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Claim Number: 00113
Claimant: Paki, Abner
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: King St.
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No. 113, Paki, claimant
F.R. 111v1

No. 113 to 126 inclusive, A document containing 14 claims copied in Native Register, page 108

N.R. 108v1
No. 113, A. Paki, See Sketch l, Lot named Egypt

This lot was formerly unused, and I fenced it with a wooden fence and it has continued from that time till now. Within this lot was a smaller lot for my kahu, Likalani, but he conveyed it absolutely to me and sailed for Kahiki, leaving it for me.

N.T. 167v1
No. 113, A. Paki, Nos 113-126, Honolulu, October 20, 1846

Governor M. Kekuanaoa's sworn testimony:
I have heard that place is for Konia, all of it, from there to the land belonging to Kalanikahua to the lot of the church I have known there are three persons with interests: Pauahi, Kanuna, Konia, and had Kaoleiohu lived, perhaps Pauahi would have been the heir. It is known the property is for Konia.

Diagram 1 - Kauanui's sworn testimony: [no diagram in this text]

I am an attendant for Paki and I am living at Egypt. At the time (I) was living at B [left blank] , it was land which had been given by the chief Umikalani. He had received it previously and had built a house for Paki. A fence was built also. There are no other interests here, only Paki.

John Ii's sworn testimony:

I have known Paki's interest in Egypt; however, I do not know the reason for his residence there, but I have known of his continuous residence there which no one has objected.

Maybe the property was enclosed with a fence in the year 1827 or 1828.

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.... inukawa protest, July 3, 1850

Kauanui, sworn, I have seen this lot over which there is a dispute between Paki and Kahlnukawa. In the year 1829, Mihala had gone with Poki to a foreign country and he had bequested this house lot to A. Paki and Paki has always lived there to this day. This was the first time I had seen /this place /.

I have seen Kahinukawa living there, but there had been no bequest, the reason she was living there was an uncle. I believe she had lived peacefully under Paki. The boundaries are:

Mauka, Brewer's house lot
Waikiki, A. Paki's house lot
Makai, Naaoa's lot
Ewa, Puhipaka's lot.

Puhipaka's house lot has been included in this lot and Puhipaka lives under Paki; therefore, the boundary at this time, on the Ewa side, is this land over which there is a dispute with Kahinukawa. Hana Holmes' house lot and Naaoa's house lot have been acquired by Paki by a sale between him and Opunui for $10.00. Now this claim is for Paki permanently, in addition to Mihalani's lot. All of this extends the boundary to Chapel street on the makai side.

Kealo, sworn, I do not know about the argument between Paki and Kahinukawa. I do know about Opunui's house sale with Paki after the roads were broken the year 1839 or 1838 probably, but I do not know about the sale of Naaoa's section. I have hearsay from Opunui there had been a sale with Paki for Naaoa's place for $10 00 and that Paki has that place permanently.

See pg. 632, Vol. 3 N.T.

[Award 113; R.P. 299; King St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 2.11 Acs]