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Claim Number: 02937*Mo
Claimant: Harbottle, William
Other claimant:Harbottle, John, son
Other name:
Island: Molokai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Iloli
Statistics: 7865 characters 1207 words
No. 2937*Mo, William Harbottle, Honolulu, Oahu, January 10 1848
N.R. 701-702v3

To the Land Commissioners of the Hawaiian Islands, Greetings: I hereby state my claim, for my house lot in Honolulu, whose boundaries are: north, Nuuanu Street and Mr. Boyd's place, east, house lot of Keo Bu /George Booth/, south, lot of M. Peke /Beck?/, west, house lot of E. Dennis. Those are the boundaries - those of these house lots. The original right to this claim was from John Harbottle, who had it from Kamehameha I, and another claim from Paki which is combined with this house lot where I am living, without dissent from any one.

Also, there are the lands of Kuipaakea in Kapalama /Oahu/, and Iloli on Molokai which were left to us, the keikis of John Harbottle, who had these lands from Kamehameha I.

The lands which were taken by the Mo`i are: Ohikilolo, Waiape, on Oahu, Waipio District, Kumunui on Maui. These lands were for John Harbottle, who had them from Kamehameha I. Hanapouli on Oahu, is for Edward Harbottle, from the Mo`i, Kamehameha III. Keana, in Kaneohe,
is mine, from Kamehameha III.
I am, with thanks,

N.T. 1-4v10
No. 2937, William Harbottle, Honolulu, 18 April 18, 1851

Holowale, sworn, He has seen his house lot sections in Honolulu - 2 house lot sections, the boundaries:

Section 1:
Mauka by Boyd and J. Booth's house lots
Waikiki by Beck and Nicholson's house lots
Makai by Dennis's house lot
Ewa by Nuuanu street.
3 houses in this lot.

Section 2 - 2nd house lot.
Mauka by M. Kekuanaoa lot, Kuapanio lot
Waikiki by Kuapanio lot, J.Booth
Makai by J. Booth lot
Ewa by Nuuanu street.

Land to William Harbottle from his father, Jack Harbottle, father's land from Kamehameha I. William Harbottle inherited land in 1832, upon father's death, no objections.

Kauliokamoa, sworn, certifies above statements, he has known in the same way.

No. 2937, William Harbottle, (Section 2), 18 April 1851

Paele, sworn he has seen his land named Kuipaakea, an ili land in Kapalama, Kona, Oahu - 2 land sections.

Section 1 - Pasture land with taro.
Mauka by M. Kekuanaoa and R. G. Davis's land
Waikiki by Naopala and Mossom's land
Makai by Hakuohia and Pila's land
Ewa by a stream.

Section 2 - Pasture land with taro.
Mauka by George Holmes and Kekai's land
Waikiki by Kekai's land, ditch

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lived peacefully until his death. The children have inherited the land and are there at the present time.

Mahi, sworn, Both have known in the same way, no one has objected.

No. 2937, William Harbottle (section 8)
Kanamu, sworn, he has seen his land named "Kamakialoa" in Waipio ahupuaa. The boundaries are:

Mauka, Lot Kamehameha's land
Wailuku, Mokupapakua, Mokupapa-kanaka, Holowa ahupuaas
Makai, Sea
Hana, Waipio 2, Puolua, Huelo

Land to John Harbottle from Kamehameha I, upon Harbottle's death, land was inherited
by his children and they still have it today, no objections.

Mahi, sworn, both have known in the same way.

William Harbottle states, "There is in these lands mentioned above the interest of Kanaka, but it should be separated according to what is proper about their place."

No. 2937, William Harbottle (section (9)
William L. Lee has worked on this claim. No. 10893, William Harbottle: Work done by W. Lee (L.)

No. 2937, Section 10, William Harbottle
Paihaihowale, sworn, he has seen his ili land Keana, in Kaneohe, Koolaupoko of 5 land sections.

Section 1 - 5 sand dunes, sea and a pasture, the boundaries are:
Mauka by Kalama's land
Koolauloa by Ocean
Makai by Kalama and the King's land
Kailua by Kalama's land.

Section 2 - 4 patches, 3 sand dunes, the sea and a pasture.
Mauka by the King's land
Koolauloa by the King's land
Makai by J. Pukoi's [Piikoi's] land
Kailua by a pali.

Section 3 - 20 patches and a pasture.
Mauka by Hoopupule, Uluhoaloha's land
Koolauloa by stream
Makai by Pupule's land, the King's land
Kailua by pali.

Section 4 - 10 patches.
Mauka by "Waiakalua," Kawana's land
Koolauloa by Kekia's land
Makai by Kapu's land
Koolauloa by Paiku's land
Makai by Kauwana's land
Kailua by Keaukee's land.

Land from Kamehameha III in 1833. And he has lived there continuously to this time.

[Award 2937; (Molokai) Land Patent 8138; Iloli Kona; 2 ap.; 246.18 Acs; (Oahu); R.P. 577; Nuuanu St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .11 Ac.; R.P. 3589; Nuuanu St. Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .11 Ac.; R.P. 3588; Kalaepohaku Kapalama Kona; 1 ap.; 8.32 Acs; R.P. 4539 & 7505; Kapalama Kona; 1 ap.; 5.78 Acs; R.P. 5583; Keana Kaneohe Koolaupoko; 4 ap.; 141.20 Acs; Ohikilolo Waianae; 1 ap.; 532.2 Acs]