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Claim Number: 02342
Claimant: Ruddocks, James
Other claimant:
Other name:
Island: Oahu
District: Kona
Ahupuaa: Honolulu
Ili: Laimi
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Cl. 2342, James Ruddocks, March 19 [1849]
F.T. 114-115v3

Pauahi, sworn, I know this place. It is called Laimi in Honolulu aina. It is not the whole of Laimi, consisting of kula and kalo land in one piece. I saw the land delivered to Ruddocks by Male, for Kekauluohi.

On Mauka is the land of Naaihauka
Waititi is J. Booth
Makai, Kulauka
Ewa by Poka.Kekauhuohi owned the lot.

This land was delivered to claimant in my presence by Male for Kekauluohi. He said "here is your land" after they had traversed the boundaries above described. Ruddocks immediately built a house upon it and lived there a number of years, until after the death of Kinau, and cultivated the upland. When the new road was made it cut through this land, leaving the greatest portion of it on the Waititi side.

I know claimant lived on it without dispute till after the road was made when he gave permission to Kahekili (Thunder) to reside on it and build a house, which he did. Kahekili wanted it as a better place for a house; the land occupied Mauka and Makai by Naaihauka and Kulauka was owned by Kahekili and he approved the transfer of the lot in question to Ruddocks and made no objection at the time of delivery. I heard Kahekili say to claimant "I only want a house location a little time, the land is yours still." I do not know of any after acknowledgements of tenancy by any payments made to Ruddocks by him.

In about 1843, C. Kanaina drove claimant off the land. I do not know of any cause being alledged [sic] for the order to quit the land. He did not go, but appealed to the British Consul; he held it on till 1847 when he gave it up to Paki's people, upon the demand of Kaula who has held it ever since. The land has not been planted since.

Andrew Auld, sworn, confirmed the above testimony as far as he knew. And desired the evidence of Male to be obtained whom he thought would require constraint to give his attendance. As Male alledged [sic] sickness, it was left to Mr. Auld to bring him when able, or to apprise the Board of refusal if it should be made.

Resumed page 127

B>F.T. 127-128v3
Cl. 2342, James Ruddocks, from page 114, 1 May [1849]

Counter Claimants M. Paki, No. 10613, Part 12, & Kekuanaoa, No. 7712.

Paki claims that part of the land on the left hand side of the road as you go up the valley known ass the old Thunder place: and marked on T. Metcalf's survey as the "disputed territory."

Kealoha, wahine, sworn, for counter claimant, I live in Honolulu. I know the land of Laimi in Nuuanu Valley and the part that was occupied by Kahekili or Thunder. It lies on the Ewa or left hand si ....

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.... kili has had where Mauka is Niolopa Nuuanu is Laimi on the Ewa side of Nuuanu street, the boundaries are:

Mauka is Kalauka
Waikiki is Nuuanu street
Makai by Kalaimoku
Ewa by Kalaimoku also.
There are 7 houses there now.

Paki had received this place from Kekauonohi in the year 184S and Kekauonohi had received his interest from Kahekili by bequest in the year 1843, which is the year he had died. Kahekili had received his land from Kalauka who had died in 1838 or 1839, probably, and I have lived at that place from 1834 to the present time, at this time which is being mentioned. I have not heard that James Ruddocks had given it to Kahekili at that time and he (J. Ruddock) has lived there since then.

J. Ruddocks: Why did Kahekili ask me to point out the boundaries of the property in the center?

Answer [Paki?]: I did not see them engage in a conversation.

Question: Why did Kahekili break down my stone wall?

Answer: We did not break his stone wall. Our men took the rocks of the moo which were not being used.

Question: While I was away, why was my enclosure broken apart?

Answer: I do not know, I may have come to live makai here and my men may have probably done this. I do not know and do not recall.

Question: How do you account for the boundaries of this place on the Waikiki side?

Answer: Because the old road is on the Waikiki side and the new road is in the Ewa direction.

Question: Who had lived there initially, perhaps I did? Kahekili, probably?

J. Ruddocks had lived on the Waikiki side of the old road and this place which has been mentioned had no house and no one was living on there. We, seeing it was vacant, had decided to build houses and put up a fence. Kulauka, owner of place, did the same after us. I have not seen Kahakili compensate J. Ruddocks and I have not talked together with J. Ruddocks about his place nor have I talked (to others) about his place because his place is separate. He has lived there on the Waikiki side of the road and he has it in his possession at this time.

Momona, sworn, I have seen this place in the year 1839 or 1840 perhaps and which is being disputed. Kahekili was in residence there and in 1845 Kekauonohi gave a parcel of his interest to Paki and Kahekili gave his interests to Kekauonohi by bequest. I have not heard Kahekili had given any place for James Ruddocks.

Question: Where is the right boundary which separates Kahekili's place from J. R.? Is it by the old road, maybe? It is not, perhaps?

Answer: It is hearsay; that is, by the old road.

[Award 2342; R.P; 88; Laimi Nuuanu Valley Kona; 1 ap.; 12.31 Acs]