7, Makapipi & Honoluluiki I Koolau; Section 8, R.P. 5691; Alamihi Lahaina; 3 ap.; 11 Acs 3 roods 1 rod; R.P. 1839; Moalii Lahaina; 3 ap.; 2.34 Acs (Ap.2); R.P. 6338 Keekenui Ohiaiki Ukumehame Lahaina; 1 ap.; 31 Acs 2 roods 20 rods (31.525 acres) this is how it is listed in index; actual royal patent shows R.P. 6338, Ohiaiki Ukumehame Lahaina; 3 ap.; 32.29 acs; Land Patent 8360; Puako Lahaina; 1 ap.; 2 Acres; (Molokai) none under this number; (Hawaii) none under this number]