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Claim Number: 02586
Claimant: Haluapo, Toma / Komo
Other claimant:
Other name: Komo
Island: Molokai
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Mapulehu
Ili: Nukunukuaiole, Puhiweuweu
Statistics: 3326 characters 548 words
No. 2586, Haluapo, Toma [Koma]
N.R. 566-567v3

Greetings to the Land Commissioners: I have a claim in an `ili in the Ahupua`a of Mapulehu on the Island of Molokai. The name of the `ili is Nukunukuaiole. Kahau, belonging to Waha, is the name of the `ili on the mauka side and Kaohe, belonging to Kahaka, is the name of the `ili on the makai side. During the time that Kanae has been konohiki, I have occupied this `ili. Ku, the first konohiki of Kanae /Kanae was the konohiki of the Ahupua`a and Ku was under him/, gave it to me. I have occupied and cultivated this land from then until today. I formerly did po`alima work for the land but at this time am freed by the keikis. This is a sweet potato kula, 69 fathoms long. I hereby petition you that if this claim is verified, it be perpetuated to me.


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.... />F.T. 46v16
No. 2586, Komo no Mapulehu

Ua hanaia na hoike aoao 6 v6 F. Testimony.

N.T. 83v6 [also page 14]
No. 2586, Koma

Ku, sworn, He has known it (land) in the ili of Wukuaiole in Mapulehu.

Section 1 - Pasture.
Mauka by Kalaeone
Pukoo by stream
Makai by Kanae
Kaluaaha by pali.

Section 2 - 3 patches in the ili of Puhiweuweu.
Mauka by Kaluna
Pukoo by Kilanakea/Stream
Makai and Kaluaaha by Kanae.

Kilanakea, sworn, He had given the 3 patches to Haluape, no one has objected to him.

N.T. 46v16
No. 2586, Koma, For Mapulehu

Witnesses testimonies on page 6, Volume 6 of Foreign Testimony.

[Award 2586; no R.P.; Mapulehu Kona; 2 ap.; 1.53 Acs]