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Claim Number: 02715*M
Claimant: Hinau
Other claimant:
Other name: Kinau
Island: Maui
District: Lahaina
Ahupuaa: Ukumehame
Statistics: 10855 characters 1946 words
No. 2715*M, Hinau
N.R. 28v7

Hear ye, ye Land Commissioners: I hereby state my claim for land on the Island of Molokai in the land of Keaanui.

I have two house lots there which I claim. No one has disputed them.

Also on the Island of Maui at Ukumehame, I have a claim for one lo`i.

F.T. 344-345v3
[No number], Hinau vs Government

Evidence received from Rev. S.G. Dwight concerning a disputed land at Molokai.

Kalaeloa, bounded:
Mauka by Keawenui & Kaamola
Makai by the fish pond
Manei by Keanui
Malalo, Kaamola & the sea.

The part surveyed & enclosed (taken by Mr. Gulick) is disputed territory. Testimony taken as below:

Kauku says, I heard of Hanumu. He instructed me in the boundaries of this land & told me that a large part of Kalaeloa belonged to Kaamola - a small part forming a cape extending seaward did not belong to Kaamola.

[margin note:] aged woman?
Leau says that all the land of Kalaeloa which in old time was dry belonged to Kaamola - & that the point makai made from the sea belonged to Keaeanui [Keawenui].

Kamokupae, old woman says she heard her parents who lived on the land say that Kalaeloa belonged to Kaamola & that the sea belonged to Keawenui.

Kawainui says when testimony was taken before, some one went & frightened the witnesses with threats that if they testified against Hinau, he would take their lois away from them & not let them catch paipais.

One of the witnesses, Kumokapae, having testified that Kalaeloa belonged to Kaamalo was frightened by Hinau, who said she should not hereafter go after crabs & other things in the his sea. This threat I heard Hinau speak with my own ears.

Hinau was called upon to bring his witnesses because he had not heard the testimony of the other side, he declined presenting them.

Thus the case stands (no date)

July 7th. The above is testimony taken at the urgent request of John Gulick between whom & Hinau the dispute is whether Kalaelou belongs to kaamola or to Keawenui. I appointed July 4th for both parties to meet at my house, but as Hinau did not come to save the old women, Leau & Kamokupae coming again so far from home, I took their testimony. Next day I met Hinau at Kulunai, the lunaahau of Molokai, prepared to take his testimony, which he decline giving because he was not present when the other was taken yesterday.

The piece in dispute contains over 9 acres & is flat fine pasture land worth 45 per acre at least.

Should it prove to belong to the Government it might be well to reserve it for sale to the natives, who are likely to be troubled for pasture land for their cattle.
From Kaluaaha, dated July 7, 1851.
Signed S.G. Dwight

F.T. 23v6
2715, Hinau

Kaauwai, sworn, says the King has given Keawanui entire to claimant for his own, private claims excepted.

F.T. 116v6 also page 37
No. 2715, Hinau

Ua olelo mai o Z. Kaauwai. Ua mahele ia ke Ahupuaa o Keawanui o ko Hinau maheleia, mai ka Moi mai, koe no kona kanaka.

F.T. 56-57v16
No. 2715, Hinau, November 8, 1853

kue Aupuni

Kaina, hoohikiia, Ua ike au i keia wahi e hoopaapaa ia nei mawaena o Keawanui me Kaamola. he loko ka palena makai no Kaamola, a malaila, a holo i ka imu puna o Kamola a me Keawanui mawaena oia wahi, holo uka a ka pohaku poni kupapau, malaila, ....

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.... All of Kalaeloa is for Kaamola. A sharp place far makai belonging to Keawanui is called Lae Uo. All the kula is for Kaamola and the sea is for Keawanui.

Timoteo Keaweiwi, sworn, I heard that the pond of Keawanui was for Kaamola in the time of Pohano when Hekilikaakaa was the konohiki. Kaaoaokalima stole food (a man of Kaamola) and he hid the food in the harbor of Keawanui. The konohiki of Keawanui sought the food and found it. The one who stole /the food/ was reported and there was a trial and the pond was taken for Keawaanui. This transfer was from the time of Kihapiilani until this time - it was never returned to Kaamola, except Mikiawa pond, for Kaamola, until this day.

The kula land has become the Government's. The point of Kalaeloa is for Keawanui. The way the fish are netted is this: when it is high tide, the nets are outward and the fish are for Keawanui; when the tide ebbs, the nets turn inward and the fish are for Kaamola.

N.T. 116v6 [also page 37]
No. 2715, Hinau

Z. Kaauwai related that Keawanui ahupuaa had been divided, that is Hinau's division from the King. The servants' division remained.

F.T. 56-57v16 & N.T. 56-57v16
No. 2715, Hinau, 8 November 1853

Kaina, sworn, I have seen this place over which there is a dispute between Keawanui and Kaamala. A loko is the boundary makai for Kaamola; it runs to the coral imu to the center of Keawanui and Kaamola's place then to the uplands to the rock used as covering for corpse; it continues on the side below of the salt beds and runs to the edge east of the loko called Mikimiki. The Mahikihiki is for Kaa mola, the loko is for Keawanui, Kalaeloa point is also for Keawanui. I was born during the time of Kamehameha I.

Makaina, sworn, Keawanui had Kalaeloa since the time of Kamehameha II, I have never heard Kalaeloa is for Kaamola. Both Kaina and I have known in the same way.

Kaluna, sworn, in 1850 this case was presented to me for the boundaries of Kaamola and Keawanui, Hinau vs. Kawainui, he had Kalaeloa.

Kekoowai, sworn, I have known in the same way as indicated in Kaluna's written report.

Kekapa, sworn, I have known in the same way as Kaluna.

Kauku, sworn, Kanakahi and Hanunu told me about the boundaries of Kaamola and Keawanui. All of Kalaeloa is for Kaamola, the sharp area on the extreme end called Lae Uo is for Keawanui. All of the kula is for Kaamola, the sea is for Keawanui.

Timoteo Keaweiui, sworn, I have heard that the loko of Keawenui had been for Kaamola at the time of Pohano and Hekilikaakaa was konohiki. Kaaoaoakahina, Kaamola's kanaka stole taro and hid it in Keawanui's harbor. When this was discovered and the culprit made known, a trail was heard and the loko was taken for Keawanui. This happened at the time of Kihapiilani and it has been this way to the present. The loko of Mikiawa has been for Kaamola to this day. The government has the kula land and the point of Kalaeloa is for Keawanui.

The conditions were set for netting of fish. When the sea comes in and the net faces outward, the fish is for Keawanui, when the sea goes out and the net remains in, the fish is for Kaamola.

N.T. 323v10
No. 2715, Kinau, 2 November 1853

Kinau's land distribution.
Keawanui ahupuaa, Molokai.
True Copy
Interior Office, 2 November 1853
A.G. Thruston, Clerk

[No. 2715 awarded only on Molokai; See No. 5387 for Maui award]