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Claim Number: 03542*M
Claimant: Kalua
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina, Hamakualoa
Ahupuaa: Lahaina, Puako, Honopou, Waineeiki
Ili: Puehuehunui
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No. 3542*M, Kalua, January 13, 1848
N.R. 108v6

Hear ye, ye Land Commissioners: Here is my claim for lo`is and a dry kula. My 18 lo`i were received from Kaahehuna. This is the 8th year I have had them. One land was from the Mo`i, in the division of lands. However, perhaps it is not absolutely clear, a paper was not received from the Mo`i - it was only divided by the Minister. This /claim/ is because of the encouragement by the Elele. There is also a house lot at Lahaina, which was from the Mo`i.

F.T. 134-135v7
No. 3542, Kalua, June 9, 1849

The claimant presented his papers showing his title to the Ahupuaa of "Kehena" in Puna Hawaii, He received it from the King at the recent division of Lands (See Book in Mr. Young's office).

Umu, sworn, the claimant's land in "Puehuehunui" Lahaina 18 lois and one kula in one piece.The claimant received these lands from the konohiki, Kekahuna in 1841 and he has held them without dispute up to the present time.

It is bounded:
Mauka by the King's poalima
Olowalu by Makaiole's land
Makai by Oo's land
Kaanapali by my land.

Kauhapa, sworn, I know the land of the claimant was a kula land in the Ahupuaa of "Honopou," Hamakualoa, Maui. It is one piece.The claimant received this land from Kekauonohi in 1846 and has held the same without dispute up to the present day.


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.... 18 patches and a pasture together at Puehuehu, the boundaries of which are:

Mauka by Friday
Olowalu by Makaiole
Makai by Oo
Kaanapali by (Umi's land).

Land from Kahehuna. The King has it at the present time, no objections.

3) Kauhapa, sworn, He has seen his pasture interest in the Honopou ahupuaa in Hamakualoa, the sections are:
Mauka is konohiki. 3 sections are for the government land and Holowa is at Honomanu.

No one has objected. This interest was received in 1846.

4) Kaleleiki, sworn, He has seen his (Kalua) house lot at Puako in Lahaina here. Kalua had continuously lived there in 1843. On February 8, 1848, Kekauonohi gave the makai half portion of this lot to Kalua and his heirs forever.

The boundaries are:
Mauka by Kekauonohi's 1/2 land
Olowalu by Davida's land
Makai by Government road
Kaanapali by Kaleleiki's land.

Witnesses:Keleleiki, Kuakamauna, Momona, Kaeo.

5) Kaleleiki, sworn, - He has seen Kalua's house lot at Waineeiki.

The boundaries are:
Mauka by Kaeo's eleele land
Olowalu by Lot Kamehameha's land
Makai by Government road
Kaanapali by Davida's cane moo.

Land from the King in 1844, Kalua subjected to the King. King may take this section 4, no one will object.

[Award 3542; (Maui) R.P. 1850; Puako Lahaina; 1 ap.; 1 Ac. 26 rods; Puehuehunui Lahaina; 1 ap.; 3 roods 15 rods]