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Claim Number: 00109
Claimant: Manuel, Antonio
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Puiwa
Statistics: 6587 characters 1115 words
No. [109], No. 107, 108, 109, Antonio Manuel, claimant, Honolulu, July 7, 1841
F.R. 104-107v1

To the Board of Commissioners for quieting land titles.
Gentlemen: I desire to lay before your honorable Board my claims for land on this Island which are as follows:

107. No. 1. A piece of Land in Honolulu given to me by Aniani.

108. No. 2.A piece of land at Waikiki given to me by Kinau to make good damages done my premises in Honolulu measured for me by order of the Governor.

109. No. 3. A piece of land in Manoah Nuhanu [Nuuanu] Valley given to me by Toianu and afterwards in dispute, decided to belong to me by the Governor and Naihe Judges, for which I have paid my taxes regularly the last ten years.

110. No. 4. One leased land called Wimaro.

I submit the above claims &c & desiring to know what time my presence will be required.
Signed, Antonio Manuel

No. 1 Document 1 - Claim 107
Notes and plot of a survey of land in Honolulu owned by Antonio Manuel, commencing at North & East corner, also North & Water course of Mr. Gravier's lot and running

[margin note: sold to S. Thompson]

North 38 West 88.8 feet
Thence South 49.30 West, 99.6 feet
Thence South 38 East 92.3 feet
Thence North 47 East 95.6 feet to the place of commencement including an area of R. 32. F111
Honolulu, May 8, 1843


Scale 40 ft to the inch (original)

No. 2. Document 2, claim 108
Notes and plot of a survey of land on Waititi owned by Anto ....

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.... onship therefore he says you give me what you desire to do so and I would give you what I choose to give you.

Koiamai's sworn testimony:
Question:What is the name of Puiwa's place? When was it given?
Answer: Four years perhaps.

Question:How big is that place that you have given?
Answer:Quite a large pasture land, and we have worked together with Hoohiliamanu by her word that the land would not be given to Manuel if he would live under my control. This was good and agreed among us.

Question: Who paid the yearly taxes of that place?
Answer: Manuel did.

Question: How much was it on his place?
Answer: $2.50.

Question:Did the men work for you?
Answer: They did work for me on Fridays. When I cease to live on this land, Manuel would also terminate living here because it is a regular thing in Hawaii here if the kings want to take, this is done; therefore I would be done together with those whom I had given (land).

Question: Are all the lands for the king?

Moo's sworn testimony:
Question: Have you seen Manuel's place?

Question:What is the name?
Answer: Puiwa.

Question:Who gave it?
Answer: I did.

Question: How big is it?
Answer: It is like the one Koiamai has given. It has a pasture and this person lives under me. No, we live together under Koiamai.

Question: How long did he live (there)?
Answer: Before the death of Liliha.

[Award 109, R.P. 1227; Puiwa Nuuanu Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; 1.8 Acs]