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Claim Number: 03175
Claimant: Kekino
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Aiwaiolimu
Statistics: 6883 characters 1167 words
No. 3175, Kekino, Honolulu, December 15, 1848
N.R. 105-107v4

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I hereby state my claims for land at Auwaiolimu in Honolulu. First: a land which adjoins my house site; the land and the house lot are what I speak of here. The land is in two parcels which I got in the time of Kaahumanu II, and which I have held in peace, with no objections. They have been surveyed and the diagram of these places follow:


1. watercourse
2. land of Laaumalo
3. lo'i of Kalaeokekoi
4. yard of Paaluhi
5. land of Paeimuai
6. land fence
7. kula

Diagram of a parcel of the land, combined with the house lot. The survey begins at the south corner adjoining the kula and also the house lot of Paeimuai, the first side running
North 68°, West 2 chains 23 feet along the fence of Paeimuai to the land fence, then turning and running along the side of the land /fence/
North 16°, East 46 1/12 feet to the land of Paeimuai, then turning and running along that land
North 71°, West 55 5/12 feet, turning
North 8° 30' East 9 3/12 feet to the land of Paaluhi, then turning
North 52°, West 43 4/12 feet to the lo'i of Kalaeokekoi, then turning
North 31°, East 1 chain to the land Laaumalo, turning
South 54°, East 1 chain 13 6/12 feet to the watercourse, turning
North 28°, East 46 10/12 feet to the fence of Laaumalo, turning
South 60°, East 2 chains 26 5/12 feet to the kula, then turning
South 31° 30' West 1 chain 21 feet, turning
South 55° 30' East 5 3/12 feet, turning again to place of beginning
South 10° 30' West 55 5/12 feet

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Section 4: 5 taro patches, 1 pasture at Kahehuna.

Section 1:
Mauka, Laaumalo
Waikiki, government road
Makai, Paeimuai
Ewa, ditch.

Section 2:
Mauka, Laaumalo
Waikiki, a ditch
Makai, Paaluhi
Ewa, Pauoa stream.

Section 3:
Mauka, Pauakahi
Waikiki, government small path
Makai, Laaumalo
Ewa, land lot.

Section 4:
Mauka, Paeimuai
Waikiki, a lot
Makai, Keahi and the Friday patch
Ewa, George Bush.

Sections 1-3 are from Kaihekapu given at the time of Kaomi in the year 1835 and he has lived there to the present time. No one has objected. Section 4 was received in 1837 and he has had it to the present time. No one has objected to the 5 patches, but Keo has protested about the pasture.

Kukeahia, sworn, I have seen the sections of land belonging to Kekino at Auwaiolimu and Kahehuna in Honolulu district. Our testimonies for these lands are the same, no one has objected, excepting section 4 at Kahehuna which was objected by Keo. I believe Keo has no rights there because he lived there recently and has built houses.

Kekino's father-in-law lived there first during the time of Kalolo and while he was yet alive, Kekino went to live there under him and has continued to do so to the present time.
Kekino's father-in-law, having lived there under Kekino, prompts me to feel that the pasture whereon Kaeo's houses are standing is for Kekino.

See Kaeo's claim, pg. 13, Vol. 3.
Postponed to a later date.

[Award 3175; R.P. 1671; Auwaiolimu Honolulu Kona; 2 ap.; 2.7 Acs Kahehuna Honolulu Kona; 3 ap.; 1.07 Acs]