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Claim Number: 00101
Claimant: Sam, Antonio
Other claimant:
Other name: Akoni; Sams, Antonio
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Puunui
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No. 101, Antonio Sam, claimant
F.R. 101-102v1

To the Honorable board of Commissioners for quieting land titles.

I, Antonio Sam lay claim to the following piece or parcels of land situated on the Island of Oahu.

No. 1. A house lot situated in Honolulu containing an area of R31 [rods?] & 175 feet, said piece of land was given me by Governor Kekuanaoa in the year 1836. I always considered him my friend, and alwys worked for him when called on so to do. Until confined by sickness.

No. 2. A piece of land situated in Honolulu measuring 96 ft in length & 60 feet in width, more or less. Said piece of land was given to me by Pehu in 1839, for work done for him in Honolulu, building a house for him in the adjoining yard, which house is now standing, & for which I never received any other remuneration except said piece of land. I had the said land fenced in, and built me 5 houses thereon; four adobie houses & one grass or native house & lived thereon for two years; when I was taken sick & went up to Hawaii for the benefit of my health, where I remained for 6 months. When I went away I left my premises in charge of old Allen, deceased, from whom Pehu took the keys and on my return refused to give me up my land and refused to let me live there. Doctor Judd is witness to my having lived there, as he attended me when I was sick in 1836. There are other credible witnesses to prove the said land was given to me for my services, & taken away by Pehu.

No. 3. A piece of land situated in Manoa Valley, Pualua containing an area of A [acres] 4, R114, [rods?], F68 [fathoms]. Said piece of land was given me by Kanina in 1835 for having built him a house in Honolulu and other services, finding me a steady man, made me a free gift of it.

No. 4. A piece of land, Puunui (Oahu) containing an area of A2, R99, F105, a gift from Pehu at the time I married my present wife; she being a relation ofhis in 1836.

No. 5. A piece of land Kaileahua, situated in Manoa Valley containing an area of A2, R36, F177, a free gift rrom Kanina in 1834.

No. 6. A piece of land situated in Manoa Valley, Nautuuaila[?], containing an area of A2, R88, F60, said piece of land was given to me by Kanina in 1834.

All of which lands were given to me in a wild state. I have had them worked & brought into a state of cultivation, built fences and made kalo patches & which was altered with considerable expense; and have held undisputed possession of all said lands, with the exception of one, for last ten or twelve years.
Antonio Sam
Honolulu, July 7, 1846

F.T. 103v1
Claim No. 101, Antonio Sam, October 7, [1846]

Taken 8, September
Doctor Judd, sworn deposed, I remember visiting Antonio when sick in his house, west of his present residence. There were several small houses there. I recollect one adobie house, there were several portuguese there. I know nothing about the ownership of the premises. Claimant has told me he has been dispossessed of his place, that Kinau wished him to be restored, that she got angry with the people there and took down the houses, and gave him this place. I think Kekuanaoa assisted him in building his present place, and that Antonio used to work for Kekuanaoa. I have seen his people at work on Antonio's house. I believe it was done on the mutual assistance principle.

Note: the principal part of the testimony on this claim is recorded in Hawaiian only. [not located so far]

F.T. 553-554v3
No. 101, Antonio Sam, 29 April 1854 ....

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.... Question: Who owns that property?
Answer: His wife, not her own.
Question: Who is your landlord?
Answer: M. Kekuanaoa: (and that is Victoria)

see page 145 continued page 157

N.T. 157-158v1
No. 101, Antonio Sam, From page 152

A written contract between M. Kekuanaoa: and Antonio Sam.

Honolulu, February 8, 1836

It was I, Kekuanaoa, who had given Antonio Sam a place to live and to build a house for dwelling. Kinau had given the house and lot and I helped with the coral, sand, lot and the trimming. It is well for Antonio to live there and when he dies, it is best for the wife and her children to live there and when he dies, it is best for the wife and her children to live there this Kinau.

It was I, Antonio, who built the house firmly and to live there as a foreigner for Kinau (plural) while I work for them and get compensated properly. I should live right for your love of them (two), fortheir helping me with the coral sand, the trimmings and the lot also, for the house to live in. When my re-siding is over, I may leave perhaps, maybe go to Tahiti, or I may die, then all of these things will be for Kinau ma. I will not sell nor lease, give to my best friend or give it as payment for a debt. The house and lot and all real estate within shall be for Kinau and her heirs.
Kauikeaouli, Kekauluohi, Kinau, Kekuanaoa, Kanaina

see page 161

N.T. 161-163v1
No. 101, Antonio Sam. From page 158

Kauha's sworn testimony:
I have heard Kauwa's statement that she had given (land) to Antonio. So I asked and was refused for Antonio had been given a place permanently. My house was built with the eating house on the windward side. Kauwa came there frequently to eat and I asked him again to have a house built on Antonio's place. He absolutely refused me. Antonio surely was granted that land. After this I was filled and went away for I had no claim there. He lived there a long time, yet not too long, but I cannot relate too clearly. I do not know cor-rectly that Antonio had smeared Kauwa's house with paint which was the reason for giving the land to him. That is the end of my knowledge.

Antonio's sworn testimony:
When I had come there, I had heard that Akoni had acquired it (land), but I had not seen this personally, altho' I had known that he had lived there I do not know the length of time.I too had lived with them for a year and a half. I heard that Akoni had gone to Hawaii because of ill health and had leased his house. Kauwa had become angry and evicted Akoni. He had built four houses on that property. That's the final of my knowledge.

Phillip's sworn testimony:
Here is what I know: I have seen Akoni build houses and ate there some times. I cannot say how he had received that land, but I heard from him that he build Kauwa's house; therefore Kauwa gave him a place to build his house. That is all I have known.

W. Walker's sworn testimony:
I had worked there for Akoni as a carpenter. When Akoni had gone to Hawaii, I was work-ing there and Kauwa told me that he had given Akoni land. I was living there when he evicted Akoni. The reason he did this was because Akoni did not share the proceeds he received from renting a house. Kauwa gave me this as a reason for that action. That is the end of what I have known.

It is postponed to Tuesday when Puohulu will come with his witnesses.

[Award 101; R.P. 4525; Puunui Honolulu Kona; 1 ap.; .87 Ac.]