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Claim Number: 02800
Claimant: Kalehina
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Waialua
Ahupuaa: Kawailoa
Ili: Kawaipuolo, Nukuila, Kawailoa kai
Statistics: 6101 characters 1031 words
No. 2800, Kalehina, Waialua, December 30, 1847
N.R. 641v3

To the Land Commissioners, I am a native-born person of Kawailoa, Waialua, and I have a claim for land. I have a mo`o which was from Piia, the first kane of my wahine and has become mine.

Its name is Waipau. There are five lo`i and a house lot, which however has not been fenced, and a pig pen mauka of my house. I desire to have an award document for these lands.

F.T. 483v11
No. 2800, Kalehina

L. Kuokoa, hoohikiia, Ua ike au i kona mau apana aina ma ka ili o Kawaipuolo, moo o Waipao, ma Waialua, Oahu.

Apana 1. 5 loi moo Waipao.
Apana 2. Pauku loi ma moo Kukauila.
Apana 3. Kahuahale.

Apana 1:
Mauka, aina o Kahelekilohi
Waianae, pahale o Haki
Makai, aina o Kamakea
Honolulu, muliwai o Anahulu.

Apana 2:
Mauka, aina o Kahelekilohi
Waianae, pali
Makai, aina o Kawahamana
Honolulu, muliwai o Anahulu.

Apana 3:
Mauka, papuaa
Waianae, pa bipi a Mr. Emesona
Makai, pa hou a Mr. Emesona
Honolulu, pa aina.

Mai a Kuokoa mai i ka wa o Kinau, aole mea keakea.

Konohiki, hoohikiia, Ua ike au e like me ko Kuokoa.

See page 174 volume 10.

F.T. 483v11
No. 2800 Kalehina

L, Kuokoa, sworn, I know his apanas of land in the `ili of Kawaipuolo, mo`o of Waipao, in Waialua, Oahu.

Apana 1. 5 lo`i ....

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.... pouse had refused him so he went to complain to the governor, M. Kekuanaoa. Kalehina went to live on his wife's land as a result of this settlement, thus leaving this land without a tenant. Kalehina then gave this land to Nakookoo, a brother-in-law of which M. Kekuanaoa disapproved because of the person's dishonesty. I was recommended and was approved by M. Kekuanaoa and I have had the land since that time to the present. I have been working for the konohiki on prison detail. I had encouraged Kalehina to file his claim and he has but the konohiki has opposed him. He is my own cousin by birth. It is true, I have said to the konohiki that should Kalehina file for a claim then he and I would have no thing [nothing]. If he has not done so, then I shall live under the konohiki. I was speaking thus while we were in the upland of Kalaewae, I have not filed a claim of this land for myself.

Kalua, sworn, one day we had gone to the Kalaewae with the konohiki and I murmured to L. Kuokoa, the konohiki, about my land. When I had finished Koleaka also appeared before the konohiki and said, "about my land, too, I think I shall live there because of the konohiki" and L. Kuokoa approved. I did hear this myself. The decision was in favor of the konohiki and Koleaka is the farmer tenant under the konohiki. Kalehina does not have a claim.

[Award 2800; R.P. 6520; Kawailoa Waialua; 1 ap.; .36 Ac.; Kawaipuolo Kawailoa Waialua; 1 ap.; .32 Ac.; Nukuila Kawailoa Waialua; 1 ap.; .77 Ac.]