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Claim Number: 00079
Claimant: Napahe, wahine
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Hotel St.
Statistics: 6572 characters 1081 words
No. 79, Napahe, claimant
F.R. 90v1

Document copied in native Register, Page 91, counter to No. 53

N.R. 91-92v1
No. 79, Napahe, wahine
No. 70, Napahe

My place is from King Kamehameha III, he himself gave it, he uttered the words from his own mouth, that this was my place. Because life was not good in this place Punahele petitioned King Kamehameha III and he sent one of his court to go and rectify it, but his work was not good, therefore the King was petitioned to some some one again, and one came and made the lot in accordance with the King's words, and from this time it has been good. That is my kuleana from King Kamehameha III. Here is the sketch, North side, 14 fathoms, East side, 10 fathoms, South side, 13 fathoms, West side, 11 fathoms, 6 inches.
(See sketch) [none in this text]
Honolulu, June 19, 1848

F.T. 10-11v3
Cl. 79, Napehe, wahine (counter 923, page 7, October 11 [1848],

[margin note: W. Lee. Continued from page 76 v. 2] [?]

Namakaeha, sworn, I know this place in dispute. It is in Honolulu, a house lot

Mauka is Hotel St.
Waititi, Kauhola's
Makai, Kaailauhala's
Ewa, John Meeks.

This place has long been in dispute. It was so between Kaailauhala and Punahele, husband of claimant. I was sent by the King in 1827 to settle it. I investigated the adverse rights, and finding Punahele had the best right to this land, I gave it to him. After my decision, he held this lot in peace until his death in1845. His wife, Napehe, claimant, was with him when he died on Maui. I was present an ....

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.... on that Tuesday to state their claim: Kaaione, Nakookoo, Napahi, Unauna.

N.T. 102v1
Adjustor's Office, Tuesday, August 25, 1846

Kaione, Napahi, Nakookoo, work for these people were laid aside, for they have been done before.

N.T. 331-332v3
No. 79, Napehe [Wahine], From page 100, Vol. 1, October 11, 1848, - Protest No 923 - William Blossom

Namakeha, sworn, and related about the interest of Napehe: "I have seen his [her] place back of Honolulu here adjoining Kaailauhala's property.

These are boundaries of that lot:
Mauka, Hotel Street
Waikiki, Kauhola's lot
Makai, Kaailauhala's place
Ewa, John Miki's lot.

She /Napehe / received this place from her husband, Punahele, in the year 1845 when Mr. Richards returned from England. At the time Punahele was living on Maui he had become ill, but his servants were residing here on this place which is being mentioned and when he was near death, he bequested all the lands on Hawaii, Maui, Molokai and all other interests to his wife.

When Napehe returned from Maui, Kauikeaouli engaged her in marriage to Kahonu, who was an important man and now from hearsay, I have heard the land has been acquired by Wm. Blossom; however, I have not seen this granting to him."

Kauliokamoa, sworn, I have known that her husband had left to her all of his interests, then she had remarried. Later she committed adultery and for this, the king had separated her. Now she works in Ewa without a spouse.

[Award 79; R.P. 1976; Hotel St. Honolulu, Kona; 1 ap.; .12 Ac.]