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Claim Number: 03459
Claimant: Keawe
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Maui
District: Wailuku
Ahupuaa: Waiehu, Ahikuli
Ili: Ohia, Honuhonu, Ukihi, Lualailua, Honohono
Statistics: 4179 characters 573 words
No. 3459, Keawe
N.R. 83v6

I hereby state my claim in Ohia, 9 lo`i and a kula and the watercourse. Ohia is Waiehu. 19 lo`i, kula, 1 kukui, in Honuhonu some hala clumps. In Ukihi, a hala clump. I am Keawe, who has these claims.
Farewell to the Land Commissioners.
Ohia in Waiehu, 10 January 1848

F.T. 516v7
Cl. 3459, Keawe

Kaouao, sworn, The Claimant"s land consists of one piece, so far as I know, which is a kula land in the ili of Ohia iki, Akikuli, Maui. The Claimant received it from me before 1840, and his title has never been disputed.

It is bounded:
Mauka by Kamahele's land
Waihee by the Creek of Ahikuli
Makai by my land
Maalaea by the Pali of Ahikuli.

Nuuanu, sworn, The Claimant has three pieces in Waiehu, Maui.

No. 1 is a section of lois in Ohia.
No. 2 is one loi is Lualailua.
No. 3 is 2 lois is Honuhonu.

The Claimant received these lands from Laula[?] in 1838 and his title has never been disputed. There is one p ....

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.... m Kaoao before 1840, no objection.

[It is bounded]:
Mauka by Kamanele
Waihee by Ahikuli/stream
Makai by Kaoao
Maalaea by Ahikuli/pali.

Nuhiwa, sworn, He has seen 3 sections in the ilis of Waihee. Sections 3 and 4 from Kekaula in 1838. 1 Poalima in Ohia, no objection.

Section 2 - Taro pauku in Ohia.
Mauka by Paikalehoula
Waihee by Polea konohiki
Makai by Kaniolo
Maalaea by Stream.

Section 3 - 1 Taro patch in Lualailua.
Mauka and Waihee by Kapohuli
Makai by Paikalehoula
Maalaea by Stream.

Section 4 - 2 Taro patches in Honuhonu.
Mauka by Z. Nakookoo's land
Waihee by Popoki
Makai by Wawae
Maalaea by Z. Nakookoo's land.

[[Award 3459; R.P. 6753;  (4 apana, 2.43 Acres) Ohiaiki Waiehu Wailuku; 1 ap.; .55 Ac.; Ohianui Waiehu Wailuku; 1 ap.; 1.72 Ac.; Lualailua Waiehu Wailuku, 1 ap.; .06 Ac.; Honohono Waiehu Wailuku, 1 ap.; .1 Ac (includes .45 Ac.); R.P. 6755; Lualailua Waeihu Wailuku; 1 ap.; .38 Ac.; Ukiki Wailuku; 1 ap.; .61 Ac.]